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For America (Prayer 124)

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Strength, Oh LORD our God,
Give us strength to endure
These evil times where so many
Have forgotten simple truths

Truths that bring us life
And spare much pain
But instead so many
Proudly spread their pain through lies

Lies that enslave the mind and
Constrain the heart in ways that
We can barely comprehend
We’ve lost ourselves, our place

This place in space and time
Where we should shine
And instead even light seems dark
At last, the salt, flavorless

Some flavor (saltiness) remains—a scant
(That remnant of every age)
But it seems so spare, LORD,
That hopelessness has begun to spread

It spreads, while we trust
Not in what our eyes perceive
We trust in He who commands the sea
We trust in Thee—Abba, Please!

Please, help renew your people
Renew our minds, and spirits
And hearts—for new hearts, we plead
For You to intervene

Your intervention is our hope
Our only hope, to live
As individuals, a people
Indeed, as a country

A country founded looking to You
Cannot remain while turned
To the house of harlotry
We know this, help us see

See the blood of Jesus
Crying out for our return
To repentance, forgiveness
And grace! To be free, as we aim


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