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Doreen Denny: Planned Parenthood Chose to Give up Federal Funding – It wasn’t Forced out of Title X Program

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CWA’s Senior Director of Government Relations, Doreen Denny, wrote an op-ed featured on about Planned Parenthood’s recent decision.

“Planned Parenthood claims it was “forced out” of the federal Title X family planning program by the Trump administration. Hardly. The choice to exit was Planned Parenthood’s alone.

Title X is the federal program that provides access to contraceptive services, supplies and information. Priority goes to serving low-income individuals.

When the law was enacted in 1970, Congress prohibited funds from going to promote or perform abortion as a “method of family planning.” That requirement has never changed.

Rules prohibiting abortion were bent and unenforced under previous administrations. President Trump determined to realign Title X regulations to uphold federal law. The new rules were finalized in March after a public comment period that gave Americans the chance to weigh in.”

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Conservative Leaders Call on Google to Explain Claims the Site Is Blocking Conservatives

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CWA’s CEO and President Penny Nance signed on to this letter to Google to explain their treatment of Conservatives.

“On Tuesday, Media Research Center President Brent Bozell and other conservative leaders released a letter calling on Google to explain reports and allegations that the search engine is attempting to block conservative sites and exclude voices that don’t fit the liberal narrative. (A similar letter has also been sent to members of Congress, asking them to investigate.)”

See Media Research Center’s Article and the Letter Here:

Planned Parenthood Withdraws From Title X Program Over Trump Rule

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CWA’s Senior Director of Government Relations, Doreen Denny, was featured on NPR discussing Planned Parenthood’s withdrawal from Title X family planning program.

“Planned Parenthood is leaving the federal Title X family planning program rather than comply with new Trump administration rules regarding abortion counseling.

The new rules issued by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services earlier this year prohibit Title X grantees from providing or referring patients for abortion, except in cases of rape, incest or medical emergency.”

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Young Women for America (YWA) responds to VT College Republicans on Leftist Indoctrination on College Campuses

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YWA is CWA’s collegiate initiative with chapters all across the country. YWA is this generation of Christian, conservative women fighting to protect and promote Biblical values and conservative principles on campuses and in the community. These young women on college campuses around the country educate themselves on current issues, they gather to pray for our country, and they act to influence society.

Addressing Virginia Tech College Republican’s response to Penny Nance’s recent article in The Federalist, YWA released the following statement:


CWA to Planned Parenthood: Choice is in Your Court, Not 9th Circuit’s

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WASHINGTON, DC – On Monday, August 19, 2019, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services must receive plans from Title X grantees, including Planned Parenthood, proving how they will comply with new rules to uphold long-standing federal law. These rules require full financial and physical separation of Title X funds from abortion services and bar abortion referrals in order to fulfill Congressional intent prohibiting abortion as “a method of family planning.” The rules also require grantees to report any evidence of sexual abuse or sex trafficking in accordance with state law, rules that are needed to combat documented cases of Planned Parenthood’s complicit actions shielding sexual abuse and sex traffickers.

Doreen Denny, Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee’s Senior Director of Government Relations, responded to Planned Parenthood’s high-profile threat to pull out of the Title X program barring a court-ordered injunction:

“Planned Parenthood has no entitlement to federal funding, and they apparently have no plans to comply with federal rules either.  For years, Planned Parenthood has skirted federal law to promote its abortion business on the backs of the American taxpayer. If Planned Parenthood truly cared about promoting health, it would stop peddling abortion and start supporting women. Planned Parenthood’s threat to withdraw from the Title X program proves one thing: health care is not their primary business; abortion is. The choice to comply is in Planned Parenthood’s court, not the Ninth Circuit’s.”


Teen Vogue Gonna do its Thing but will Parents do Parenting?

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CWA’s National Coordinator for Young Women for America (YWA), Kelsey Good, was interviewed by One News Now about a recent article in Teen Vogue.

“A teen magazine known for its outrageous left-wing articles is at it again but a family advocacy group says parents are ultimately responsible for pushing back.

OneNewsNow has reported how Teen Vogue is seemingly obsessed with promoting abortion to impressionable teen girls, and the latest abortion apologetics story advises them on how to hide a life-altering abortion from their parents.”

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Penny Nance: My Son’s Freshman Orientation At Virginia Tech Was Full Of Leftist Propaganda

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Our CEO and President Penny Nance wrote an op-ed featured this week in The Federalist.

