Iowa Pro-Life Bill Moves to the Senate Floor for a Vote – Your Senator Needs to Hear From You

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SF 2 passed out of the full Senate Judiciary Committee on January 31, on a party line vote of eight Republicans supporting and five Democrats opposing.  SF 2 redirects taxpayer funds away from facilities offering abortions to whole health care clinics which are far more numerous (over 200) throughout the state and offer a wider range of healthcare services.   Click here to read the bill and track its status.

Sen. Brad Zaun (R-District 20) displayed strategic leadership by calling a caucus directly before the hearing which in effect foiled Sen. Janet Petersen’s (D-District 18) plan to block bill supporters from the hearing when she reserved the room beforehand allowing only Planned Parenthood (PP) protestors to enter an ‘invitation only’ meeting.

Sen. Amy Sinclair (R-District 14) gave the subcommittee report and shared that her district, like others, had no PP clinic and this bill would increase accessibility to over 200 federally qualified clinics which offer a wider range of full healthcare services, a benefit for Iowans in rural areas across the state.

Status: The bill is eligible for debate in the Iowa Senate as early as today, January 2.   It should pass, but likely not without some tantrums from those who are more concerned about funneling money to friends at PP than to healthcare for the Iowans they represent.

Members of the House expect to take up the measure shortly, whether it’s SF 2 or a companion bill already in progress.   The process will likely be a repeat of the Senate and pro-life, constitutionally-minded Iowans will need to email, phone and visit district offices and attend committee hearings to support House members when the time comes.

Hundreds of pro-life activists attended the Senate hearings, greatly encouraging and supporting legislators who faced hostility, name-calling, and even remarks of eternal condemnation.  They deserve our gratitude.

Action Items:

  1. Click here to read the statues of the bill. If it has not yet been voted on by the Senate please contact your senator and ask him to vote YES on SF 2.  Be sure to let him know that you are a member of “Concerned Women for America of Iowa”. Click here to find out who your senator is and how to contact him/her.
  2. Below are Senate members who sponsored the bill.  If you haven’t already, please send them a note of thanks using this format:  Please write “CWA thanks you for SF 2” in the subject line.  Be sure to let them know what you are a member of “Concerned Women for America of Iowa”.

Amy Sinclair (R-District 14), Bill Anderson (R-District 3), Jerry Behn (R-District 24), Rick Bertrand (R-District 7), Michael Breitbach (R-District 28), Waylon Brown (R-District 26), Jake Chapman (R-District 10), Mark Chelgren (R-District 41), Mark Costello (R-District 12), Dan Dawson (R-District 8), Bill Dix (R-District 25), Jeff Eder (R-District 35), Randy Feenstra (R-District 2), Julian Garrett (R-District 13), Tom Green (R-District 44), Dennis Guth (R-District 4), Craig Johnson (R-District 32), Tim Kapucian (R-District 38),  Tim Kraayenbrink (R-District 5), Mark Lofgren (R-District 46), Ken Rozenboom (R-District 40), Charles Schneider (R-District 22), Jason Schultz (R-District 9), Mark Segebart (R-District 66), Tom Shipley (R-District 11), Roby Smith (R-District 47), Jack Whitver (R-District 19), Brad Zaun (R-District 20), and Dan Zumbach (R-District 48).

  1. Watch our Facebook page, Concerned Women for America of Iowa, for updates and keep an eye out for action e-alerts.
  2. If you’re part of our Encourage-A-Legislator program, please be sure to be sending those postcards to your assigned legislator or leader and be praying for them as 1 Timothy 2:1-2 instructs.
  3. Contact to see how you can join a team of committed men and women in restoring our state and honoring God in our homes, churches and communities.

Please Pray: Pray that SF 2 will pass the Senate.  Pray for your Senator by name.  Pray for the success of other pro-life bills currently being worked on behind the scenes as they will soon be introduced.  Regularly pray for the legislators and their families.

Thank you to all CWA of Iowa members and friends who participated in some way to encourage legislators in the SF 2 process.  As CWA of Iowa’s State Director, I will try to keep informed so you can continue to encourage House members to stand strong as more pro-life bills are expected in the Iowa legislature this session.

Blessings to you all,

Tamara Scott
State Director
CWA of Iowa
PO Box 616
Ankeny, Iowa 50021

Iowa Pro-Life Bill Needs Your Support Today and Tomorrow

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The 87th General Assembly just completed its third week of the session and things are certainly heating up.

