U.S. Senators Request Reform to the United Nations Human Rights Council

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Sixty-eight U.S. Senators Request the U.S. Government’s Engagement to Reform the United Nations Human Rights Council.

On April 1, the United Nations Human Rights Council (HRC) closed its 49th session with the adoption of four resolutions condemning Israel. As a result, 68 U.S. Senators requested the U.S. engage with the HRC to ensure that the discriminatory treatment from the UN Human Rights Council towards Israel stops.

The HRC has a long history of disproportionate condemnation of Israel. “The Human Rights Council has attacked Israel with 95 resolutions. Compared to 142 against all other countries combined,” said H.E. Gilad Erdan, the Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations.

These resolutions were described as disproportionate because none of them make any reference to the Hamas group or any mention of the attacks in which Israel has been the victim. Obviously, by ignoring this information, they are omitting Israel’s right to self-defense, according to Article 51 of the United Nations Charter[1].

Most importantly, the HRC has created a special commission of inquiry (COI) to investigate Israel, appointing “experts” that had made statements that “pre-assumes Israeli violations of international law rather than presuming innocence as is required.”

One of the main reasons why former President Trump withdrew U.S. membership from the HRC was its continuous condemnation of Israel, and, at the same time, staying silent on the hideous violations of human rights in countries like Venezuela.

“The council ceases to be worthy of its name,” Nikki Haley, former U.S. Ambassador to the UN said in explaining the U.S. withdrawal. “Such a council, in fact, damages the cause of human rights.” But this was ignored by the Biden Administration as they renewed U.S. membership in the HRC.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken recognized the HRC’s bias towards Israel but has not taken any actions to change the situation. For this reason, 68 senators sent the letter to request that the U.S. prioritize reversing the HRC’s discriminatory treatment of Israel and end the COI. Two other pieces of legislation were introduced in the House of Representatives, one to require certain actions relating to the United Nations Human Rights Council (United Nations Human Rights Council Reform Act). A second one is to provide for the abolition of certain United Nations groups (COI Elimination Act).

Concerned Women for America applauds the efforts of our lawmakers to stand for Israel and ensure that our taxpayer money will be used to help U.S. allies and not attack them.  

[1] United Nations Charter. Signed on June 26, 1945. Article 51 “Nothing in the present Charter shall impair the inherent right of individual or collective self-defence [sic] if an armed attack occurs against a Member of the United Nations, until the Security Council has taken measures necessary to maintain international peace and security. Measures taken by Members in the exercise of this right of self-defence [sic] shall be immediately reported to the Security Council and shall not in any way affect the authority and responsibility of the Security Council under the present Charter to take at any time such action as it deems necessary in order to maintain or restore international peace and security.”

World Health Organization Promotes Abortion on Demand

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Earlier this month, the World Health Organization (WHO), ignoring that the so-called right to abortion does not exist within international law, released its new guidelines on abortion. Self-management abortion and telemedicine are their recommendations “to keep women and girls safe.”

According to their press release, abortion is an “extremely safe procedure when it is carried out using the method recommended by WHO, the UN agency.” One of these methods is using a “combination of mifepristone plus misoprostol or misoprostol.”

Despite the fact that WHO is an institution whose focus is supposed to be on health, it does not step back from making recommendations to policymakers—asking them to remove barriers to safe abortion, barriers such as the criminalization of abortion, mandatory waiting times, or the need for the parents to give their approval, among others. They also recommend “over-the-counter emergency contraceptive pills, without prescription to individuals who wish to use emergency contraception.”

Sadly, these new guidelines from the WHO are clear evidence that the UN and its institutions do not care about women and girls. It is not news that abortion, like any other medical procedure, presents a risk. This risk could increase when it is done without a proper medical evaluation. The pro-abortion agenda of the WHO seems to matter more than the safety of women and girls.

The Lozier Institute and its report “The Evolution of ‘Self-Managed’ Abortion: Does the Safety of Women Seeking Abortion Even Matter Anymore” presents a study in which one out of five women who had a chemical abortion presented complications and required surgery. Accordingly, with this study, the rates of complications for a medical abortion vs. surgical abortion are four times higher.[1]

Other risk factors for “self-managed” abortion are infections, hemorrhaging, pelvic inflammatory disease, mental health complications, etc. Still, the WHO has ignored this information and is now promoting abortion on demand. The WHO is also demanding that countries make abortion services affordable for women. In other words, they require that abortion be publicly funded and free so the cost will not be a burden.[2]

The U.S. government is the number one donor to the WHO, followed by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation[3]. This means that our tax dollars are promoting these outrageous recommendations.

