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The Biden Administration’s Misguided, One-Sided Pressure Campaign

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This past Sunday marked six months since the single deadliest attack against Israel with around 1,200 people brutally killed and the abduction of around 250 people – including American citizens. Traditionally, an administration would acknowledge the six-month anniversary of such a horrific event of a strong ally, but instead, the Biden Administration decided to continue its one-sided pressure campaign on Israel to appease the Administration’s radical supporters. Last Thursday, President Joe Biden threatened Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel by saying the United States would withhold its support from Israel if new steps to protect civilians and aid workers were not swiftly implemented. Although Biden’s threat was vague, many believe that it might have been a reference, at least in part, to the Erez crossing.

The Erez crossing sits between Israel and northern Gaza and has been frequently mentioned as many say it must be reopened for more humanitarian aid to flow into Gaza. However, this crossing was one of the crossings utilized by Hamas to breach the country of Israel on October 7. Hamas did not care to think about how their destruction to the crossing could endanger its own citizens, but according to the Biden Administration, it is solely Israel’s responsibility to repair it.

The latest comment from President Biden does not come as a surprise. Since the start of the war in Gaza, the United Nations has tried and failed four separate times to adopt a resolution demanding a ceasefire, thanks to the United States’ veto. However, at the end of March, another resolution, United Nations Security Council Resolution 2728, was brought to a vote and adopted due to the Biden Administration’s intentional absence of a veto. This resolution called for a ceasefire during the observance of Ramadan. It is peculiar that the international community made much of Ramadan even though Hamas invaded Israel on one of their religious holidays, Simchat Torah, which concludes the Jewish holiday of Sukkot.

The Biden Administration’s lack of moral clarity is truly astonishing as it says with one side of its mouth that Israel is a great ally while using the other side to pressure her to cease to defend herself from Hamas. Israel was not the perpetrator of this war; Hamas was. Israel is simply protecting its country against a terrorist regime focused on the eradication of the Jewish people. Hamas’ founding documents clearly state their explicit hatred by saying, “The Day of Judgment will not come about until Muslims fight the Jews (killing the Jews) when the Jew will hide behind stone and trees. The stones and trees will say: O Muslims (…) there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him.”

What does the Biden Administration think will happen as Hamas sees them condemning Israel while hardly mentioning Hamas’ atrocities? Is it not an incentive for Hamas to continue to push forward with their stated purposes?

This Administration and all of Israel’s critics must remember who started this war with an invasion and who is still holding over 100 hostages in captivity, including children and American citizens. The answer is Hamas. They are the ones who must be condemned. They are the ones who should be feeling the pressure of the international community. They are the ones who should be blamed for the loss of civilian lives, who they use as human shields to help maximize the impact of their evil deeds. Hamas’ actions are the ones that demand to be particularly scrutinized.

For all these reasons, this week, the House of Representatives is planning to vote on a House Resolution that opposes these troubling efforts to place one-sided pressure on Israel with respect to Gaza. Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee is pleased to see the resolution quickly moving for a vote and will be scoring the vote to include it in our annual scorecard.

We must continue to stand strong with our ally, Israel.