On Tuesday, January 24, pro-abortion activists were bussed in by Citizens for Community Improvement (CCI), which held a phony award show in the Rotunda where they mocked legislators and coached the audience to boo SF2, a pro-life bill, on cue.

SF2 redirects taxpayer funds from abortion facilities to clinics that will offer a wider range of healthcare services – thus increasing the number of qualifying clinics by 200 or more locations.  This is a  move that improves accessibility to comprehensive health services across the state.  Click here to read the bill and to track its status.

Planned Parenthood activists joined the CCI group, squeezing an oversized crowd into the subcommittee hearing for SF2.

Sen. Amy Sinclair (R-District 14) chaired the meeting professionally and confidently amid chants and posturing of the pro-abortion crowd in their pink shirts.  Some even had their vulgar pink hats as worn in the Women’s March protesting the states’ election of President Trump.

The abortion crowd cheered Sen. Janet Petersen’s (D-District 18) arrival.  Though Sen. Petersen seems to promote a prenatal program of sorts, she is clearly a champion to the abortion crowd.  Sen. Jason Schultz (R-District 9) and Sen. Sinclair voted to move the bill forward with Petersen opposing.

SF2 is scheduled to be heard before the Judiciary Committee tomorrow, January 31, at around 1:00 p.m. in Room 116. Chairman of the Committee, Sen. Brad Zaun (R-District 20), is expected to run the bill at 1:00 p.m.


  1. Are you in driving distance to Des Moines? Please do all you can to attend the hearing and bring a friend.  Come early to pray and pack the room.  As we know at CWA, prayer paves the way, but action takes the land.
  2. Contact each member of the Judiciary Committee and ask them to vote “YES” on SF2. Click here to find each of their names and contact information.  Legislators have received 1000’s of emails and 100’s of phone calls opposing pro-life measures.  It’s time to tip the scale! Please be sure to let them know that you are a member of Concerned Women for America of Iowa.
  3. When contacting Chairman Zaun’s office, write “WITH YOU” be sure to thank him for his support of SF2.
  4. Forward this e-alert on to friends and family and encourage them to pray and take action on this life and death issue.
  5. In addition, if time allows, please thank these legislators that sponsored SF2 (To email, simply use this format – – Amy Sinclair (R-District 14), Bill Anderson (R-District 3), Jerry Behn (R-District 24), Rick Bertrand (R-District 7), Michael Breitbach (R-District 28), Waylon Brown (R-District 26), Jake Chapman (R-District 10), Mark Chelgren (R-District 41), Mark Costello (R-District 12), Dan Dawson (R-District 8), Bill Dix (R-District 25), Jeff Eder (R-District 35), Randy Feenstra (R-District 2), Julian Garrett (R-District 13), Tom Green (R-District 44), Dennis Guth (R-District 4), Craig Johnson (R-District 32), Tim Kapucian (R-District 38),  Tim Kraayenbrink (R-District 5), Mark Lofgren (R-District 46), Ken Rozenboom (R-District 40), Charles Schneider (R-District 22), Jason Schultz (R-District 9), Mark Segebart (R-District 66), Tom Shipley (R-District 11), Roby Smith (R-District 47), Jack Whitver (R-District 19), Brad Zaun (R-District 20), and Dan Zumbach (R-District 48).

Please PRAY: Pray for this meeting.  Pray for each committee member by name.  Pray for their wisdom, discernment and the courage to do what is right.

For Life!

Tamara Scott
State Director
CWA of Iowa

CWA of Iowa Thanks Rep. Hanusa for the Nativity in our State Capitol

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Concerned Women for America (CWA) of Iowa would like to thank Rep. Mary Ann Hanusa (R-House District16) for petitioning the Governor’s office to place a nativity in the rotunda of our beautiful Iowa State Capitol Building. She was flanked by Attorney Martin Cannon of the Thomas More Society who presented the legal underpinnings supporting the display and the American Nativity Scene Committee.

Gov. Terry Branstad received the request and directed Rep. Hanusa to the appropriate departments in which to route the request.  Gov. Branstad is literally the longest serving Governor in America’s history.  

Eagle Scout candidate Sam Molely built the manger specifically for the display.  Gov. Branstad was joined by Bishop Pates for a small ceremony to welcome the Christ Child back to the State House as Iowans joined in a traditional holiday carol which rang out beautifully in the acoustics of the majestic halls.

A few scrooges later tried to raise a ruckus, revealing their inadequate understanding of America’s foundations and the separation of church and state; but on that mid-December day, it was obvious to the Iowans that our nation was founded upon Biblical principles, not by religionists, but by Christians and the gospel of Jesus Christ.

