CWA: A Young Woman’s Training Ground

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Magnify your voice.  Lead a movement.  Impact culture.

That is what we encourage young women across the country to do through Concerned Women for America’s Young Women for America (YWA) program.

The past few months here at YWA have been very busy with traveling, training, and introducing young ladies to our organization. I was able to travel to Dallas, Texas, and Ft. Collins, Colorado, to meet with current and prospective leaders, as well as give some much-deserved thanks to some very generous people. We approved three new college chapter presidents in the last month — Micah Mays in Texas, Lillian Vasquez in Kansas, and Jerica Washington in Massachusetts. These ladies are excited and ready to lead a movement on their campuses, and we are thrilled to be their training ground. I would ask you to keep them, along with all of our other leaders, in your prayers, asking God to protect them as they stand for truth.

Just before Christmas, I traveled to Turning Point USA’s Student Action Summit in West Palm Beach, Florida, to sponsor a YWA exhibit booth. Some of our current YWA leaders were able to attend this conference, and spending time with them was an added blessing to the trip. After countless conversations and introductions of CWA and YWA to other students, we had young ladies from 21 different schools sign up to start Young Women for America chapters. They are currently in the application process. Please join us in praying that God would raise up these young leaders and that they would not be discouraged or back down.

In early November, the Institute on Religion and Democracy (IRD) hosted a panel of young female evangelicals rising in their field of public policy. We at CWA are proud to say that three of the five panelists are “our people.” Patrina Mosley, Alison Howard Centofante, and Chelsen Vicari are just three of the many young women who have walked through the doors of Concerned Women for America and have been forever changed as a result.

Whether it be starting Young Women for America chapters, joining a chapter on campus, coming to CWA training, interning in our headquarters, joining our staff, or listening to the testimony of CWA Founder and Chairman of the Board Mrs. LaHaye, we are being changed. The resources and educational materials that CWA has are equipping young women across the country. From the Godly leadership of Mrs. LaHaye and CWA CEO and President Penny Nance to the steadfast examples of our seasoned state directors and leaders, we are learning, growing, and being led by the best of the best. Whether or not you have personally met each young lady, we are standing on your shoulders. The time and resources that you have sacrificed are indeed training strong, Godly, conservative young women. Thank you for playing a part, no matter how small, and seeing the value of investing in the next generation.


Back to Reality in 2018

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Strong sentiments about 2017 overwhelmed my social media feeds over the break. As with Dickens’ tale, it seems “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times …” If I had to summarize the overall sentiment, I would say 2017 was disorientating for many.

It was the year of the unexpected – the surprising and unforeseen. Good and bad, both unpredictable.

It was, of course, the first year of President Donald J. Trump, which is emblematic of the whole concept.  I still remember that New York Times graph giving Hilary Clinton an 80% chance to win the 2016 presidential election and Donald Trump just 20%, just hours before they had to flip the whole thing around, ending up with Donald Trump at 95%, Hillary with just 5%. Amazing.

President Trump’s first year followed suit. Far from the doom and gloom predictions, President Trump’s first year was overwhelmingly positive.  The economy has improved dramatically, ISIS is on the run, he signed a $1.5 trillion tax-cut bill into law, and (my personal favorite, of course) he confirmed Neil Gorsuch to the U.S. Supreme Court. That’s an impressive year.

But it was not a simple as that, as we all know. A deluge of distractions — from Russia investigations to surprising firings to North Korea’s Kim Jong-un antics — definitely kept the President busy and the public overwhelmed with information and misinformation, unfortunately. “Disorienting” is an understatement.

That’s just one aspect of 2017. We also had the Las Vegas shooting, which left 58 people dead and 546 injured, and that eerie silence about the details of the shooter, 64-year-old Stephen Paddock. The fact that we don’t know more about this incident still today brings a chill down my spine. What are we to think of this?

Of course, we had Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria hitting parts of the U.S., causing incredible devastation.  Millions of our friends and families were stranded, and many are still dealing with the consequences of the damages.

Those are just the top stories, but we could keep going for hours, and a definite picture of something like a whirlwind inevitably emerges. That was 2017.

How do we handle this? As we prepare to tackle 2018, what should be our approach?

May I suggest we grab a hold of truth?

When you are disoriented, you need a point of reference. You need a stake on solid ground from which to measure everything else. Without that we are lost. If all we have are randomly moving objects around us, we have chaos. You can’t rely on anything, because they are there at one point but gone the next.

Many of you know this. Our chief of staff, Caroline Aderholt, expressed a similar sentiment in our staff devotional time. She said, “When I feel like I don’t know what is going on, I look around and say, ‘Alright, what do I know is real?’”

That’s exactly right. What do we know is real? What is true?

Whatever the chaos is around us, whatever the pain, the blessing, the struggle, the rest, the test, or achievement, only truth and reality can give us the proper perspective to remain grounded and secure, the opposite of disoriented and unstable.