Abortion hurts women and girls, and ultimately it hurts us as a society. We must continue to defend the unborn and stand for women and girls who sadly are misled by institutions like WHO. Our government must be held accountable for having a part in the misinformation.  

[1] Ingrid Skop, The Evolution of Self-Managed Abortion: Does the safety of Women Seeking Abortion Even Matter Anymore? Charlotte Lozier Institute (March 1, 2021)

[2] As part of an enabling environment, considerations of gender equality, human rights and equity should guide the
design of health financing policy to reduce if not eliminate the financial barriers for the most vulnerable, and to
ensure equitable access to good-quality services (93). The CEDAW Committee has described fees for abortion
as being burdensome to women’s informed choice and autonomy (94, para. 37). Where user fees are charged
for abortion, this should be based on careful consideration of ability to pay, and fee waivers should be available
for those who are facing financial hardship and adolescent abortion seekers. World Health Organization, Abortion care guideline, (2022)


Guatemala, Pro-life Capital of Iber-America.

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“While bombs are being dropped in other countries, like Russia attacking Ukraine, we say here, ‘Yes to life.'” These were the words of Alejandro Giammattei, the President of Guatemala, when he proclaimed March 9 the day to celebrate life and family and declared his country the pro-life capital for Ibero-America. 

Concerned Women for America (CWA) was invited as a guest of honor to witness a unique moment in the history of the pro-life movement in the Americas. The President of Guatemala had the courage to stand for life and honor God’s creation.

President Giammattei’s is a doctor. He knows firsthand that life begins from the moment of conception, and therefore, every human life has to be protected without regard to his or her condition. The protection of the unborn has been part of his policy from the first day he took office.

President Giammattei also recognized the need to strengthen the traditional family unit consisting of mothers and fathers and their children. For it is the family unit that protects and nourishes children who are the future of our societies.

In this day and time, having national policies that protect the unborn are not popular. To be pro-life means to be rejected and marginalized by the international elites and countries, including the U.S. For example, after President Giammattei announced in December 2021 his intentions of proclaiming Guatemala the pro-life capital of the Americas, the U.S. government did not invite President Giammattei to the Summit for Democracy.

Undeterred by the international bullying, President Giammattei moved forward with his pro-life policies. He has the support of his people and religious leaders from different faiths.

We applaud President Giammattei’s courage to stand for his national law and his people without fearing the threats of governments or international institutions that deny the sanctity of life and fail to recognize and promote the family’s vital role in life and the development of every human being.  

The defense of national sovereignty (our own or that of another country), the sanctity of life, and family are among CWA’s core values. Therefore, we will continue to stand with Guatemala to defend their right to live by their laws without any interference. We will work to stop the bullying by our country’s current administration against countries that stand for life.

Guatemala Declared the Ibero-American Pro-Life Capital

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Picture: Guatemalan President, Alejandro Giammattei (center), with church leaders in front of the monument that was unveiled which declares Guatemala the Pro-Life Capital.

On March 9, 2022, Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei declared that Guatemala is the “Ibero-American Pro-Life Capital.” In December 2021, President Giammattei said that Guatemala is “a country of faith” such that in governing it, “each government institution has a clear direction and coordination in respecting life from conception and the protection of the family as the central axis of society … Our Government has promoted the Public Policy for the Protection of Life and the Family as an Institution. Let me even share with you that Guatemala will be declared the Ibero-American Pro-Life Capital on March 9.”

Neydy Casillas, Esq., CWA’s Vice President of International Affairs, has been in Guatemala this week.

“It was an honor for me to represent Concerned Women for America and our hundreds of thousands of members as Guatemala was declared the Pro-life Capital of Iberoamérica. 

“Through the years, the Guatemalan people have stood up to defend life from the moment of conception until natural death. Despite the pressure of international organizations and countries around the world (including the U.S.), Guatemala has been faithful to its values and its national law, not allowing anyone to interfere with its position on life as a nation. 

