The CWA Academy for Conservative Principles (CWAACP) was founded on the Latin principle “Principium sapientiae timor Domini,” coming from Proverbs 9:10, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.” As the culture’s attack on truth continues to increase, the need for a trustworthy space where you can get a robust education on the foundational principles that should guide our public policy debates is desperately needed. We hope you will find these resources enriching and invite others to come and delight in these rich pastures. Today is a good day to learn.

The U.S Constitution Series by Mario Diaz, Esq.

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV – Coming Soon

Part V Coming Soon

Education Issues

Lobbying The Education Bureaucracy
by Tanya Ditty, MEd

National Sovereignty Issues

The Truth About Socialism
by Dr. Shea Garrison

The  Electoral College
With Tim Goeglein

First Amendment Rights

Big Tech and Censorship

Religious Freedom – An Interview with Mariam Ibrahim

Summer Speaker Series

Core Issue Spotlight: Sexual Exploitation
Topic: Saving Women’s Sports
Guest Speaker: Beth Stelzer

Core Issue Spotlight: National Sovereignty
Topic: Brexit, The United States, and the Defense of National Sovereignty
Guest Speakers: Nile Gardiner and Steven Groves,  The Heritage Foundation

Core Issue Spotlight: National Sovereignty
Topic: Election Fraud – What You Need to Know
Guest Speakers: Hans von Spakovsky, The Heritage Foundation