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The 17th Annual Day at the Capital – A Great Success!

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Last week, we spent a wonderful day in Raleigh for our 17th Annual Day at the Capital event. We were joined by Tami Fitzgerald, Executive Director of NC Values Coalition, as well as Anna Scott Marsh, Miss North Carolina International 2017.  It was a full day that included visiting all 170 legislators’ offices at the General Assembly. Over 50 people attended this extraordinary day!

It is our tradition and joy to co-host a chapel service in the Legislative Building’s sanctuary room with our legislators.  Our Associate Director, Mary Frances Forrester, led the service with a message to be intentional as we shine the light of Jesus Christ. During the service, Forrester said, “No amount of darkness can hide even a flicker of light. As we illuminate this light, may we witness a spiritual revival in our nation.”

We briefed the attendees on three bills that we want to see passed in the legislature this year.  They are as follows: HB 527, “Restore/Preserve Campus Free Speech”; SB 548, “Strengthen Human Trafficking Laws”; and HB 910, “Human Trafficking: Resistance and Rescue”.  An e-alert will be sent out soon regarding these important bills, and it will give you both prayer and action points.

Having Miss North Carolina International accompany us was a lovely addition. Anna Scott Marsh shared her own life experiences which significantly added to the briefing. With multiple copies of talking points in hand, attendees broke up into groups.  We were able to systematically visit every one of the legislative offices to express our support of these bills.

In addition, we gave each legislator a book by evangelical leader and author, Pastor James Garlow, called Well Versed. It’s an excellent resource for legislators that provides insight on 30 public policy issues. This book has been distributed all over the nation and to other state legislators. These books were well received, and we were blessed to deliver them to our state’s leaders.

Last but not least, at the conclusion of the day, we attended a reception given in our honor at Lt. Gov. Dan Forest’s office! We were very grateful for their gracious hospitality and for the time Lt. Gov. Forest spent with us.

It was indeed an outstanding day! We learned the importance of visiting our legislators and how it often results in pushing bills towards becoming law. We made many new friends and received many positive comments. After the event, one attendee shared his enthusiasm and conviction:

“The importance of actually visiting our legislators is very appreciated. It is very easy to send off an email or make a phone call, both of which we should all be doing. However, emails may be deleted; phone calls may be ignored. But it is very difficult to ignore a constituent who is standing at their door! If legislators think their constituents are not concerned about the issues, they will be less motivated to represent them. Be not afraid if you feel you are too weak, not articulate to speak on an issue, or too disabled to speak with power; remember Jesus will enable you with His power.”

Special thanks to Tami Fitzgerald and NC Values Coalition for co-sponsoring this event with us this year.  The expertise and organizational skills they contributed were exceptional.

To all those who attended or held us in prayer, thank you! We encourage you to continue contacting your state legislators and to keep praying as opportunities continue to arise.

For Truth and Freedom,

Jill Coward
State Director
[email protected]

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New Anti-Science State Procedures Dismiss Fact and Demand the Promotion of Falsehood

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CWA of Illinois condemns the latest procedures by the Illinois Department of Child and Family Services (DCFS) that forces the acceptance of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer/questioning (LGBTQ) lifestyle upon ALL social workers and foster families. Failure to adhere to these new policies will result in dismissal from one’s role.

On May 6, 2017, Illinois DCFS Director George Sheldon signed enhanced department procedures to be followed when providing services to LGBTQ children and youth in the department’s care.  The policy states, “… will not tolerate exposing LGBTQ children and youth to staff/providers who are not supportive of children and youths’ right to self-determination of sexual/gender identity.” Click here to read the DCFS press release concerning these new procedures.

For more information about this issue, please read an excellent op-ed, Illinois Purges Social Workers And Foster Families Who Don’t ‘Facilitate’ Transgenderism, by Mary Rice Hasson. She is an attorney and a fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center in Washington D.C.!

Take Action: Please contact the following individuals and tell them you do not approve of the latest Illinois Department of Child and Family “enhanced” LGBTQ policies and demand that these policies be rescinded.  Be sure to let them know that you are member of Concerned Women for America of Illinois.

