Get Out the Vote with CWA of Texas!

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Dear friend,

As you know, we are at a breaking point in history where the rule of law and civil discourse are being threatened by some politicians and radical activists who insist on getting their way, no matter what. Some are actually inciting that violence to be directed at those with whom they disagree.

It is up to you and me to stand up to this mob mentality by praying against these malicious tactics and voting this November.  Will it be mob rule or the rule of law?!

There are three simple steps that can have a significant impact on our state and nation’s future. Please join us in carrying them out. 

#1 Pray
As a Christian organization, we are first and foremost committed to prayer. As November 6th approaches, will you join us in praying for our state and nation? Please join us by setting a time daily to pray for this next election. Will you do that? Set an alarm on your phone, your computer, put a sticky note on your mirror, whatever works.

# 2 Encourage
As a Christian organization, we are committed to educating and encouraging others to vote. Will you join us in this? Encourage friends and family through Facebook, Twitter, email, etc.

#3 Vote
It is our duty, as citizens and as Christians, to participate in the process by both praying and voting. The institution of government was ordained by God as seen in Romans 13:1-4.

Take a look at the candidates:

Opposed Justice Kavanaugh: Beto O’Rourke (D-Texas), “If I were in the Senate, I would have voted no. The events of the past two weeks — including Dr. Ford’s courageous, powerful, and credible testimony and Judge Kavanaugh’s temperament in his response — have only added to my concern that he does not meet the bar to serve on the Supreme Court.” 

Voted YES on Justice Kavanaugh: Ted Cruz (R-Texas), “I read through the entire supplemental FBI report. Ten witnesses interviewed by the FBI, meticulously detailed, and not a single piece of corroborating evidence. In a fair process, that should be compelling.”

Voter Guides:

Two push cards to freely print and distribute:

Party Platform Comparison (print double-sided 14” X 8 ½”)

Together we will impact our state and nation’s future – Pray, Encourage, and Vote!

Ann Hettinger
State Director
CWA of Texas
[email protected]

New CWA Chapter to Have Its First Meeting on September 17

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Do you, or someone you know, live in or near Post, Texas?  If so, read on.  If not, read on, there is something here for you, too.

I am excited to announce that a new CWA of Texas Prayer/Action Chapter is having its first meeting next week on Monday, September 17, in Post.

Local chapters are the back bone of CWA of Texas.  They are the prayers and action that make it happen.  If you live in or near Post, please make plans now to attend.  And be sure to bring a friend.

Click here for more information on the Post Chapter and to view and print their flyer.

Whether you are able to attend or not, please say a prayer for this new chapter that many will be able to attend and that they will have an impact.

You don’t live in or near Post?  No problem!  Go to our website and click on the Area Director that oversees your zip code area.  She will let you know if there is a chapter in your area and/or answer any questions you may have about starting one.

In short, a Prayer/Action Chapter meets monthly to review current issues on the local, state and national level. Meetings include time to educate the group on an issue, pray about the issue and for our state and nation, and then take action such as writing a letter or committing to make phone calls. At times they may hold a baby shower for a local crisis pregnancy center, or put on an event with a special speaker, or hold a candidate forum, to name a few.  Meetings typically run from one to one and one-half hours.

In His service,

Ann Hettinger
State Director
CWA of Texas
[email protected]

San Antonio City Council Set to Appoint Abortion Advocate Medical Director – TOMORROW

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Do you, or someone you know, live in San Antonio?  If so, your assistance is desperately needed TODAY for the unborn of San Antonio. 

The San Antonio City Council has placed on their agenda for TOMORROW, Thursday, August 16, at 9:00 a.m., the appointment of Chichi Junda Woo as Medical Director for the San Antonio Metropolitan Health District.  

Woo is bad health care for San Antonio!

  • Woo was previously the Medical Director of Planned Parenthood Trust of South Texas
  • Woo is currently Chief Medical Officer over STDs, infectious disease, and immunization clinics.  As such she oversees Project Worth.  Project Worth currently has a goal to “Reduce Teen Birth Rates among females age 15 – 19 in Bexar County by 25%” by 2020. Note that they did not state that they wanted to reduce the “pregnancy rates.”  No, they want to reduce the “birth rates”. So if they do not see teen pregnancy as a problem, yet do see teens giving birth as a problem, what might their solution be? One guess.

Woo was first appointed to the position of Medical Director for the San Antonio Metropolitan Health District in 2015.  Due to a strong pro-life backlash, then Mayor Ivy Taylor, reassigned her to the position of Chief Medical Officer over STDS, infectious disease, and immunization clinics. 

Don’t delay!  If you live in San Antonio please take action on behalf of the unborn of your city now!

  1. Contact Mayor Ron Nirenberg at [email protected]
  2. Contact your city councilman.  If you are unsure what district you are in simply click here to find out.

