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CWA stands firm in support of Constitutional principles and Biblical values.

We advocate for you, your precious family, and our communities. Speaking truth to power has been our hallmark for over 40 years, impacting local and national decision makers whenever possible.

We represent you! We’ll be sure that your voice is heard in the halls of the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C., in the White House, across state capitals, and in international agencies.

We are wise stewards! Our deep policy experience and networking with those of like-mind enable us to discern the best use of your gracious financial gifts.

We invest in what’s happening today and tomorrow! Not only do we focus on fighting strategic policy battles today, but our eyes are on tomorrow. We train and equip influencers, both young and old, preparing them to speak for you!

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“I have been giving to CWA for over 15 years and I know that they are a fabulous organization that is doing the greater good for our country!! CWA is working hard to make a change & to impact our culture. Penny Nance is a fighter for all concerned women that want to bring back our traditional values in these troubling times. She and her team are empowering women both young & old from the USA & around the world to make a difference!! That difference is why I support them & hope you will too!!”

– Donna M., Texas

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