“Today, Guatemala has become an example of courage for all the nations to defend God’s creation.” 

Penny Nance, CEO and President of Concerned Women for America, congratulated the people of Guatemala:

“The recognition of the intrinsic value of every human life, no matter how vulnerable, lies at the very foundation of freedom and liberty. Therefore, we commend the Guatemalan people for declaring Guatemala the Pro-Life Capital of Ibero-America. It is exciting for Concerned Women for America to be there to celebrate with you. “¡Bien hecho!” May your efforts to love and protect mothers and babies serve as an example and an inspiration throughout the world that we can do better by treating each other with compassion and care at every stage of life.”

Neydy Casillas, Esq., CWA’s Vice President of International Affairs
with Guatemalan President, Alejandro Giammattei.

The State of Religious Liberty Across Our Nation

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Concerned Women for America (CWA) Vice President of International Affairs Neydy Casillas will be featured on an important discussion of religious liberty, alongside a distinguished group of panelists including, CWA favorite, Ambassador Sam Brownback, who served as U.S. Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom from February 2018 to January 2021.

The panel will discuss the current state of religious liberty across our nation, the challenges, and the opportunities to ensure the constitutional right of every citizen to live their faith in the public square.

Click here to register. Details below:


United Nations and its Useless Efforts to Stop Russia

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The United Nations (UN) was created in 1945 to maintain peace among the nations as one of its main aims. Today, diplomatic efforts seem worthless in the face of the current war between Russia and Ukraine.

The UN has six main bodies. The Security Council and the General Assembly are the most relevant among those. The Security Council’s primary responsibility is to maintain peace and security. It is comprised of 15 members, five of which are permanent members because they are the founding members of the UN, and the other ten are member nations who serve two-year rotations.

The five permanent members of the Security Council are China, the United States, France, the United Kingdom, and Russia. Currently, Russia is the chair of the Security Council. These permanent members are granted a special privilege – called the veto right. Any of these five countries have the power to veto or defeat any decision of the council if they disagree with it.  

Last Friday, Albania and the U.S., current members of the Security Council, attempted to pass a resolution “intended to end the Russian Federation’s military offensive against that neighboring State.” Eleven countries voted in favor. China, India, and the United Emirates abstained. Unfortunately, Russia exercised its right as a permanent member and vetoed the resolution.

Although the UN had not achieved its primary objective, the end of the war, the UN Secretary-General called on the nations not to give up. He issued assurances that the UN would keep increasing its efforts to restore peace.

Meanwhile, the Ukraine ambassador called on the nations to break off diplomatic relations with Russia. It was a call that did not resonate with many countries due to their dependence on Russia. Russia is the primary provider of natural gas for Europe and many other nations. For example, Finland depends on Russia for 94% of gas, Germany 49%, and Italy 46%.

In this regard, the situation for the U.S. is not much different than in Europe. Although the U.S. is one of the leading oil and energy producers in the world, its production is insufficient to supply the whole country. Therefore, the U.S. imports oil from Canada, Mexico, and Russia (its third-highest supplier.)

If the U.S. wants to maintain its sovereignty and its leadership worldwide, it must not be coerced into silence.

Concerned Women for America will keep raising its voice and advocating to defend our independence and fight to protect our national sovereignty while safeguarding our nation’s freedom.

Fall of Kabul: Six Months Later

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Six months after the world watched the fall of Kabul, the Republicans on the House Foreign Affairs Committee in a press release addressed the aftermath of the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Despite the hundreds of stories that have come out about the mismanagement of the withdrawal and the disturbing pictures of people hanging from the wheels of the planes, “… not a single Biden administration official has been held accountable for their failures. Unsurprisingly, the administration circled the wagons in an attempt to protect many high-ranking officials who most certainly bear significant responsibility for the deadly and chaotic withdrawal. The administration has refused to provide our committee with any documents or transcribed interviews that we have requested.” Only Secretary of State Atony Bliken has testified before the committee, and no public hearings have been held.

The committee stated, “The American public deserves better than this.” If the American people are to ever understand what happened in Afghanistan, there needs to be a thorough investigation into the planning that was done before the withdrawal and the decisions that were made during the withdrawal.   