District 1: CM Roberto Trevino at [email protected] 
District 2: William Cruz Shaw at [email protected] 
District 3: Rebecca Viagran at [email protected] 
District 4: Rey M Saldana at [email protected]   
District 5: Shirley Gonzales at [email protected]  
District 6: CM Greg Brockhouse at [email protected]   
District 7: Ana Sandoval at [email protected]    
District 8: Manny Pelaez at [email protected]
District 9: John Courage at [email protected]    
District 10: Clayton Perry at [email protected]  

3.      Consider attending the City Council meeting tomorrow to observe and pray. It will be held in the City Council Chambers on the first floor of the Municipal Plaza Building, located at 114 W. Commerce St.

4.      Consider submitting testimony. Click here to submit written testimony.

Please pray.  Ask the Lord to thwart the plans to make Chichi Junda Woo Medical Director for the San Antonio Metropolitan Health District.

For Life!

Ann Hettinger
State Director
CWA of Texas
[email protected]

Can a Conservative Survive in a College Classroom? Event – A Great Success

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Dear Friend,

Our monthly Action Breakfast was a resounding success with over 40 people attending. Ben Larrabee, Senior Field Representative of Turning Point USA, was an exhilarating speaker with a sound understanding of what is happening on our college campuses and how to approach the students with a message that resonates with what is important to them.

As our action item we wrote out and signed 25 cards that will be sent to some of CWA’s Young Women for American (YWA) presidents around the country as an encouragement.

We are so grateful to Kathaleen Wall and husband Holly Frost for opening their beautiful home to us and providing help in preparing refreshments and doing cleanup, making it easier for our steering committee members to focus on connecting with all who attended.

Contact me today if you would like to be notified of future Action Breakfasts in the Houston area.

If you would like to get involved on a local level through a CWA Prayer/Action Chapter, go to our state webpage and see which area director covers your zip code, and contact her.

Note: YWA is a student-oriented initiative that is geared toward high school and college campuses to bring active groups of young like-minded women together to promote conservative values to their schools and the nation. The mission of YWA is to train the next generation to protect and promote Biblical values among all citizens — first through prayer, then education, and finally by influencing our society. For more information about YWA, click here.

Beverly Roberts
Area Director
CWA of South Texas

Voter Guide for Primary Election

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A voter guide is available for the March 6, primary election in Texas.  Go to:  and put in your home address.  You will get information on all the candidates on your ballot, federal, state, and local along with an assessment:  Very Conservative to Very Liberal.  You will also have access to their answers to survey questions, their endorsements, and their financial contributions.

Important Evening Ahead – March 6

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Following the Primary Election Day, next Tuesday, March 6, the political parties will host meetings in each precinct.  The date and time for those meetings is available through your County Election Department.  Normally they are held at the voting location for your precinct when the polls close on Election Day, again, normally at 7:00 p.m.

One of the three functions of this meeting is the introduction of resolutions that when given an affirmative vote are advanced to the Senate/County convention in preparation of the State Party platform.  Any voter in that precinct has the right to introduce a resolution.

Concerned Women for America of Texas has eight proposed resolutions that you may introduce at your meeting.  Click here to access them.  Take a minimum of three copies of each resolution to your meeting—each resolution must be on a separate page.  Instructions on completing the form are available by clicking here.

“The time has come that Christians must vote for honest men and take consistent ground in politics or the Lord will curse them. … Christians have been exceedingly guilty in this matter. But the time has come when they must act differently. … Christians seem to act as if they thought God did not see what they do in politics. But I tell you He does see it – and He will bless or curse this nation according to the course they Christians take in politics.” – Charles Grandison Finney, American Presbyterian minister and leader in the Second Great Awakening in the United States. He has been called The Father of Modern Revivalism.

Ann Hettinger
State Director
CWA of Texas
[email protected]

Guide to Precinct Meetings and Resolutions

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Attend your Precinct meeting on the evening of election at the site of your precinct election. A notice will be posted there for the meeting location if it has been changed.

The meeting is called to order upon the closing of the polls there, usually 7:00 p.m.

There are three activities of that meeting:

  1. Selection of a temporary chairman for the meeting. This is usually the permanent precinct chairman.  An envelope of instructions and forms are provided by the Election personnel.
  2. Delegates and Alternate Delegates to the Senate/County Convention are elected based on an allotted number for the precinct.
  3. Resolutions are proposed planks for the Party platform. They are introduced by those attending the meeting who have voted in that Party’s Primary election.  Three copies of each resolution are required to be presented.  (It is usually an effective practice to take as many copies of your resolution as anticipated people attending the precinct meeting for clarity of presentation.)  Each resolution is voted on separately and only those with affirmative votes are sent to the Senate or County Resolutions Committee. The following paragraph is attached to the end of each resolution:

Be it further resolved that a copy of this resolution be sent to the ____(1)__________Senate District/County Convention Resolutions Committee from Precinct #___(2)___ of the ___(3)_________ County _____(4)__________ Party, with the recommendation that it be passed and sent to the State Convention Platform Committee of the___(5)_____ Party of Texas.