“Are taxpayers funding academic institutions to indoctrinate our kids? That disturbing and irresistible question plagued me during the long drive home last week from college orientation. I doubt I am alone in this wake-up call. 

Like many other women, I just sent my youngest child to college. I am so proud of him and his decision to join the Army ROTC and study engineering. He will be attending a revered Virginia institution known for its military Corps of Cadets program.”

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The Christian Post: Google has History of Anti-pregnancy Bias, Pro-life Group Says

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Concerned Women for America CEO and President Penny Nance is quoted in an article in The Christian Post about discrimination at Google.

“A former Google employee’s accusation that the tech giant discriminates against its pregnant workers comes after it has long been accused of efforts to silence pro-life voices.

The pro-life group Live Action said in an analysis on Tuesday that Google “doesn’t exactly have a reputation for being pro-life.”

“Google has shown a clear bias against pregnancy centers; originally categorized the pro-life film ‘Unplanned‘ as ‘propaganda;’ ditched an artificial intelligence advisory council after a conservative, pro-life black female leader was included on it; and has, via YouTube, suppressed Live Action’s pro-life message,” Live Action said.”

Read the entire article here and see Penny’s full statement.

Time is Running Out. Take Action Now. Comment Period ends August 13 on Conscience Care Rule. That is next Tuesday!

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The Department of Health and Human Services issued a proposed rule surrounding section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). This rule rolls back previous action taken by President Obama that wrongfully interpreted the word “sex” to include “gender identity” and “termination of pregnancy” and prohibited so-called discrimination against these classes. This means that doctors who do not want to perform gender transition treatments would be forced to and doctors who don’t want to participate in abortions would be forced to participate, even if they have objections on moral or religious grounds.

This new rule clarifies that Section 1557 of the ACA cannot force a recipient of federal funding to provide or pay for an abortion. It will also be consistent with the First Amendment, the intent and language of civil rights laws, and consistent with pro-life provisions, conscience provisions, and religious liberty protections in current law. This rule is a timely clarification that the federal definition of sex discrimination in the ACA does not include abortion or gender transition treatments and thus aligns with existing civil rights laws. For many healthcare providers, performing abortions or gender transition treatments is a violation of conscience and sound medical practice.

We need your help commenting on this proposed rule so that it will move forward. You may remember that these proposed rules go through a public comment period, and then the issuing agency has to take public comments into account crafting a final rule. President Trump needs you to submit a comment praising this rule. Although these Obama-era rules never went into effect, HHS needs to uphold the biological definition of sex in civil rights laws. This proposed rule is now open for a public comment period that will close on August 13, 2019. After the comment period closes, HHS must then review each comment and issue a final ruling based on feedback. Therefore, our voice on this matter is crucial.

We’ve made it easy for you! Simply Click here to be taken to a page where we further explain what this rule is, provide a sample comment, and a place for personalization. You can submit an official comment with just one click!

Please join us and use your voice to tell President Trump to continue to protect religious liberty! Take action by next Tuesday, August 13.

Groups Unite to Support the U.S. Commission on Unalienable Rights

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WASHINGTON, DC – Concerned Women for America, Family Research Council, The Heritage Foundation, American Values, Independent Women’s Forum, Forum for Religious Freedom-Europe (FOREF), and many more joined together to send a clear message of support to Secretary of State Pompeo on his announcement of the U.S. Commission on Unalienable Rights.  Click here to read the official letter sent to Secretary Pompeo (pdf version).

August 6, 2019

The Honorable Mike Pompeo
Secretary of State
U.S. Department of State
2201 C Street, N.W.
Washington, DC, 20520

Dear Secretary Pompeo:

So many people advocate today in the name of “human rights” that social goals are often confused with God-given fundamental or unalienable rights, a problem leading to less individual freedom, not more. Clarification of human rights is the first step in an effective strategy to protect human rights around the world. For this reason, we welcome your announcement of the U.S. Commission on Unalienable Rights which will ground U.S. foreign policy on human rights in America’s founding principles of individual dignity and freedoms, later reflected in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

As America’s founders state in the Declaration of Independence, unalienable rights are based in natural law and include “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.” Rights like freedom of conscience, speech, and belief are “natural” or “God-given” because they’re inherent to all human beings—we are born with them. These rights are to be protected by the government, not given by the government, as demonstrated in the U.S. Bill of Rights.