Conditions continue to deteriorate in Afghanistan. According to the latest report from Open Doors, Afghanistan has been designated as the most dangerous country in the world for Christians, dethroning North Korea from that position.

We cannot forget that women, girls, and Christians are still victims of the Taliban’s brutality. Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Texas), lead Republican member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, has not forgotten. He is currently drafting a report on the Biden Administration’s failure in its withdrawal from Afghanistan and is leading the call of the Committee for accountability on decisions made during the withdrawal from Afghanistan.

A Prayer for Ukraine

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A people suffer at the hand of a tyrant, Lord,
The innocent trapped among the unjust ambitions
Of those who seek power and dominance
So, we come to You for guidance and help.

For You are a Just Judge, Sovereign Father,
You hear the cry of the poor and desolate
And abhor the proud and haughty.
Let Your swift judgment unfold over all the earth.

Bring to light what is unknown
That Your name be praised among all.
Do not let evil men get away with their oppression
Of the humble and displaced.

We pray against this unjust war in Ukraine.
We pray for peace and order and fruitfulness.
We pray for a miraculous unfolding—a frustrating
That turns all meant for evil, for good.

We rejoice at the thought,
Recognizing Your holy signature in such themes—
Over and again, throughout history
The wicked fail, only You prevail.

Let it be so yet again, Lord.
Help us to speak boldly and in truth
To lift our voices in prayer and denunciation
Exposing the dark works of unrighteousness,

And coming to the aid of those who are in need,
The children, and women, most vulnerable of all.
We pray that hope may increase, for it never fails—
Not when You are it, our Hope. Be that for Ukraine.


Nance in Christian Post: Women Should be Appalled China is Holding the Olympic Torch

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Right before the start of the Winter Olympics, China tried to clean up decades of horrific treatment of women and pushed “equality” messaging. But China’s ancient views that women are subclass are still prominent. If there is no respect for human life, or for human rights, there can never be equality. Countries around the world that respect and uphold the dignity of women and life itself should be appalled that the Chinese Communist Party is holding the Olympic torch. 

Read the latest from Penny Nance, Concerned Women for America‘s CEO and President, here.


House Passes Deceptive Global Respect Act

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This week, the U.S. House of Representatives passed H.R. 3485, the so-called Global Respect Act, a duplicative and overly broad bill that could give the U.S. State Department the authority to blacklist and bar U.S. entry of any foreigner holding legitimate views against homosexuality or gender identity ideology. Just six Republicans joined all Democrats in supporting the legislation.

Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee (CWALAC) recognizes the inherent dignity and value of all persons before God and condemns the unjust imprisonment, abduction, or acts of violence towards any human regardless of their identity. The Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act places robust penalties on those who engage in these abuses, and the Administration must ensure that this law is adequately enforced. Ambiguous language in the Global Respect Act could wrongfully label objections to same-sex marriage, dangerous medical gender transition therapies for minors, men dominating women’s sports, and more as “degrading treatment” or a denial of a person’s right to life, liberty, and security.

Further, this deceptively titled bill gives the U.S. government latitude to impose a radical ideological agenda on foreign governments and their citizens, squelching legitimate conscience rights and depriving nations of the power to govern according to their values. The Global Respect Act establishes weapons of intimidation to persecute those who refuse to express Biblically foundational views on sex and the family. This cannot stand.

As Neydy Casillas, Esq., Concerned Women for America’s Vice President of International Affairs recently said:

“The protection and respect of fundamental freedom are essential for a society to flourish. All human beings are born equal in dignity. To respect, promote, and guarantee fundamental freedom is a role of government, but to do so, governments should use legitimate ways that promote understanding and peace among individuals and nations. H.R. 3485 threatens those ideals by injecting partisan politics into a very delicate area of international relations. The harmful consequences could be significant.”

H.R. 3485 now heads over to the Senate. CWALAC will continue to beat the drum on the dangers of this bill, especially under interpretation from the Biden Administration, which continues to display utter contempt for those upholding timeless truths about humanity. The Global Respect Act threatens democratic processes and fundamental freedoms abroad, but it also sets clear precedent for our leaders to peddle the same injustices here at home. Americans must reject this at all costs.

