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How the Left’s “Inclusion” Rhetoric Excludes

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I have been bombarded by the media pushing a leftist political agenda my entire life.   Since my high school years, when I first noticed their deliberate attempts to push their particular perspective on me, they seem to be getting even more crass and up front in their efforts.

I remember the first time Snapchat got its new update adding magazine subscriptions for users to scroll through, read, and enjoy.  I was kind of irritated that there was only CNN and no other option for news.

This was also around the time that Twitter introduced the discover page and would only display stories from the left’s points of view.  It gets old after a while.  There have been numerous stories of Facebook pushing the same leftist ideology.

The trend continues today, and it seems to be only growing since the election of President Donald Trump.  These social networks seem to be personally invested in defeating the president and conservative values at all costs.

This is not a scientific study, so I am not 100% certain if there has been a measurable increase since then, or if I am just more politically in tune, but I am amazed at the continual efforts of the left to brainwash and influence young adults like me.

Magazines like Cosmopolitan and Teen Vogue specifically and purposely hone in on why women’s health and wellness means I must be “pro-abortion.”  More than once, I have clicked on the Snapchat Cosmopolitan story that seemed interesting, only to discover it was just spoon feeding me the abortion industry’s propaganda. Not only is abortion a choice, it’s apparently the best choice.

Young women and girls today are being influenced across the country from this undeniably exclusive rhetoric.  Teen Vogue recently published an article called “What to get a friend Post-Abortion.”  The end of the article states, “… she will need you — not because the act itself is so terrible, but because sometimes the world can be.”  Nothing wrong with that per se; pro-lifers are often the ones who come alongside post-abortive women.  But the article listed and encouraged gifts like an “F-U-terus” pin.  Lovely.

I wonder if the women writing these articles ever question why an abortion can be so traumatizing.  It is not something to take lightly.

According to one study, an alarming 50% of women who have an abortion show immediate negative responses.  The emotional impact is significant not only for the women but for anyone closely involved with the pregnant mother.

Abortion does not seem empowering to me.  In fact, the entire article proves how discouraging and dismantling it can be for someone.  To feel empowered is to feel accomplished.  What do abortions accomplish?

Does that disqualify me from being a woman?  That’s what these media influencers would like me to believe.  They do everything in their power to silence and shame young women like me by acting as if we do not exist.

What they are discovering, though, is that we will not go away.  Programs, like Concerned Women for America’s Young Women for America, are giving young women like me a voice and the space to express our views in a respectful, thoughtful, intelligent way with those who agree and disagree with us.

This gives us a great opportunity to reach other young women with a message of true diversity and inclusion that allows them to be who they want to be and not who the media elite demands.

Samantha Stohlman is an alumna of Concerned Women for America’s Ronald Reagan Memorial Internship Program. Learn more about this program by clicking here.


Explanation of Planned Parenthood Alternatives

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As Concerned Women for America (CWA) has previously discussed, Women Don’t Need Planned Parenthood.  To expand upon this theme, we would like to provide this short fact sheet explaining all of the alternatives available to a woman seeking health care.

  1. Federally Funded Community Health Centers – about 11,000 vs. 665 Planned Parenthoods

And they offer far more services than Planned Parenthood does.

See this Facebook album for approximate state by state breakdowns of community health centers.

[Note: Number Statistics and more information provided by Alliance Defending Freedom and Charlotte Lozier Institute. 

The 11,000 number of health centers is an estimated number of the actual locations where medicine is provided relevant to women’s health.  This number adds up:

  • Rural Health Clinics (RHCs)- which accept Medicaid/Medicare.
  • Federally Qualified Health Clinic Service Sites (FQHC Service Sites are sometimes called FQHCs) – which receive federal grants and accept Medicaid/Medicare.
    • FQHC service sites are sometimes only called FQHCs, though technically there are only about 1300 FQHCs which then run these many thousands of on-the-ground “service sites”.
  • A few hundred “look-a-like” centers that meet federal care standards but don’t receive federal grants like FQHCs, but are often eligible for Medicaid/Medicare, like RHCs and other federal benefits

And then this subtotal, about 13,550, subtracts certain healthcare service sites which are not relevant to women’s health (such as a shelter or school).]