In like manner, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) recognizes man’s inherent dignity and that “the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world.” Human rights are the foundation of our common dignity, and when we protect this foundation, we then have the freedom to advocate for our goals, ideologies, and political preferences.

However, the foundation of human rights is being watered-down by activists around the world promoting political ideology and identity group goals as “human rights.” Examples of this type of activism include:  the right to a clean environment, the right to free university education, the right to internet access, the right of access to abortion as healthcare, and even the right to not be offended (in direct conflict with the clear right to freedom of expression). This dilution undermines fundamental principles, including the fact that all people are equal and have common dignity. While many such activists are busy furthering their policy preferences as “rights,” they ignore clear and expressed human rights like that protected by Article 18 of the UDHR—the right to choose and change one’s faith—which is still heavily suppressed in far too many countries around the world.

Ideological activism presented as “rights” distracts from the fundamental purposes of protecting human rights. This critically undercuts the focus on the real victims of human rights abuse such as—a pregnant Sudanese woman imprisoned for her Christian faith and forced to give birth with her legs in shackles, men in Syria and Iraq being thrown off buildings to their death, a girl being shot in the head for simply wanting to go to school, and the millions of Uyghur Muslims detained, imprisoned, and oppressed because of their faith.

A diluted human rights narrative allows totalitarian and authoritarian governments the guise of promoting social or economic benefits as “human rights,” while simultaneously becoming egregious violators of fundamental human rights themselves as they censor freedom of the press, oppress religious minorities, or imprison political dissidents. The UDHR called for “the advent of a world in which human beings shall enjoy freedom of speech and belief and freedom from fear…”

Fundamental human rights are for all people—regardless of their background, socio-economic status, or beliefs, and we believe the U.S. Commission on Unalienable Rights can bring focus back to protecting needful victims of human rights abuse. For these reasons everyone—including the most prominent human rights organizations—should get squarely behind this commission.

We applaud you and your staff for your “fresh thinking” approach to U.S. foreign policy. Thank you for committing the time, resources, and effort to protecting the fundamental human rights of all people.

The U.S. Commission on Unalienable Rights can do more than clarify and help remedy human rights abuses; it has the potential to reassert the right kind of American leadership on the world stage. We have seen this before: Eleanor Roosevelt led and chaired the Universal Declaration of Human Rights drafting committee. We are grateful for your leadership in creating the U.S. Commission on Unalienable Rights to continue America’s legacy in defending universal human rights around the world.

The world is better and freer when America leads.


Penny Nance
CEO and President
Concerned Women for America

Tony Perkins
Family Research Council

Carrie Lukas
Independent Women’s Forum

The Honorable J. Kenneth Blackwell
Former, U.S. Ambassador
United Nations Human Rights Commission

Kay Coles James
The Heritage Foundation

Gary L. Bauer
American Values

Ralph Reed
Founder and Chairman
Faith & Freedom Coalition

Anne Schlafly Cori
Eagle Forum

William L. Walton
Council for National Policy

Peter Zoehrer
Executive Director
Forum for Religious Freedom-Europe (FOREF)

Mr. Kelly Shackelford, Esq.
President, CEO & Chief Counsel
First Liberty

Mark Tooley
Institute on Religion and Democracy

Heather R. Higgins
Independent Women’s Voice

Wendy Wright
Christian Freedom International

Gary Marx
Former E.D.
Faith & Freedom Coalition

Rabbi Pesach Lerner
Coalition for Jewish Values

Fr. Frank Pavone
National Director
Priests for Life

Art Ally
Timothy Partners, Ltd.

John Stemberger
President & General Counsel
Florida Family Policy Council

Frank Wright, Ph.D.
President & CEO
D. James Kennedy Ministries

Catherine Glenn Foster
President and CEO
Americans United for Life

James Bopp, Jr.
General Counsel
James Madison Center for Free Speech

Austin Ruse

David Nammo
CEO & Executive Director
Christian Legal Society

Eunie Smith
Eagle Forum

Mark Fitzgibbons
President of Corporate Affairs
American Target Advertising, Inc.

