On National Girls and Women in Sports Day, Young Women for America leaders Macy Petty and Chloe Satterfield joined Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy (R-California) on a panel with fellow female athletes to share their stories about being forced to compete against biological males.

Shortly after the panel, Macy and Chloe joined Concerned Women Today with Concerned Women for America’s CEO and President Penny Nance to reflect on the day.

Penny Nance sits down with America First Legal’s John Zadrozny to discuss woke companies who have decided to fund abortion travel for their employees and how pro-life Americans should respond.

On the 50th Anniversary of Title IX, Penny Nance was joined by Young Women for America leaders and athletes Macy Petty and Chloe Satterfield to discuss fair play in women’s sports.

Janet Durig, Executive Director of Capitol Hill Pregnancy Center joins Penny Nance to discuss the violence and vandalism surrounding the Dobbs case.

Concerned Women for America staff join Penny Nance to discuss workwear, modesty, and upcoming fashion trends.