  1. Local Community Health Centers – that aren’t “federally qualified”

Many Community Health Centers choose not to become officially Federally Qualified.  This doesn’t mean they are low quality.  For example, some quality health centers feel uncomfortable with the fact that FQHCs must provide contraception and can legally refer for abortion in any case – not just in the Hyde allowed cases. (Though FQHCs don’t provide abortion, they do refer for it, and this is enough to make many Christian affiliated health centers, for example, avoid becoming federally qualified).

  1. 187,000 estimated Private Doctor’s offices – that accept Medicaid patients

Medicaid is a government program that, like private insurance, reimburses healthcare providers for providing services – in this case to low-income women who receive Medicaid assistance. So a medical center doesn’t have to be run by the government to see Medicaid patients.  Many private doctor’s offices choose to see Medicaid patients, some accepting a certain number of Medicaid patients a month, and others having no cap on their women in need. (See Tepeyac OB/GYN as an example of one such center – this one being pro-life.)

  1. Pregnancy Centers – Students for Life estimates that there are 2200 pregnancy centers in the U.S.

CareNet Pregnancy Centers – 60% of which offer ultrasound medical services – say they have 1,100 centers in the U.S. and Canada, and there are many other pregnancy center networks (like Heartbeat International) and private pregnancy centers .

Also keep in mind that reducing the amount of women in need is also an admirable economic goal, which would move women out of the safety net and towards self-sufficiency.  This opens up more healthcare options for women such as:

  1. Employer Health Insurance

When an employer provides health insurance to their employee as a benefit, this almost always covers family planning needs.

  1. Self-Pay Options

Women out of the social safety net are able to afford their own family planning choices. Birth control pills range in price, but, even paying out of pocket without an insurance plan, can cost less than a dollar a day and even as low as $9 a month.

Women’s Can Find Help through Online Search Maps

These are federally qualified Community Health Centers and Rural Health Clinics, which you can learn more about here.

Concerned Women for America is one of this website’s sponsors.

Both these websites come out of a partnership with CareNet and Heartbeat and seem to list only the centers affiliated with them (there are even more centers in the country not on here!). Option Line also seems to include locations such as Bethany Christian Services, an adoption agency.  Many pregnancy centers affiliated with option line can forward their phones to their line at night.

“Clothes Hanger” Abortions – The Worst Argument for Keeping Abortion Legal

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One of the most often repeated talking points of the pro-choice left, and even your average apolitical American, is that abortion must be legal because, if illegal, women will need abortion so badly they will resort to clothes hangers to self-induce abortion.

This argument is fundamentally flawed and makes a good deal of unfounded assumptions.

ASSUMPTION: If abortion were illegal, then abortion would not be available at good clinics, and women would do them at home.

REALITY: Abortion clinics have always and will always exist as an option for women who want them.  When abortion was illegal in the late 50s, a Planned Parenthood representative explained that only 8% of illegal abortions were done at home, and a full 90% were done by medically trained physicians.   When abortion became legal, their practices continued as is with less threat from the law but no alteration in procedure.

ASSUMPTION: If abortion were illegal, this would not act as an effective deterrent to getting an abortion.  Women — maybe just as many women — would still be getting abortions, even if they had to do them themselves.

REALITY:  When abortions are illegal, fewer women desire and obtain them.  The law does serve as a natural deterrent on human behavior.  This is illustrated by the example of Poland, where the total number of legal abortions was over 130,000 for several years under communism — and paid for (when in the first trimester) by the state.  This number greatly reduced in 1990 to under 60,000 and then down to less than 300 a year by 1998, most of which were only for “difficult” cases (rape, incest, mother’s life, mother’s health, and fetal impairment).

ASSUMPTION: Legal abortions are safe for women.

REALITY: Women experience serious health complications and can die from abortion.  This includes 427 women that we know of who have died from legal abortion, but that is a far underreported number (one year, the whole U.S. abortion death total was reported as 21, but later 12 additional deaths which had not been reported were uncovered — but those 12 were shockingly in just Chicago alone.)  Women also face increased risks of cancer, suicide, depression, and substance abuse because of abortion.  Butchers like Kermit Gosnell in Pennsylvania and others like him reveal the decrepit conditions in today’s abortion clinics.  Pro-choicers claim “Safe, Legal, and Rare” (a mantra that is evolving to “Safe, Legal, and Accessible”) but turn a blind eye to such cases and oppose further regulations on today’s abortion clinics.

ASSUMPTION: Abortion should be legal or illegal based on its effect on women — not based on whether abortion itself is objectionable.

