Faith Month

Join In! Tell Your Church Leaders About Faith Month

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Here is a sample email/letter you can use to let your pastors and church leaders about Faith Month:


Dear ______________,



As we get ready to celebrate the glorious Truth of Easter, I wanted to let you know that the whole month of April has been set aside for communities to celebrate their faith. A Federal Congressional statement has been officially introduced in the last couple of years declaring April “Faith Month.” I would love for our church family to become more aware of this so we can use the opportunity to be salt and light to our community.


I learned about the initiative from Concerned Women for America (CWA), a Christian organization encouraging its members to fly the Christian flag in their homes and on their desks and car windows. “Faith Month” encourages people of all faiths to celebrate their beliefs, but the initiative presents an excellent opportunity for us as Christians to bring a positive message of our love of God and neighbor and the fact that we are “not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes,” (Romans 1:16).


This is so needed in our day and age when so many in the media insist on maligning the name of the body of Christ. The recent tragedy in Nashville brought this to the forefront so heartbreakingly. When the news broke that a transgender person had murdered three nine-year-old kids, including the daughter of a Christian pastor, and three staff members at a Christian school, Reuters had this headline: “Former Christian school student kills three children, three staff in Nashville shooting.” They want the public to associate Christianity with the killer, not the victims, even in such a blatant case.


I am not surprised. This is what our Lord told us would happen, “If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first” (John 15:18). But Jesus did not give up on us, and so I feel we cannot give up on our culture either. We need to continue to lift the banner of faith in Christ that all may come and thirst no more. Faith Month gives us a great opportunity to do just that, and I hope we can contribute to the global effort in any small way we can.


I stand here ready to help in any way, so please do contact me with any thoughts and/or requests.


Praying for you and the church leadership,


Wondrous Working Faith

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I did not expect such a small church to have such a massive impact on me. Yet, the visit was the highlight of my church history studies at Oxford a few summers ago. It was a nondescript building halfway covered by a house right in front to its left side. The uncovered right half featured a driveway (fitting maybe four cars?) that led to the entrance. Frankly, you feel as if you are walking through somebody else’s driveway before you are unexpectedly greeted by what has the appearance of a church only due to its peaked triangular-shaped roof. I was perplexed.


Just days before, I had visited the tremendous Metropolitan Tabernacle where Charles Haddon Spurgeon, known as the “Prince of Preachers,” pastored for over 38 years, reaching thousands. Though the original building was burned down, what you visit today was rebuilt along the original perimeter. It seats about 6,000, and it is impressive.


But the small church at 12A Artillery St., Colchester, in Essex, the East of England, caught me off guard. There was no big parking lot…


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