  • Write George Sheldon at Director’s Office, DCFS, 406 East Monroe Street, Springfield, IL 62701 and/or call (217) 785-2509.
  • Email Bruce Rauner
  • Contact your state senator and state representative.  If you do not know who your legislators are, click here to find out their name and contact information based on your address.
  • Pass this alert on to everyone you know, especially your pastors!
  • If you haven’t already, be sure to take action on last Thursday’s e-alert concerning the transgender birth certificate bill.


  • Pray for the churches in Illinois. Pray they will stand up like never before for what is right and oppose what is wrong.  Pray for those who have been complacent, and that they might repent for their apathy.
  • Pray the fear of the Lord falls upon the Illinois’ legislator and departments. Let them see that they are responsible to the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY for their laws, policies, and actions.

 “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” Edmund Burke.

Debbie Leininger
CWA of Illinois
[email protected]

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Last Chance to Stop Attack On Hawaii CPCs! – Contact The Governor TODAY!

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Please be in prayer for Gov. David Ige. Yesterday, members of the Hawaii Christian Coalition met with the governor to voice their opposition to SB501. This bill threatens the very existence of crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) and the unborn lives they seek to save.  It forces CPCs to give information about local abortion clinics as legitimate options to expectant mothers.  Simply, it’s a bullying bill, and it does not support free speech. Pray the Lord uses the information that was presented to Gov. Ige to motivate him to veto this bill that is currently on his desk.

If you haven’t already voiced your opposition, please do so NOW!  Go to our state webpage for background information on this horrendous bill and its journey through the legislature. Prior to the Intent to Veto deadline of June 26, Gov. Ige will be considering public comments on bills that he has not yet approved or vetoed. This Intent to Veto deadline is the last date that he can send a notice to the legislature that he is considering a veto on any unapproved bills. However, just because a bill is on the list does not mean he will veto it. He can also decide to let it become law without his signature. If a bill is NOT on the veto list, it will become law, with or without his approval, no later than July 11.

Take Action: If you haven’t already, please contact Gov. Ige. Ask him to veto SB501.
1.     Click here to submit your comments to Gov. Ige online.
2.     Call the Governor’s office at (808) 586-0034. The fate of SB501 and crisis pregnancy centers hangs in the balance.

Continue to pray!
1.     Pray that Gov. Ige puts SB501 on the Intent to Veto deadline list before June 26.
2.     Pray that he vetoes it before July 11 to prevent SB501 from becoming law.
3.     Pray that his heart is softened towards the unborn, CPCs, and the Lord. Proverbs 21:1 says, “The king’s heart is in the hand of the Lord, like the rivers of water; He turns it wherever He wishes.” Pray that the Lord will do just that. 

Together, we can make a difference! 

Barbara Ferrara
State Director
CWA of Hawaii
[email protected]

Wilma Youtz
Legislative Liaison
CWA of Hawaii
[email protected]

Concerned Women for America of South Dakota Applauds Delta Airlines – Production was Egregious

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June 13, 2017
CWA of South Dakota (605) 380-6914

Concerned Women for America of South Dakota Applauds Delta Airlines
Production was egregious.

Leola, South Dakota – Fantasizing the violent death of President Trump seems to be in vogue in some circles these days.  Last week it was the Kathy Griffin debacle. This week a play on the east coast is highlighting a similar theme.

Concerned Women for America of South Dakota applauds Delta Airlines for pulling their sponsorship of New York Public Theater’s production of Julius Caesar, which portrayed Caesar by casting him and his wife with Donald and Melania Trump look-alikes.  Living in a less populated part of the country, South Dakotans are keenly aware that Delta is often our only option for commercial air travel.  Perhaps Delta is aware that many of their customers consider such productions to be egregious.

Linda Schauer, State Director for Concerned Women for America in South Dakota stated, “After Griffin’s depiction of the beheaded President, one would think “artists” would get the message that violence against the President of the United States, or any person for that matter, is not only in poor taste, but damaging to the unity of our nation.  How atrocious it is that we have become a culture where coarseness and blatant disrespect is becoming more acceptable.  Hopefully, more corporate sponsors will clean up their act and support wholesome and patriotic medium.”

Concerned Women for America is the nation’s largest public policy women’s organization.