For us as Christians, the answer is simple but profound, because the answer is not a place or a thing but a person. That is what puzzled the Apostle Thomas in John 14, as Jesus tried to console the disciples about the chaos of their times. “Let not your hearts be troubled,” Jesus said to them, “Believe in God; believe also in me. In my Father’s house are many rooms. If it were not so, would I have told you that I go to prepare a place for you? And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and will take you to myself, that where I am you may be also. And you know the way to where I am going.”

Do you know the way? As you look at your life, do you see where you are going? Or are you rattled and anxious about the future? As you look at our country, where do you feel we are going? Which direction we should go?

Perhaps you feel as Thomas did when he answered Jesus, “Lord, we do not know where you are going. How can we know the way?”

I confess, perhaps to no one’s surprise, that this is exactly how I feel sometimes. When I focus on the news and social media, on the latest outrage of the mainstream media, I get disoriented and pessimistic. When I focus on the struggles and challenges of my personal life, my vision gets blurred.

But do you remember Jesus’ answer to Thomas? It’s like a spiritual balm that soothes my soul in the deepest sense. “Jesus said to him, ‘I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.’”

“I am the way,” Jesus says.  He, the man, the person, Jesus Himself is the way. He is the stake in the ground. He is what we know is real and true. He is what we must get back to.

I know the human temptation is to think of this as some sort of deeply spiritual and philosophical point too high for mere mortals to comprehend. And perhaps there is some truth to that at one level. But at another level, at the level Jesus showed us, to go to Him is incredibly practical. When we go to Him, we find teaching upon teaching that will reorient our entire lives.

Jesus’ parables are about real life, with real practical applications as to how we are to act towards God and toward others.  They apply to our personal and public lives. They apply to policy and the structures of our society.

He is the way. He is the truth. He is the Life. And He should be our aim.

So, in 2018, let us take ahold of Christ and His teachings. Let us reject the smoke screens of this world with their false promises and hold on to what we know is truly real. Clinging to His words, we will move through 2018, not disoriented and perplexed, but with full lucidity and prophetic vision. That is what we need. It is what our country and, indeed, the world needs: salt and light.

UPDATE: The Battle Over Taxpayer-Funded Abortion Continues. Please Join Us in Prayer!

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On Tuesday, on behalf of 12 Illinois legislators, 10 citizen organizations, and a diocese of the Roman Catholic Church, the Thomas More Society, the pro-life, pro-family, pro-faith, non-profit legal group, filed an appeal that would halt the implementation of Illinois’ controversial H.B. 40 mandate. Click here to read the appeal.

This bill forces the economically distressed state’s taxpayers to fund tens of thousands of non-budgeted abortions in 2018 for women carrying Medicaid or state-employee health insurance coverage. This includes full-term abortions, even though scientific research has shown that the unborn child can feel pain and survive outside of its mother’s womb.

CWA of Illinois stands with the Thomas More Society and pro-life groups who are defending the lives of the unborn by standing against taxpayer-funded abortions. Please keep this matter in your prayers. May God’s will be done.

Thomas More Society attorneys, including Special Counsel Peter Breen (Rep. Peter Breen [R-District 48]), are sponsoring the lawsuit with Illinois legislators, who include:

  • Mark Batinick (R-District 97)
  • Jeanne Ives (R-District 42)
  • Charlie Meier (R-District 108)
  • Steve Reick (R-District 63)
  • Barbara Wheeler (R-District 64)
  • Keith Wheeler (R-District 50)
  • Neil Anderson (R-District 36)
  • Dale Fowler (R-District 59)
  • Sam McCann (R-District 50)
  • Kyle McCarter (R-District 54)
  • Dan McConchie (R-District 26)
  • Paul Schimpf (R-District 58)


  • That this appeal is upheld, overturning H.B. 40 and preventing taxpayer-funded abortions in Illinois. That the Church stands publicly in defense of life.
  • For pro-life individuals to be elected to the Illinois General Assembly as well as other positions of power.

 TAKE ACTION: Please contact your representative and/or senator if they are on the list above. Thank them for signing on to the appeal. Click here for your representative’s contact information, and click here for your senator’s.  Be sure to mention that you are a member of Concerned Women for America of Illinois.

Debbie Leininger
State Director
CWA of Illinois
[email protected]
(815) 297-2918

Partner with CWA of Illinois through your financial support.

We are continually grateful for those who give to the work of CWA of Illinois. When you give to the state, all funds are used for state projects. To contribute your tax-deductible gift to CWA of Illinois, please send a check written out to “Concerned Women for America” with “CWA of IL” on the memo line, and send to CWA of Illinois, 1255 W. Empire Street, Freeport, IL 61032. Or, click here to contribute online.

Your involvement, financial gifts, and prayers could not be more appreciated.  Thank you!

The 2018 South Dakota Legislative Session begins Next Week! Are You Ready?

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Dear CWA Friends,

The 2018 South Dakota Legislative Session begins Tuesday, January 9. During this 38-day session, we urge all members to participate as grassroots activists by praying and taking action when called upon by CWA of South Dakota.