Janet Morana
Silent No More Awareness Campaign

Dran Reese
The Salt & Light Council

Steve Berger
Sr. Pastor
Grace Chapel

Marlo Tucker
State Director, California
Concerned Women for America

Ruth Smith
Area Director, California
Concerned Women for America

Terri Johannessen
State Director, Florida
Concerned Women for America

Barbara Ferraro
State Director, Hawaii
Concerned Women for America

Tanya Ditty
State Director, Georgia
Concerned Women for America

Deborah Leininger
State Director, Illinois
Concerned Women for America

Tamara Scott
State Director, Iowa
Concerned Women for America

Barbara Saldivar
State Director, Kansas
Concerned Women for America

Penny Morrell
State Director, Maine
Concerned Women for America

Haven Howard
Area Director, Missouri
Concerned Women for America

Jill Coward
State Director, North Carolina
Concerned Women for America

Linda Thorson
State Director, North Dakota
Concerned Women for America

Linda Schauer
State Director, South Dakota
Concerned Women for America

Kori Peterson
Area Director, Texas
Concerned Women for America

Beverly Roberts
Area Director, Texas
Concerned Women for America

Toni DeLancey
State Director, Virginia
Concerned Women for America

Maureen Richardson
State Director, Washington
Concerned Women for America


cc:    Senate Foreign Relations Committee
House Foreign Affairs Committee


Click here for a printer-friendly version (PDF) of the letter

Born Alive Social Media Action-Join Us!

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Eighty! That’s how many times House Republicans have asked Speaker Pelosi to bring  the Born Alive Abortion Survivor’s Protection Act up for a vote on the House floor. #LetUsVote and #EndInfanticide have been the social media rallying cry for supporters seeking to protect the unborn – and the born.

This bill, H.R. 962, merely requires, under criminal penalty, that medical professionals provide the same standard of care to a baby born alive after an attempted abortion that they would provide any other child born at the same gestational age. Doctors who allow babies to die without such care are committing nothing short of infanticide. Many Americans were horrified by the words of Virginia Governor Ralph Northam early this year who made statements on a public radio broadcast defending the practice of neglecting a baby born alive in order to end her life.

Eighty-two percent of Americans support this legislation, including 77% who identify as pro-choice – yet Speaker Pelosi continues to block this potentially life-saving legislation. So far, we have 201 signatures on the House discharge petition, a way to force a bill to the floor that is otherwise being blocked by the Speaker. We need a simple majority of the House of Representatives (218) to  sign this petition. We are currently 17 signatures short of the number needed to trigger a vote. Meanwhile, members keep asking for unanimous consent to bring the bill to the floor for a vote every day they are in session.

The House and Senate are now in recess for the next six weeks, meaning your representatives will be home holding town halls and going to events to listen to the concerns of their constituents. We are working hard to bring the Born Alive bill to the floor for a vote, but we need your help. If your representative has not signed the discharge petition, go to one of their town halls this August and ask them why they have not signed it. To find out if your representative is holding a town hall near you, visit their website and look for events or call their office and ask if they are holding a town hall in August.

Also, join us on Monday, August 5, on Twitter from 10:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. EST for a Tweetfest where we will talk about the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act and why it is so necessary. Tweet @ your representatives (click here to find their official Twitter handle) and ask them to sign. Tweet at @SpeakerPelosi and tell her you want this bill on the floor for a vote. Use the hashtags #LetUsVote and #EndInfanticide and make sure you’re following CWA LAC’s official Twitter account, @CWforA, and retweet our tweets and tag us in your tweets so we can retweet you, too!

Thank you for partnering with us to keep pressure on Congress to end infanticide.

Trump Plays his Hand while Dems Overplay Theirs

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CWA’s Dr. Shea Garrison was featured on One News Now and American Family Radio weighing in on the feud between President Trump and the congressional freshmen known as “The Squad.”

“No end appears in sight in the war of words between President Donald Trump and four radical freshmen congresswomen who call themselves “The Squad.”

They’re just as likely to train their sights on fellow Democrats, but lately Reps. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (New York), Rashida Talib (Michigan), Ayanna Pressley (Massachusetts), and (in the example below) Ilhan Omar (Minnesota) have been taking shots at the president:

Omar: “He’s spewing his fascist ideology onstage, telling you, as citizens, to go back because they don’t agree with his detrimental polices for our country.”

Trump, of course, refuses to let something like that pass and is firing back:

Trump: “These are people that, in my opinion, hate our country. Now, you can say what you want, but if they’re not happy here, they can leave.””