REALITY:  Those who make an argument for clothes-hanger abortions hesitate to outwardly proclaim that abortion itself if good, but merely insist that abortion is necessary to protect women’s health.  Were this to be examined more closely, these activists would have to decide whether abortion itself can be justified, which it is not because it is never safe for the unborn child that is ruthlessly destroyed.  Abortions always result in deaths of children and risks to the mother — no matter how clean or unclean, legal or illegal.

ASSUMPTION: Women need abortion.  As a recent pro-choice chant put it: “Without this right we can’t be free, abortion without apology.”

REALITY: If abortion is so desperately needed that a woman would resort to any method of obtaining it, even a dangerous method like a clothes hanger — then it is not a choice and not a right — it’s a necessity like food or water.  This disempowering idea that abortion is NEEDED at all costs (the cost of women’s health, the cost of unborn life, etc.) is an anti-woman belief that does nothing to help women or give them real choices.  In reality, women have 13,000 local Federally Qualified Health Centers, in addition to thousands of local health centers, private practices, and pregnancy centers that can help them when they are in need.

ASSUMPTION: When abortion was illegal, thousands of women died from illegal abortions.

REALITY: Bernard Nathanson was once a cofounder of the pro-choice organization NARAL, but later regretted his involvement in the legalization and proliferation of abortion in America.  He admitted that all the figures about five or 10 thousand women dying from illegal abortions per year were made up statistics fabricated to support his talking point that abortion needed to be legalized in order to be made safer.

Chaney Mullins serves as Special Projects Writer for Concerned Women for America. She wishes to express her appreciation for the excellent book, “ProLife Answers to ProChoice Arguments,” by Randy Alcorn, which served as a source for much of this article; she wholeheartedly recommends the resource for all pondering abortion questions.


The Baby Part Business: The Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives Final Report

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Concerned Women for America (CWA) has covered the undercover investigation and subsequent congressional investigation into the “fetal tissue procurement” of Planned Parenthood under the guise of “donating tissue” for medical research.

To dispense with the flowery language — strong evidence suggests that Planned Parenthood sold baby parts for profit.

At CWA, we summarized the original undercover videos, reported on Planned Parenthood’s response to the video, covered a hearing of the Select Panel, updated you on the progress of the investigation on the anniversary of the first video’s release, and applauded the continuation of funding for the Select Panel.

At the conclusion of their investigation in early 2017, the panel released a 470-page report outlying their findings in detail.  The report included details on 13 criminal referrals that the Investigative Panel made to the relevant prosecuting organizations. The investigation unrecovered an entire industry with multiple business models involving partnerships between abortion clinics, middlemen, and research facilities. The obstinacy on the part of Planned Parenthood, biotech tissue companies, and research entities is astounding as they continued to resist investigation and deny fault.

The panel concluded in recommendations regarding possible administrative, legislative, and judicial action that could be taken towards remedying the many problems in the current fetal tissue procurement industry.  These recommendations would be a good start towards ensuring more ethical research and procedures.  This investigation has been an important piece in exposing the corruption of Planned Parenthood and the entire tissue procurement business.  It has been an effort to expose the works of darkness (Ephesians 5:11).  Now we must let Christ’s redeeming life shine and build a culture where experimentation on aborted baby body parts becomes unthinkable — no matter the profit margin.

Troubling Immoral and Possibly Criminal Actions by Abortion Clinics, Tissue Procurement Companies, and/or Research Entities:

Incompliance with Investigation:

Most of the entities asked for documentation during the investigation did not fully comply with congressional requests.  There were also instances of possible document destruction.

Failing to Obtain Informed Consent:

The consent forms used the powerful motivator of a promise for cures of diseases, but there has been no such cure for diseases deceptively listed on consent forms.  Consent was also obtained from staff that had self-interest in ensuring the woman said “yes.”  In addition to these misleading consent forms, other cases involved no consent form at all, or an improperly combined consent form amended to the abortion consent.

No Oversight:

There was a lack of paperwork and official approval from Institutional Review Boards, which are meant to oversee scientific research.  The national office of Planned Parenthood is also envisioned as an oversight check on their affiliates, but they admit to not regulating whether a particular affiliate profits from tissue sale because, “We can’t stop them.  We only have carrots and sticks.”1

Violating HIPPFA:

Patient Privacy laws are in place to protect patient data from outside entities, but Planned Parenthood disclosed health information to biotech companies.  An employee of the tissue procurement company got to look through patient records to target patients at stages of their pregnancy that would be advantageous to them.

