Nelson Praised Sessions, Now He Should Vote to Confirm Him

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Sen. Jeff Sessions has been nominated by President-elect Donald Trump as the nation’s next Attorney General. As the state director of Concerned Women for America of Florida, I represent the concerns of so many Floridian women who are ecstatic about such a great candidate.  We are eager to see justice and respect for the rule of law return to the Department of Justice (DOJ), and we hope our senator feels likewise. Read More

The Left and the Sessions Nomination

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I have a new piece out on the left’s insidious use of racial innuendo against Sen. Jeff Sessions as he is considered to become the nation’s next Attorney General.  Here is my conclusion:

The charges of racism from the left are hollow to the core. They have actually hurt the cause of civil rights, and I hope the American people continue to reject them by supporting the nomination of Jeff Sessions to be our next U.S. attorney general.

Click here to read the op-ed in full as featured on  American Thinker.

Concerned Women for America Spearheads Effort to Confirm Sessions

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Concerned Women for Ameria (CWA), as the largest public policy organization for women in the country, is leading an effort to support the confirmation of Sen. Jeff Sessions as the next Attorney General of the United States and to stand up against the unfair attacks of the left and its media allies to smear the character of a good man. CWA is collecting signatures for a coalition letter that highlight some of Sen. Sessions’ excellent qualifications for the position. It reads:

Sen. Sessions is a man of integrity with years of experience serving the American people. His impartial application of the law makes Sen. Sessions a champion of unbiased justice. His defense of civil rights, criminal justice reform, and general promotion of the fair rule of law has earned him bipartisan political support as well as endorsements from multiple national law enforcement for his nomination to Attorney General. Sen. Sessions is more than qualified to ensure justice for all Americans.

The letter highlights five crucial areas of Sen. Sessions’ stellar record:

  1. His many years of service
  2. His commitment to civil rights
  3. His bipartisan efforts to bring about criminal justice reform
  4. His commitment to equal justice
  5. And his commitment to putting the American people first

Click here to read the coalition letter in full (.pdf format).

Holder-Sessions Timeline Comparison

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As a matter of public service, since we know the left is going crazy about the nomination of Sen. Jeff Sessions to be the next U.S. Attorney General, here is a timeline comparison between President-elect Trump’s nomination of Jeff Sessions and President Obama’s nomination of Attorney General Eric Holder.

Given this comparison, we can safely conclude that the left’s call for more time is wholly inadequate for what they found reasonable under President Obama.  We can also say that Republican leadership is not trying to rush things in any way, but is instead abiding by the same standard of deference they extended President Obama on his nominee.