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The Dangers of Decriminalizing Minor Prostitution

By September 26, 2018Iowa
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In recent years, the issue of human trafficking has become illuminated in the public eye. As a result, various groups are directing their efforts towards minors and attempting to decriminalize minor prostitution which is deeply concerning. Though we understand the desire not to punish any victim, without an arrest the unintended consequences are harmful to minors.  Possibilities for rescue, and much needed rehabilitation and recovery opportunities are significantly diminished.

CWA has worked to expose and end sexual exploitation and trafficking since the 1990’s.  This vast experience enables us to separate feel good measures from those that are actually detrimental.

Unintended Consequences:

  • Without an arrest and the intervening of the justice system, there is no opportunity to remove a minor from their situation.
  • Law enforcement loses their authority to arrest and hold minors being prostituted; sending them back to their pimps, gangs, and dangers of the streets.
  • Increases the target on minors, who are already a high-priced commodity in the sex trade.
  • Makes it easier for pimps and gangs to entice minors to recruit other minors into prostitution under the guise that they will not be arrested.
  • Courts lose the ability to offer much needed rehab and counseling in lieu of sentencing.

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