Read the entire article here:

Listen to Dr. Garrison’s portion of the interview here:

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Judges by the Numbers

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As the U.S. Senate gets ready to go on its August recess, we must highlight once again one of its most successful efforts: the confirmation of judges. Just this week, the Senate confirmed more than double (15) the nominees it did last summer (7). This year the Senate has confirmed 61 judges: 13 judges to the circuit court, 46 district court judges and two to the Court of International Trade (CIT).

Great credit goes to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky) whose focus on judicial nominations has remained consistent throughout President Donald Trump’s time in office. Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) has also shined, even after following one of the most successful Chairman Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa). The Judiciary Committee has reported 88 judges to the floor in his short time as chairman.

Here are the overall numbers which are most impressive of all. Since President Trump took office, the Senate has confirmed a total of 146 judges. They break down as follows: two Supreme Court justices, 43 circuit court judges, 99 to the district court and two CIT.

The quality of nominees has been very high, as most readers will know. President Trump has committed himself to the nomination of judges who are in the mold of Justice Clarence Thomas and the late, great Antonin Scalia. Judges who will follow the Constitution and laws as written, instead of re-defining terms to reach the conclusions they personally prefer. This approach is essential to the preservation of liberty, and we are grateful to the president for this commitment.

This success has been possible because of several reforms in the judicial confirmation process. There is no more filibustering of judicial nominees, the blue slip process (which required home state senators to return a blue slip before the nomination can move forward) has been greatly adjusted also for circuit court nominees, and the amount of time that can be consumed on each nominees has been tampered, too.

But it is worth noting that things will get tougher going forward because the blue slip process for district court nominees is in full force still. This means that both senators from a state must after the president nominates someone to the district court must “return the blue slip” before the nomination can move forward. This is meant to encourage compromise between the White House and the state where the nomination is being made.

Practically, this means that where there are two liberal senators, the President will have to be more strategic in order to get the vacancy filled with a constitutionalist. Traditionally, some bargaining will be required here where, for example, if there are four vacancies, the president will name three nominees and the home state senators will get to name the other. This has the potential of allowing some less than desirable nominees getting through.

We must, therefore, remain diligent in our monitoring of nominees. We have already identified some troubling ones that we have been able to stop, but much discernment will be required going forward.

Let us continue to pray for the President, the Senate and the CWA legal team as we continue to engage in this important area.

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Promoting Women in Peace Processes

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CWA’s Dr. Shea Garrison, the organization’s Vice President of International Affairs, writes a new opinion piece featured this week in The Washington Times.

“There are many issues Democrats and Republicans disagree on, but elevating women in peace negotiations should certainly not be one of them.

Just a few weeks ago, the United States under the Trump administration became the first country in the world with a Women, Peace and Security (WPS) comprehensive law (2017) and strategy (2019) bringing women to the negotiating table in global peace efforts. This is something to be widely celebrated.

I have proudly worked with women across the aisle to train, support and empower women around the world — because ending poverty and violence against women, and increasing their participation and agency in all spheres of life should be a bipartisan issue everyone can get solidly behind.”

Click here to read the entire article here:

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Why Israel Deserves Golan Heights

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President Trump recognized “Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights[1] on March 25, 2019. Not only did Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu see the United States’ recognition as a tremendous victory, he also unveiled a small settlement in the Golan Heights named “Trump Heights,”2 after President Donald J. Trump only a few months later on June 16. In both instances, dissenters claimed that Israelis have no right to the territory.

The Golan Heights is considered to be “occupied Syrian land”[2] as international law states that territory cannot be taken by force nor should territory taken by force be recognized as legitimate by other states.[3] However, Israel acquired the Golan Heights in self-defense during the Six-Day War as a response to Syrian forces “firing regularly and accurately upon Israeli settlements throughout April and May of 1967.”[4] Today, Israel continues to maintain control of the Golan Heights as a strategic buffer zone on the Syrian border.

Since Israel declared its independence on May 14, 1948, much of the Arab world has refused to acknowledge the sovereignty of Israel, the only Jewish state in the world. In 1948, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon united to attack the newly formed state in a war known as the Arab-Israeli Conflict. Israel, despite its infancy as a state, was able to successfully repel these attacks. Emerging from this conflict victorious, Israel gained control of “about 78% of the Mandate area”[5], that is of the portion of Palestine allotted to Israelis and Palestinians by the British Mandate for Palestine.