(1) If your voting precinct is in a county with multiple Texas Senate Districts then you will attend the Senate District Convention representing your Texas Senator. If your voting precinct is in a county with a single Texas Senate District, then you will attend a County Convention.

(2) Your Precinct number can be found on your Texas Voter Registration card. On Election day, that is where you will vote if you have not voted early and that is the site of your Precinct meeting.

(3) Name of your County

(4) Either Democratic or Republican

(5) Either Democratic or Republican


The remarks from CWA of Texas State Director, Ann Hettinger, at the Voices for Life event held in the courtroom where the Roe v. Wade case was decided:

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How do you comprehend the loss of 60 million lives?

There is no doubt the reason you are here tonight is to try to comprehend the issue of what I consider a crime against our God.   Let’s consider other catastrophes in America. At Pearl Harbor, 2,403 people were killed; in the 9-11 attacks 2,996 people were killed; in Oklahoma City 168 people were killed in 1995; at the Boston Marathon in 2013, 5 people were killed.

These numbers pale in comparison to 60 million.

As I was trying to comprehend the impact of 60 million human lives, I compared it to populations in our country.   What if by some attack, major American cities were annihilated?  Using the census data from 2010, here are the cities where no human would be left alive: New York City, (8,175,133); Los Angeles, (3,792,621); Chicago, (2,695,598); Houston, (2,099,451); Philadelphia, (1,526,006); Phoenix, (1,445,632); San Antonio, (1,327,407); San Diego, (1,307,402); Dallas, (1,197,813); Honolulu, (953,207); San Jose, (945,942); Jacksonville, (821,784); Indianapolis, (821,445); San Francisco, (805,235); Austin, (790,390); Columbus, OH, (787,033); Louisville, (780,532); Fort Worth, (741,206); Detroit, (713,777); El Paso, (649,121); Memphis, (646,889); Baltimore, (620,961); Boston, (617,594); Seattle, (608,660); Washington, DC, (601,723); Nashville, (601,222); Denver, (600,158); Milwaukee, (594,833); Portland, OR, (583,776); Las Vegas, (583,756); and that brings the total to only 38,435,307!  You would have to continue to 103 more American cities before it would total 60 million.  Every human in those cities would have to die to equal the number of babies aborted in America.  Can you imagine the anguished outcry if this would have happened?

In struggling to answer the question “why”, I looked at the judges whose duty it was to deal fairly.  Judge Sarah Hughes, of the three-panel court that made the initial judgement here in Dallas, was the only woman judge involved in the decisions.  After completing law school, she could not find a job because she was a female.  She became a strong female advocate.  Judge Goldberg of the 5th Circuit depended on a prior decision of the Supreme Court that interpreted the 9th amendment to mean that government was to stay out of the affairs of citizens as much as possible.  In the Supreme Court, Lewis Powell had a previous associate whose girlfriend had died from an abortion.  Thurgood Marshall was the first African-American Justice on the Supreme Court and in his realm of reality through his work with the NAACP, he saw many struggling women.  His opinion of the Constitution was that it is a living document meant to respond to societal needs.  William Douglas, William Brennan and Harry Blackmun joined Marshall in his belief in a “living constitution.”  All three were strong advocates against the death penalty.  Chief Justice Warren Burger later recanted his position and wished to see the matter litigated again.

Almost without exception, not related to appointment by a particular political party, each of these judges had a reason in their past that would predicate a sympathy for women in distress.  Almost without exception, these judges revealed a liberal interpretation of the constitution.  Almost without exception, these same judges opposed the death penalty.  For me, that is the height of inconsistency.

“So what, Ann?” you say.  Zephaniah 3:5 says, “But the unjust knows no shame.” I don’t think we should count on the public at large to care.   II Chronicles 7:14 says clearly, “If my people who are called by My name humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” Until then, we, God’s people, must work through education and public policy involvement to halt this horror.

Tonight, we will memorialize those 60 million little ones.  I’m asking that you approach the Bar of Justice, take a battery operated candle, please turn it off, and place it in the basket.  As you take the candle, say a prayer that as we work to educate people and love and support them in adversity, that this stigma on our culture will cease.


The prayer continued:  Melissa Ferrer, a mother, prayed for young girls in crisis; Joanne Vuckovic, Director of Rockwall Crisis Pregnancy Center, prayed for the workers and volunteers in crisis pregnancy centers; Tom Schlueter, Pastor and Director of Texas Apostolic Prayer Network, prayed for judges and lawyers in the litigation process; Jim Haines, Associate Pastor at First Baptist Church in Dallas, prayed for families in crisis and the pastors who minister to them; Texas Sen. Bob Hall prayed for the lawmakers as they work to write legislation protecting the unborn; Carol Silvage, a teacher, prayed for the teachers in classrooms across America as they struggle to deal with the young women in this culture.

Ann Hettinger
State Director
CWA of Texas
[email protected]