The Latest UN Assault Against Israel

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In May 2021, days after the latest attack from Hamas on Israel, the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) called a special meeting at which they created a commission, the Commission of Inquiry (COI), to investigate Israel. There is an attempt being made within the UN to label Israel as an apartheid state because of its treatment of Palestinians, leaving the existence of Hamas out of the discussion.

Although the Commission of Inquiry is not the first of its kind in the UN, it is the first one whose mandate will not end, and their existence will be permanent, with a budget of four million dollars and a permanent staff of 18. This is in contrast with other UN commissions whose mandate has lasted for only a year and has significantly more staff.

Is it possible for Israel to get a fair hearing before this commission? Some of the members of this commission have a long-standing anti-Israel partiality. For instance, the Commission’s Chair Navi Pillay has promoted boycotts against Israel. Pillay called to the international community to act and defend Palestinians have been the main victims of Israel’s systemic racism and injustices for decades, calling the international community to act.  

It is not surprising that the UN, through its UNHRC, is targeting Israel. Since 2006, it has passed 90 anti-Israel resolutions. In fact, the UNHRC has passed more resolutions against Israel than against China, Cuba, North Korea, or Venezuela.

Currently, the U.S. has been reelected for a three-year term on the UNHRC, which opens an opportunity for the Biden Administration to stand firmly with Israel. Concerned Women for America will follow up with our representatives to ensure that the U.S. government will work towards the reform of the UNHRC, and the Commission of Inquiry against Israel will come to an end.

Bipartisan caucus on Abraham Accords established

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On January 10, 2022, the bipartisan Abraham Accords caucus was established in the United States Congress. Its purpose is to encourage partnerships between the U.S., Israel, Arabs states, and other relevant countries.

The Abraham Accords is an initiative that was begun with the support of both parties during the Trump Administration. It will serve as a foundation for peace in the Middle East; the purpose of these Accords is to encourage the cooperation of the Arab countries and the reestablishment of relations with Israel.

America will benefit from this cooperation as stability grows among those nations. The caucus will continue to add more nations to the Accords and will include European allies who are willing to promote the Abraham Accords.

Concerned Women for America applauds the efforts of all those senators and representatives who have been part of this effort. We look forward to working with them and supporting their efforts to advance cooperation, stability, and peace among nations.

Geneva Consensus: Standing for Women and Girls

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Just one year ago, representatives from over thirty nations signed the Geneva Consensus Declaration; those representatives came together in Washington, D.C., to celebrate the first anniversary of the Declaration. Together they recommitted to standing together and counteracting the impositions of governments and international organizations against developing countries.

The purpose of the declaration was to bring countries together and join efforts to secure the highest attainable health standard for women and girls, to reaffirm the role of the family as the foundations of society, and to serve as a source of care and support. It also reasserted the nonexistence of the so-called ‘right’ to abortion within international law and reaffirmed the right of every nation to exercise their own national sovereignty.

At one time, the United States was one of the signatories of the Declaration. In reality, the U.S. once led this incredible effort. One of the Biden Administration’s first actions was to swiftly withdraw from this Declaration. Why? Simply because abortion was not glorified or a part of it. Nevertheless, the number of countries that have joined the declaration has grown to thirty-five because other countries see the need to come together and fight the attempts of the Biden Administration and international organizations to export their radical and liberal agenda across the world.

The Geneva Consensus Declaration is not a binding agreement itself, but the principles contained in it are. The principles stem from the international human rights treaties that have been signed and ratified by the nations. Ratification means the treaty has gone through a process in which the nation’s legislative body has agreed there are no contradictions between the treaty and their nation’s laws. This internal process guarantees respect for the principle of self-determination enshrined in the United Nations (UN) charter.

UN bodies, within the last few decades, have taken a sharp turn away from their founding principles and often misinterpret the provisions contained in treaties previously agreed upon by the countries. Signatories of the Geneva Consensus Declaration released the Declaration to bring clarity to the misintepretations of human rights law, namely the lie that there is an international “right” to abortion.

