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For America (Prayer 125)

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For Your Name’s sake Lord, attend to our prayer
Let us not be put to shame
For none who trust in the LORD, our God
Will ever regret, even through trials or pain, being loved

To be loved is to know a comfort—a protection
That cannot be explained with words
But only felt in the deepest sense
It fills the heart and soul with song

That ancient song of Thanksgiving
Echoing through the walls of Time
Since the beginning, when You
Made man, in Your image—male and female

The whole world may forget
Yea, even my closest friends may turn and walk away
But not I, not we, who, by grace,
Have seen the beauty of art, and silence, of a child embraced

We who see the good, nay the privilege
Of giving all for man or woman of any race
Of suffering unjustly for a cause—a Man
Some think dead, though by Him we pray

Help us to stand, Lord
Help us endure, and thrive
Help us to shine Your light, Your Truth
In every heart— pierce the soul, penetrate the mind

We need You, we so desperately need You
At this point in time, as in all of life
Renew the vision You gave our Forefathers
Rekindle the fear, not of man, but of Your righteous judgments

Let them come if they must
To Your plan, we only say, “amen”
But for mercy for our people, we pray
For an outpouring of Your Spirit

Give us this day our daily bread
And help us to repent, and
Turn from our wicked ways
To the eternal joy that awaits.

In Christ’s name we pray,

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