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CWALAC Presidential Promise to American Women

Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee (CWALAC) has developed a Presidential Promise to American Women as a statement of principle and policy.

All presidential candidates should not only be able to sign this pledge, but they should be eager to stand up for the dignity of every woman that is under assault in today’s increasingly nonsensical culture wars. It is a “rubber meets the road” pledge that reinforces the millennia-old, undeniable definition of “woman.”

We are putting out this promise to give all presidential candidates – and any down-ballot candidates – the chance to renounce the ill-conceived and dangerous direction in which the current presidential administration is headed.

This is not a simple left or right issue for the women we’ve been working with through the last three election cycles. Women from across the political spectrum have worked together with CWLAC members from the first fights over the so-called “Equality Act.” Since then, our alliance has continued to grow.

Women see they are losing their rights because of a vicious trans activism that shows little care for their concerns. It is time to support leaders who will stand with women, rather than fighting against them.

Here is what the pledge says:

Click here for a PDF version of the presidential pledge.

Click here for information on CWALAC’s non-presidential
version of the Promise to America Women pledge.

Signed Pledges