A perfect example of this grievance is general comment No. 36 in Article 6 on the right to life of The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) made by the Human Rights Committee (HRC), the UN body that monitors the implementation of the ICCPR. Article 6.1 of the ICCPR states that “every human being has the inherent right to life. This right shall be protected by law. No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his life.” Despite the clarity of this provision, the HRC’s interpretation is that “states parties should not introduce new barriers and should remove existing barriers [11] that deny effective access by women and girls to safe and legal abortion.” That is to say, this committee, whose authority is limited to implementing that to which countries have agreed, intends to change the law created by countries and replace it with their own agenda.

In the Women’s Health Protection Act of 2021, the U.S. Congress committed the same trespass by stating in its finding that “cofre human rights treaties, ratified by the U.S., protect access to abortion.”In 2018, the UN Human Rights Committee declared that the right to life, enshrined in Article 6 of the ICCPR (above), “at a minimum requires governments to provide safe, legal, and effective access to abortion …”

Similarly, developed countries use international forums like the ones listed above to impose abortion on developing nations by pushing for inclusion of new terms that include abortion, terms such as “sexual and reproductive health and rights.” For instance, during a UN Human Rights Council 43 session last year, the U.K. stated its regret because El Salvador had rejected its recommendation to “review laws criminalizing the use of abortion, ensure access to sexual and reproductive health services and support for all women and girls.”

No committee nor country has been granted authority to create a new obligation upon which countries have not agreed; in doing so, they are eroding each country’s sovereignty. This is another part of what the Geneva Consensus Declaration is – defending the right of the people to choose the laws that will rule their country; without it, democracy is in vain.

In the international community, there is no consensus on abortion, but there is a consensus on the importance of protecting each individual’s right to life. There is a consensus on protecting womens’ and girls’ rights. There is a consensus on national sovereignty and why it should be respected.

Concerned Women for America cares for all of these issues: life, women’s rights, national sovereignty, and particularly, the unborn. We are proud the U.S. once led such an extraordinary effort to protect all of the above. CWA will keep supporting, nationally and internationally, every effort that will promote and protect the dignity of all human life, born and unborn.

America’s Leadership in a Tailspin

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Just recently, the Biden Administration announced the U.S. strike on Afghanistan killed civilians among those seven children from the same extended family. The same day France announced the recall of their Ambassador to the U.S. This week President Biden appeared in front of the United Nations, claiming the success of the “end of war” in Afghanistan and flaunting U.S. leadership worldwide. A lie that only his Administration believes.

The General Assembly of the United Nations is its central body; this is where the heads of the 193 countries that are part of the UN gather once a year to deliberate on the current problems that the international community faces.

President Biden gave a speech with empty words. His speech was intended to show the world that the U.S. is still the world’s top leader. Unfortunately, his words fell short. He was not even capable of clearly addressing the current threats that America is facing. This lack of clarity makes America’s enemy rejoice.

Just minutes after the President’s speech, the President of Iran, Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi, took the stand and openly stated in front of the UN General Assembly that “from the Capitol to Kabul, one clear message was sent to the world: The U.S. does not have credibility inside or outside the country.” He said that the world does not care about “America First” or “America is back” after what happened in Afghanistan.

After our NATO allies were not consulted on Afghanistan, after France recalled its Ambassador from the U.S., and after the E.U. accused Biden of disloyalty, the closest American allies are skeptical of U.S. leadership.  Sadly, the criticism that the Biden Administration is getting from the world does not denote that America is the world’s leader.

Ignoring the criticism, President Biden’s speech emphasized that America is back at the table of the international forums, especially the UN to face the global challenges.

Biden’s strategy towards the international organizations has been as poor as his approach to Afghanistan. One of the first actions from his Administration was to rejoin and restore funding to the World Health Organization (WHO), $893,004,000 to be exact, despite their poor performance in handling the pandemic and the lack of response on China’s responsibility. The U.S. is the top contributor to the WHO, which gives it the possibility of negotiation, but no condition was imposed in exchange for its money.

During his speech, Biden reaffirmed his commitment to retake a seat at the United Nations Human Rights Council, failing to mention its remarkable anti-Israel bias and to address the human rights violations by countries like China[1].

Instead, he did mention that the U.S. “will stand up for their allies and friends, opposing attempts of stronger countries to dominate weaker ones through economic coercion.” This being said while the U.S. is using its money to impose abortion upon developing countries worldwide against people’s will.