It is imperative that your state representatives hear from you concerning CWA-supported pro-family, pro-life bills. Your help in defeating dangerous, anti-family legislation that CWA opposes is even more crucial.

I will alert you via email regarding these bills and ask you to contact your senator or representatives after praying about the bill. For even greater impact, please check your email often and share these alerts with others.

If you do not know the names of your senator and representatives, click here or call the auditor at your county courthouse.

As volunteers, we are honored to represent you in South Dakota by promoting CWA’s issues, which are:

  • Definition of the Family
  • Sanctity of Life
  • Education
  • Sexual Exploitation
  • Religious Liberty
  • National Sovereignty
  • Support for Israel

We covet your prayers for our protection, health, wisdom, and guidance.

Many of you have committed to our Encourage-A-Legislator Campaign and should have received your packet in the mail by now.  I appreciate your faithfulness in praying for your adopted legislator and sending him/her the encouraging postcards.

Asking God’s blessing upon you for your faithfulness in prayer and action,

Linda Schauer
State Director
CWA of South Dakota
[email protected]
(605) 380-6914

Cindy Flakoll
Legislative Liaison
CWA of South Dakota
(605) 380-2766

Capitol Hill Brief — Feisty and Feminine Workshops

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I also want to take a moment and thank God and you, our thousands of Concerned Women for America supporters, for the support you gave my book, Feisty and Feminine, this year.

I wrote it as a manual for conservative women to be equipped on the major topics of the day.  We are stronger when we stand together with one voice, and my hope was to spark the conversations with Feisty and Feminine.

Well, as usual, you blew me away.  Many of our members held Feisty and Feminine workshops this year, where a group of women went through the book, covering all the topics, equipping and supporting each other, while having lots of fun.

It’s a dream come true; thank you so much!

Help CWA stand strong on the front lines. Your year-end gift will help us defend critical issues like the sanctity of life and religious freedom. Visit and give your year-end gift today. If you’d like to hear these commentaries on the radio, find me on your local radio station.


Capitol Hill Brief — A Supreme Accomplishment

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Perhaps at the top of our list for accomplishments this year is the confirmation of Justice Neil Gorsuch to the United States Supreme Court.  God was so gracious to us!

You have to remember that before the election, when the unexpected death of Justice Antonin Scalia was announced, Hillary Clinton was, without a doubt, going to be President.  And the Court was going to be lost to the liberal side for a generation.

But God had other plans.  And when President Trump won, everything changed.  He nominated an exceptional candidate in Neil Gorsuch, and Concerned Women for America all over the country pour out their heart and soul in getting him confirmed.

We did it. You did it.  God did it.

Help CWA stand strong on the front lines. Your year-end gift will help us defend critical issues like the sanctity of life and religious freedom. Visit and give your year-end gift today. If you’d like to hear these commentaries on the radio, find me on your local radio station.


Capitol Hill Brief — 100 No More

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We’re looking back at God’s many blessings for Concerned Women for America in 2017, and we cannot forget to thank God for his hand directing our 100 No More rallies around the country.

One of the least known facts about the abortion industry and Planned Parenthood is its disturbing connection to population control and eugenics.

The effects are still felt today. Approximately 35% of all abortions in the United States are performed on African-American women, while they represent only 13% of the female population of the country.

This has been a burden for me personally, and that is why Concerned Women for America has been holding rallies to ask the tough questions about abortion and race and what most not be ignored.

Help CWA stand strong on the front lines. Your year-end gift will help us defend critical issues like the sanctity of life and religious freedom. Visit and give your year-end gift today. If you’d like to hear these commentaries on the radio, find me on your local radio station.

For America—Day 88 (A Prayer for the New Year)

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Sovereign Lord,
There will be a new year
Only if You allow it
In Your mercy and goodness towards all.

Glory to Your Name;
For Your ways are perfect.
Your wisdom beyond comparison,
You are the Truth for which we thirst.

Quench our thirst with Your presence among us.
Do not leave us to our own understandings.
This new year, be ever present in our thoughts,
And direct our every deed.

We pray against the spirit of this age;
We pray against the schemes of the Enemy
Who seeks to lead us astray with the old,
“Has God really said?”

The answer is, “Yes!”
Yes, You have spoken, and we obey.
We obey for our own good and
To Your glory, Lord.

So, we surrender our lives,
Our ambitions, desires and passions,
To You in this new year.
All our plans commence with, “If God wills, we will…”

For we know we can do nothing apart from You.
Indeed, we do not want to do anything
Apart from You, even if we could.
You are what we treasure most.

Forgive us when we behave as if You were not.
We do it, often, we confess,
To our shame …
We are but foolish men,
Still Your servants, nevertheless.

This new year is to You (for You),
As all the years of our lives should be.
We recommit ourselves to Your service,
Forsaking all others,
To trust You — to Love You and You alone.

In Jesus’ name we pray these things,

Click here for more prayers from our For America Prayer Journal.