Critics of Israel claim that following 1948, Israel called for its borders to reflect the territory they gained upon achieving victory in the Arab-Israeli War of 1948.[6] The significance of this is that this would allow Israel to maintain more territory than was originally allotted to them in the United Nations Partition Plan of 1947. Nonetheless, Israel was willing to take necessary measures to pursue peace by giving back to their aggressors the land they won in the war of self-defense.

Then again in 1967, Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser spoke about the strength and unity of Arab armies, positioned on Israeli borders, with the explicit intention of destroying the Jewish state.[7] Because of this grave threat, Israel made the difficult decision to tactically strike and destroy the Egyptian and Syrian air forces and begin a ground offensive on multiple fronts, capturing “the Sinai Peninsula, Gaza Strip, West Bank, Old City of Jerusalem, and the Golan Heights.”[8]

Despite the preemptive attack, Israel was not the aggressor in the Six-Day War. Israel was encroached upon by armies of the Arab World, and its decision was indeed one of self-defense as it sought to and succeeded in silencing “the artillery that had been firing with impunity on the settlements below.”[9]

Today, Israel continues to occupy the Golan Heights. The Golan Heights provides a high ground barrier and means of protection for northern Israel against potential shelling and attacks from Syrian forces. Critics argue that underlying Israel’s expressed need for security is its “deeper desire to control the natural resources of the territory Israel occupies.”[10]  The resources referred to include Lake Tiberias and the larger part of the Jordan River, which were allotted to Palestine as laid out in the Anglo-French Agreement of 1923. However, “two of the three main rivers that feed the Jordan River”[11] lie in the Golan Heights.

Still, this accusation of ulterior motives is a political misdirection to detract from the primary reason for acquisition of the territory. Apart from these sources of water lie other options for Israel having sufficient water for its population and sustainability. These include the purchasing of fresh water from Turkey and “the building of desalination plants.”[12]

There is indeed a benefit from the natural resources of the Golan Heights, but maintaining control of natural resources is not the primary motivator, as Israel had been willing to part with the Golan Heights in exchange for peace. This offer came on June 19, 1967, when Israel offered Egypt the newly acquired Sinai Peninsula and Syria the Golan Heights in exchange for peace. Neither state accepted this offer as both were a part of the Khartoum Conference in 1967, at which the Arab League “pledged there would be no peace, no negotiations and no recognition of the Jewish state.”[13] Peace with Israel was not an option despite Israel winning a war of self-defense and being willing to part with the land it acquired from the aggressors.

Following the Yom Kippur War in October of 1973, Egyptian President Anwar Sadat and Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin agreed to a peace treaty where Israel would return the Sinai Peninsula to Egypt in exchange for peace. Many years later, Israel chose to disengage from Gaza where the final “Israeli soldier left Gaza”[14] on September 12, 2005. Israel had hoped that disengagement from Gaza would create a path towards peace with Palestine. As many viewed Israel’s presence in Gaza as occupation, disengaging from Gaza put an end to the nearly four-decade-long Israeli Occupation in Gaza. Israel has showed a willingness to work with its neighbors in the pursuit of peace in the region.

So why has this yet to happen for Syrians and the Golan Heights? Syria and Israel have not been able to find common ground in terms of what the proper boundaries should be. Syria insists on returning to the boundaries it held prior to the Six-Day War in 1967. Israel believes they won a war of self-defense and desires to at least adhere to the “pre-1948 borders.”[15] The real question is why Israel would decide to return the Golan Heights to Syria when Syria refused to agree to peace with Israel and previously used the Golan Heights to shell Israelis living in Northern Israel? It would not.

While Israel acquired the Golan Heights as an act of self-defense and still needs it as a continued border of self-defense, peace will require compromise on both sides of the aisle. Syria must realize it may not be plausible for them to receive every inch of territory they lost in the Six-Day War. Not only did Syria seek the annihilation of the Jewish state, they also denied Israel’s offer to return the Golan Heights in exchange for peace following the Six-Day War. Because of this, the international community should recognize Israel’s acquisition of the Golan Heights as being necessary to Israel’s survival and indeed to their very existence.

Join with Concerned Women for America as we pray for Israel’s protection and stand with Israel in support of their national sovereignty and control of the Golan Heights. May God bless Israel.


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Yesica Goblirsch is part of the 2019 CWA  Summer Interns Class.