“Is it not that, in the chain of human events, the birthday of the nation is indissolubly linked with the birthday of the Savior? That it forms a leading event in the progress of the gospel dispensation? Is it not that the Declaration of Independence first organized the social compact on the foundation of the Redeemer’s mission upon the earth? That it laid the cornerstone of human government upon the first precepts of Christianity, and gave to the world the first irrevocable pledge of the fulfillment of the prophecies, announced directly from Heaven at the birth of the Savior and predicted by the greatest of the Hebrew prophets six hundred years before?” – John Quincy Adams, July 4, 1837


CWA of Iowa Proud to Support Sen. Grassley in 2016

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Concerned Women for America of Iowa partnered with CWA National to support Sen. Grassley in his work as Chairman of the Judiciary Committee protecting the Supreme Court of the United States from Executive overreach by holding on to the Senate’s ability to confirm or refuse nominations.

As special thanks to those of you that attended one or more of the 99 town hall meetings across the state. CWA made an impact and many of you were part of that prayerfully, physically and/or financially.

CWA State Director Tamara Scott presented petitions to the Senator at the Taylor County town hall meeting. Click here to view video.

Grassley: No hearings on Supreme Court nominee this year

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GrassleyStrackeJanae Stracke, CWA’s Communications Coordinator and a native Iowan, attended Senator Grassley’s last town hall meeting for the year in Jones County Iowa yesterday. She spoke on behalf of Concerned Women for America to support the senator and his stance to give “We the People” a voice regarding the next Supreme Court justice appointment. Our voices will be heard through the presidential election in November. She was quoted in an Iowa newspaper following the meeting:

Janae Stracke of Concerned Women for America, who was sporting an “I stand with Grassley” sticker, thanked him “wholeheartedly (because) we don’t need a Supreme Court full of judicial activists as we have been seeing.”

“We need to make sure Justice Scalia’s position is filled with a strict constitutionalist,” she said. As a millennial, Stracke said she understands the next justice will affect her and her children for years to come.

Many people who disagree with him think his decision to delay confirmation hearings “is about the next four years,” Grassley said. “But in the case of the Supreme Court, it’s about the direction of the Supreme Court for the next 40 years.”

To read the entire article, click here.

Support Sen. Grassley at the Anti-Grassley Rally Tomorrow in Iowa City – See you there!

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Grassley StickersFellow Iowans,

Tomorrow there is going to be an “Anti-Grassley” rally held in Iowa City to blast Sen. Chuck Grassley for his courageous stance on the Supreme Court vacancy.  Sen. Grassley is doing his part to protect our freedoms by seeking to keep the Supreme Court from being full of judicial activists; will you join me in doing our part? I will be at the rally to show the media and public that I stand with Sen. Grassley and his position to withhold appointing a nominee until the next president is elected as permitted under Article 2, Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution.

I will be at the rally proudly representing Concerned Women for America and thanking Sen. Grassley for his service. You can e-mail me if you’re interested in coming or simply show up! It would mean a lot to Sen. Grassley to have our support!

Bring your neighbors, bring your friends, bring your family!  Even if only for a little bit.

Iowa City Pedestrian Mall
325 E. Washington Street
Iowa City, IA  52240

10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

I have a free CWA t-shirt for the first five people to contact me about attending!  In addition I will be handing out CWA stickers and “I STAND WITH GRASSLEY”/CWA stickers.

GrassleyLook for me, I will have on a CWA T-shirt.  Here is a picture of me with Sen. Grassley.  If possible, bring a sign so that it is clear that you are in the support Grassley crowd.

Oh, one more thing, CWA has hired a digital truck billboard to drive around the event with our “I STAND WITH GRASSLEY” message.  Watch for it!

Looking forward to meeting you there!

Janae Stracke, Iowa native
Communications Coordinator
Concerned Women for America


Goose Lake CWA Prayer/Action Chapter Celebrates Our Nation’s Independence Day as Well as Our Dependence on God

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Goose Lake ChapterThe Goose Lake CWA chapter has been active now for three years under the faithful leadership of Christine Briegel.  The group gathers regularly to act and pray for their families, state and nation.  This month they had a lovely gathering to celebrate our countries independence as a nation and gave thanks for their daily dependence on God and His salvation.

In addition to the chapter Christine leads in Goose Lake, which is in Clinton county, she also leads a chapter in Scott and Muscatine counties.

Do you live in any of these areas?  Would you like to get involved in one of these CWA chapters, or one in your area?  Contact State Director Tamara Scott today!