Lastly, he said, “I stand here today, for the first time in 20 years, with the United States not at war. We have turned the page.” He indeed turned the page, forgetting about the current crisis that is still happening in Afghanistan, forgetting about hundreds of people who are facing death because they were left behind.

CWA has not turned the page. We are doing everything in our power to rescue those who have been left behind by joining efforts with other private organizations, especially to rescue Christian families that are facing death because of their faith in God.

The lack of clarity, the vagueness, and the ambiguity of President Biden’s speech, showed the world that America leadership is in a tailspin.

[1] Currently China, Cuba, and Venezuela have a seat on the Human Rights council, despite their human rights violations committed against their own people.


Praying for the Body of Christ in Afghanistan

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I want to appeal to you, as the news cycle conveniently shifts from crisis to crisis, sparing bad actors of proper accountability, to remember our brothers and sisters trapped in Afghanistan under the terrible, evil rulership of the Taliban.

You might have heard that Glenn Beck, through his Nazarene Fund, was helping to get thousands of Christians out of the country very successfully. Until the U.S. Government got wind of it, that is. Here is what he told Tucker Carlson in a recent interview:

“The State Department has blocked us every step of the way. The State Department and the White House have been the biggest problem.  Everyone else, everyone else, has been working together, putting aside differences, and trying to get these people to safety.  The State Department and the White House have blocked us every single step of the way. In fact, an ambassador was called in Macedonia last night and told not to accept any of these people, as we were trying to get them off the tarmac here to keep the airport flowing and getting these Christians out.  We haven’t really been able to move anybody for about twelve hours. Our mission is now changing greatly. We have to send people into even greater danger to try to smuggle these Christians out, who are marked not just for death, but to be set on fire alive because they’re converted Christians.”

This is the reality for Christians in Afghanistan. And our government, as you heard, shows no sympathy to them as a group. We must pray. We cannot forget that we are one body in our Lord, Jesus Christ. When they suffer, we suffer…

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We must stand for Cuba Libre

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We must stand for Cuba Libre. As the world’s model for a truly free nation, America’s silence amid the outcry from the Cuban people is deafening.

Cuba’s communist regime has suppressed its people in extreme poverty and misery for 62 years. Even worse than the poverty and misery is the regime’s suppression of their most basic, fundamental freedoms, including religion, speech, association, and movement. Citizens in Cuba are not treated as people but as objects at the service of their government.

For many years, I traveled to Cuba to help priests in their mission to spread the Gospel. While there, I was immersed in the reality of what the Cuban people face every day. Their reality: breakfast is coffee made from peas, not beans; their clothes are whatever we discard; it is a crime to eat meat, and hospitals don’t have plates or glasses to feed the ill. Their reality is truly heartbreaking.

Today the Cuban people are saying enough is enough. United as one nation, they are taking to the streets demanding a better life for themselves.

Those who pretend to know Cuba’s reality are blaming the U.S. economic embargo as the reason for the inhuman life Cubans are facing. Black Live’s Matter’s recent statement squarely places the blame on the United States. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was unwilling to even say the c-word (communism) in a recent press conference. Instead, she said the Cuban people were protesting “the mismanagement of government.”

Despite all of these transgressions against their own people, Cuba still has a seat on the United Nations Human Rights Council and gets defended by oblivious leftists who cannot see past their desire to bring these disastrous policies to America.

In truth, the only one to blame for the situation in Cuba is the totalitarian government whose sole interest is to keep power and control over their people, using them as instruments to lift up a regime they hope to spread worldwide.

It is more than time for the free world to stand with Cuba, raising our voices and prayers for the end of a cruel, inhuman regime and for the recognition of their most basic, fundamental freedoms.  #SOSCuba #CubaLibre

CWA International – Mexico City Report

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On July 7, Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee (CWALAC), along with International Civic Network (ICN) and Red de Acción Ética y política (RAEP), hosted the “Parliamentarian Action on the International Law of Human Rights” forum, which took place in Mexico City.

Our goal is to equip, train, and empower policymakers to defend their national law and oppose international organizations and the U.S. government.

On this occasion, we had the opportunity to train recently elected Mexican senators and representatives. We discussed the overreach of these international organizations and their breach of international law.