Letter: Invest in alternative to Planned Parenthood

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Linda Schauer, state director, Concerned Women for America of South Dakota, Leola

Published 11:05 a.m. CT June 13, 2017 | Find at

Contrary to Wendy Kofoed-Jacobs’ comments (Argus Leader/May 18) regarding Planned Parenthood’s “services to millions of poor women,” those services are extremely limited.

Thankfully, women have alternatives to Planned Parenthood – the largest abortion provider in the country – for meeting their health care needs. South Dakota has 84 Federally Qualified Community Health Centers, which clearly outnumber the one Planned Parenthood located in Sioux Falls. By threatening that women won’t receive health care without them, Planned Parenthood is claiming that abortion is necessary for women’ health. However, pregnancy is not a disease and abortion is not health care.

Women’s health care is much broader than “reproductive issues.” FQHC’s provide comprehensive care for all women’s health care needs such as respiratory illness, diabetes, heart disease, prenatal care, etc. These FQHCs are the answer to affordable women’s health care providing services at discounted costs for poor women.

Although prohibited from using Medicaid reimbursements to fund abortions, Planned Parenthood’s annual half-billion of your tax dollars is fungible, thus sustaining Planned Parenthood’s culture of death. If the goal is providing comprehensive women’s health care to those in need, Planned Parenthood is not a wise investment of our tax dollars. Elected representatives committed to good stewardship can see that the smart investment is redirecting funds to FQHC’s.

Pro-Woman/Pro-Life Bill Close To Victory in The House!

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I am so excited at what happened in the Maine House of Representatives on Friday.  The Wrongful Death bill, L.D. 327 was voted on, and we lost by only one vote, 72 to 71.  If five of the Representatives who promised to vote with us had been in attendance, we would have won!

However, we have another chance!  The bill has been sent to the Senate.  If we prevail there, it will go back to the House for another vote.  WE NEED YOUR HELP IMMEDIATELY!

The Senate is expected to vote on it any day!  Click HERE to read the bill and check the status.


  1. Please go HERE to find your senator and representative’s name and contact information based on the town in which you live. Then contact them TODAY and ask them to support L.D. 327, Rep. Ellie Espling’s “Wrongful Death” bill.  Let them know you will follow-up to learn how they voted.  And, let them know that you are a member of Concerned Women for America of Maine.
  2. Pass this e-alert on to others and ask them to both pray and take action on this important issue.

We are encouraging you to contact both your senator and representative because once the Senate votes on it, we expect it to move quickly to the House for a vote.

Please Pray:  Pray L.D. 327 will pass in both the Senate and House.  Pray the rights of both women and children will be upheld.

It was fascinating to watch the pro-abortionists in the hallways working hard to garner a “no” vote on this bill and making it out to be something it isn’t.  They tried to make lawmakers believe it would inhibit their agenda and threatened a rival in their next election if they didn’t vote their way.

The bill simply would allow Maine women the same rights allowed in 40 other states, including all the rest of New England, for a cause of action case in the event of an abusive or negligent action causing the death of their unborn child.  Let’s not forget the dignity that the unborn child derserves!

This is timely, and needs your prayers, support and action today.  May I count on you?

Penny Morrell
State Director
CWA of Maine
[email protected]
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GREAT NEWS! Last week, the State House of Representatives gave us the win we needed to defeat physician-assisted suicide (PAS) in Maine.  This was the third session in a row we had to fight this horrible bill. However, during this session, we won with 24 more votes on our side, many more than other years.  It was encouraging to see both Democrats and Republicans come together to defeat PAS in the House after losing in the Senate by one vote.

You, the members of CWA of Maine, contacted the Health and Human Services Committee and your lawmakers to make victory happen.  This is why we do what we do, to inform you, to encourage you to take action, and to celebrate victory with you when we win.  Your prayers, phone calls, and e-mails made the difference!

CWA of Maine tirelessly worked with the Christian Civic League of Maine, Maine Right to Life Committee and the Catholic Diocese to stop this bill.  It was a costly and time consuming ordeal, but well worth the effort.

To God be the glory for the great thing He has done on behalf of the citizens of Maine by stopping PAS again with an even wider margin of victory.

Take Action: Please contact your lawmakers and thank them for their opposition vote or seek explanation for a vote of support.  This was our most important bill during this session. Thus, following through is very important.  Click here to find out how your lawmaker voted.

For life!

Penny Morrell
State Director
CWA of Maine
[email protected]

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