A Great Pennsylvania Pro-Life Bill Needs Your Prayers and Action Now!

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HB 1948 is a great pro-life bill that needs your attention now!

HB 1948 would do two things:

  • It would end late-term abortions by updating the legal limit to 20 weeks in pregnancy. The current limit is 24 weeks – the same age the majority of babies would survive on their own. This is due to important medical advances and the increased risk to the health of the mother with late-term abortions.
  • It would stop the barbaric dismemberment abortion procedure, which involves ripping the unborn baby apart limb by limb to let him or her bleed to death.

Click here to read the bill and find out the current status.

Take Action:

  1. Contact both your Senator and Representative and ask them to vote YES on HB 1948.  Click here and go to “Find My Legislator” to find out who your legislators are and how to contact them.
  2. Contact Rep. Kathy L. Rapp (R-District 65) and thank her for being the prime sponsor. Call her office at (717) 787-1367.
  3. Forward this e-mail on to like-minded fellow Pennsylvanians.

Please pray for the success of HB 1948.  Pray for each legislator by name before contacting him/her.  Pray the Lord gives them a respect for life and the courage to defend it. Thank the Lord for Rep. Rapp.

ACTION NEEDED to Protect Religious Freedom in Pennsylvania

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Soon, your Pennsylvania lawmakers will be voting on SB 974 and HB 1510. These bills would make “sexual orientation and gender identity” special rights in state law and cause Pennsylvanians of faith to be punished if they do not comply.

If this legislation passes, as seen from precedent in other states, this law would:

  • Force Christian schools and ministries to hire employees who are opposed to their teaching on gender, sexuality and marriage. Click here for more on this.
  • Force religious adoption and foster care agencies to place children in homes of same-sex couples, regardless of their convictions. If they don’t comply, they run the risk of having to close down their business.
  • Cause wedding photographers, bakers and other business owners to be prosecuted for not participating in same-sex weddings.
  • Cause privacy issues when a person of the opposite sex identifies differently and wishes to use public facilities like restrooms, dressing rooms and locker rooms.

We need YOU to contact Pennsylvania lawmakers today and urge them to oppose these bills!

  • SB 974 is currently in the Senate State Government Committee.  Contact each member and ask them to vote NO on SB 974.
  • HB 1510 is currently in the House State Government Committee.  Contact each member and ask them to vote NO on SB 974.
  • Contact both your Senators and your Representative.  Respectfully ask them to protect the religious liberty of Pennsylvanians.  Ask your Senators to vote NO on SB 974 if it comes to the floor for a vote.  And, ask your representative to vote NO on HB 1510 if it comes to the floor for a vote. You can find all their contact information here. In addition, make it clear that if similar language is snuck into amendments to other bills, that you want them to vote NO on those.

Please pray for your legislator by name.  May they see the threat these bills are to religious liberty and then have the wisdom and courage to vote NO.

The Casey Contradiction

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Following in his late father’s footsteps, Sen. Robert (Bob) Casey (D-Pennsylvania) was sworn into office under the promise of protecting the sanctity of life — one of the few from the Democratic Party saying he was willing to defend the rights of the unborn. However, thus far he has failed to uphold the convictions of Read More

CWA Encourages Attendance at the May 15 Pottstown Event with Speaker Lt. Gen Jerry Boykin.

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Lieutenant General Jerry Boykin is often seen on Fox News and heard on Christian Radio shows. He is currently Executive Vice President of Family Research Council in Washington, D.C. and is involved with Kingdom Warriors. He is scheduled to speak at Coventry Christian Church in Pottstown on Friday, May 15, 2015.

Coventry Christian Schools
699 N. Pleasantview Road
Pottstown, PA 19464

Time – 7:00 p.m.
Cost – $25

Though this is not a CWA event, we highly encourage you to attend. Area Prayer/Action Chapter Leader Christine Gordon has played a key role in putting this event together. “Come out and hear this experienced military general and pastor speak of world events as they are currently unfolding. Lt Boykin is well versed on Islam and the dangers we face as a Judeo-Christian nation. He is not one to mince words. His resume is very impressive.”

Click here for more information and to RSVP. Questions? Call Christine at 610-587-9917.

Please forward this information on to like-minded individuals you know in the Pottstown area. Thank you!

Upcoming Informational Meetings

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November 10, 2011 – Pittsburgh

Sharpsburg Family Worship Center

600 Clay Street, Pittsburgh PA 15215

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Would you like to host an informational meeting in your community?

Contact us for more information!

All meetings begin at 7:00 p.m.

To RSVP, please call 1 (800) 458-8797 ext. 1003, or e-mail us, and mention in the comment box which meeting you’d like to attend.

For more information, contact Rebekah Yellis by e-mail or at 1 (800) 458-8797


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April 7, 2004

Nancy Staible
(724) 452-7325

Washington, D.C.-Concerned Women for America (CWA) is pleased to announce the selection of Nancy Staible as State Director of Pennsylvania. Nancy has extensive experience in serving the public.

Her various credits include serving as state director for Citizens for Excellence in Education, founding director of Public Education Network and chairwoman of the Pennsylvania Coalition for Academic Excellence. Nancy was elected in 2002 as Republican Committeewoman from Zelienople Boro to the Butler County Republican party.

“I believe in the sanctity of human life; marriage as the union between one man and one woman; the separation of powers in government; and parental responsibility in the education of each child. Where these belief’s are being challenge, on whatever front, my goal is to gather a strong, like-minded force in this Commonwealth to speak and influence the decision outcome.”

As Pennsylvania’s new state director, Nancy will work with the more than 17,000 members in the state to build additional Prayer/Action Chapters and coordinate CWA’s grassroots activities in legislation and media. CWA’s goals are to preserve the eternal values that support the Biblical design of the family, protect life at all stages, fight pornography and obscenity, tackle the declining quality of education, support the rights of individuals to pray and worship without persecution and increase understanding of the United Nations and its agenda.

“I am privileged to work with Concerned Women for America, a national organization whose work I have admired and supported for over 20 years. As state director, I hope to increase the voice of CWA coming from Pennsylvania as our membership seeks to impact our congressional delegation in Washington, D.C., as well as with the White House.”

Beverly LaHaye founded CWA in 1979. Since that time, CWA has become the nation’s largest public policy women’s organization more than 500,000 members. Its mission is to protect and promote Biblical values among all citizens-first through prayer, then education, and finally by influencing our society-thereby reversing the decline in moral values in our nation.

Nancy can be contacted by phone at (724) 452-7325, or e-mail.