For many years international organizations such as the United Nations (UN) and the Organization of the Americas (OAS) have been used by the opposition as a political instrument to spread their pro-abortion agenda worldwide, bypassing the authority of the legitimately elected representatives of a nation and undermining countries’ national sovereignty.

CWA supports the right of the people to be represented by their elected officials and government. Therefore, international organizations, pro-abortion NGOs, or any other government should not interfere in domestic affairs. This intrusion represents a new way of colonization, as stated by Rep. Jeff Fortenberry (R-Nebraska) during his intervention at the appropriation committee session.

View pictures from the event below.

VP Kamala Harris’ Idea of Democracy: Abortion for All

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Last week, Vice President Kamala Harris participated at the Generation Equality Forum (GEF) with a speech focused on the importance of democracy. The Generation Equality Forum is an event convened by the United Nations (UN) with a goal of “advancing gender equity and equality around the world.”

According to the GEF, this includes the “determination to smash the patriarchy,” “empowering women and girls in all their diversity,” which includes persons who perceive themselves as women, “any job is a woman’s job” including prostitution, and “women’s rights are human rights,” a phrased launched by none other than Hillary Clinton during the 1995 Women’s Conference in Beijing.

The forum is meant to celebrate the Beijing Platform, adopted in 1995 by 189 nations which include “reproductive health and reproductive rights.” After the platform’s adoption by the countries and UN officials, radical feminists in some countries (including the United States) started to use sexual and reproductive health as a euphemism for abortion, even though this was not the stated agreement.

Radical feminists are working to ensure that abortion becomes legal worldwide, regardless of a country’s right to set its own laws and exercise its national sovereignty. Abortion activists are working to build up new platforms forcing countries to accept abortion, and they are being aided by international organizations and some of the wealthiest governments around the globe. This sends a message that abortion is the epicenter for women’s equality.

Another instance earlier this summer, the G7 (Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, United Kingdom, United States) met to help countries overcome the COVID-19 pandemic. In their conclusions, the G7 reaffirmed their commitment “to promote and protect the sexual and reproductive health and rights of all individuals and in supporting diversity, including sexual orientation and gender identities.”[1] They also committed to a “close alignment with the GEF.”

The truth is that this forum is not for everyone. It seeks to help only those who support abortion, radical feminists, transgender groups, LGBTQ+ groups, and any other supporters of their radical ideology.

Still, Vice President Kamala Harris decided to speak at this forum and talk about the cornerstone of America: democracy. There is nothing more anti-democratic than these international forums, where only those who agree with their agenda can have a voice and governments are giving money (including the Biden Administration) to fund and export an agenda that contravenes the deepest foundations and beliefs of the peoples’ nations. Nothing could be more anti-democratic than bypassing the authority of the legitimately elected representatives of a nation.

A true forum of democracy includes women who do not see a child as an obstacle, moms who want to dedicate their time to raising children, women who love their husbands and their families. True democracy means that even those who disagree will get a voice and have their vote be respected.

Concerned Women for America represents those women who are excluded from Vice President Harris’ idea of democracy. We will continue to work tirelessly to be a part of these forums and represent the hundreds of thousands of women who are proud of their femininity as created by God.


CWA Co-Hosting International Event in Mexico City

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On July 7, Concerned Women for America (CWA) is co-hosting our first international event in Mexico City to support government officials in protecting their national laws. CWA’s Vice President of International Affairs, Neydy Casillas, Esq., will be participating in the forum.

National sovereignty includes people’s rights to vote for their elected representatives and legislate in respect of their Constitution and the will of their people. No international organization such as the United Nations, OAS, UNFPA, UNWomen, or any other agencies or governments have a right to interfere with national matters.

The current and increasing intrusion of international organizations and their agencies in national matters undermines the democratic process and the authority of the people’s legitimate representatives. CWA has a strong history of supporting life, defending the family, and our religious freedoms here in America. We also want to ensure that our government and international organizations will respect the culture, values, and laws of other nations that protect the sanctity of life, support marriage and family as designed by God, and have the freedom to profess their beliefs publicly.

CWA is honored to be co-hosting the July 7 forum because we believe that training and informing lawmakers and government officials will empower them to counteract any attempt to compromise their national law or weaken their democratic process.