Profiting from Selling Parts:

Though PPFA and tissue companies claim that there was no profit involved, the accounting practices to prove that there was only “recouping of costs” were particularly shady and included both the clinic and tissue procurement company claiming the same expenses — the use of what a PPFA employee said was “back of the envelope” cost accounting — and the refusal of PPFA to turn over relevant financial documents.  One document provided, which showed a net loss for tissue “donation,” was flawed due to an absence of primary sourced accounting records, attorney fees, and inflated shipping charges.

Taxpayer University Funding Indirectly Supporting Late-Term Abortion and Tissue Procurement:

Especially in the case of the University of New Mexico and the University of Colorado, third-trimester abortions are performed by sitting faculty members of these public institutions.

Partial-Birth Abortion and Neglect of Born-Alive Infants:

In order to obtain whole baby parts and organs, there is evidence that abortionists use partial-birth abortion — an illegal procedure — or they allow the child to come out still alive, and then neglect to give the child the medical care to which it is legally entitled. In these cases, the abortionists do not poison the fetus with digoxin before extraction, as this would poison tissue samples, thus increasing the chances of being born-alive.

Changing Abortion Procedures:

There is evidence that doctor’s use a different abortion procedure in order to obtain baby parts for research, which is not legal. A Planned Parenthood executive acknowledged changing procedures in violation of Planned Parenthood’s own policy, apparently unenforced, to certify in writing that procedures are not being altered.

Medicaid and Tax Fraud:

Planned Parenthood has overbilled 132.4 million in Medicaid and has also violated the Hyde Amendment by billing for costs sometimes associated with abortions not allowed under Hyde.  Another incident involved tax evasion in California.

Misleading Rhetoric Regarding the Need for Aborted Fetal Tissue:

Both on consent forms and to the general public, universities and other entities have been claiming that fetal tissue is a necessary component to vital and prolific scientific research projects.  In reality, projects involving fetal tissue are rare, and in many cases (26 out of 34 successful NIH grants) could use alternatives other than aborted tissue.  The remaining cases could use miscarried fetal tissue or need to be analyzed for their effectiveness.  Claims that fetal tissue is necessary for vaccine production, Zika research, or clinical trials ignore the real ineffectiveness or irrelevance of fetal tissue in these cases.  Non-fetal tissue studies have been receiving over two times the papers and citations than studies that involved fetal tissue.

A Summary of The Recommendations of the Select Panel

  • Ensure real, informed consent, and clarify laws to ensure woman’s safety (presumably in reference to changed abortion procedures in order to get tissue).
  • Increase oversight of consent forms, review boards, patient privacy laws, and the care of born-alive infants (including establishing HHS protocols for born-alive infants).
  • Prosecute those who have profited from fetal tissue sale and those who do not follow the Born-Alive Infants Protection Act.
  • Enact the 20-week abortion ban and redirect funds from Planned Parenthood to non-abortion-providing health centers.
  • Allow states their own jurisdiction over who received Medicaid and Title X funding. Some states opt to refuse such funding to abortion providers.
  • Prohibit federal funding of research that involves aborted fetal tissue, and an increase in programs allowing for tissue from miscarried and stillborn babies. Also, better classify projects regarding their need for fetal tissue, establish further guidelines regarding human fetal tissue research, and looking into adult human tissue alternatives.


Chaney Mullins serves as Special Projects Writer for Concerned Women for America.



1) Planned Parenthood admitted this in a Center for Medical Progress videotape produced to the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, as noted on page 305 of the full panel’s report.

Confident of Gorsuch on Life

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Look, I know the pro-life issue is an emotional one. The sanctity of human life and the intrinsic value of every human being as created in the image of God demand no less of us, so I would not expect anything less. But in assessing a judge’s record, we must be conscious of what we are looking for in making that assessment.

We do not need a judge who promises to overturn Roe v. Wade. That hideous case has been the focus of pro-lifers’ ire ever since it was rendered, because of the enormous impact it has had (almost 60 million lives lost now), but the fact is that it is just one part of the pro-life work.

The anti-slavery movement was a pro-life movement. Efforts against embryonic stem cell experimentation are part of the pro-life cause. In recent years, a troublesome pro-euthanasia movement has awakened, and that is something we will continue to fight vigorously.

Certainly, the fight for the value of every human life will continue and perhaps intensify when Roe is finally overturned.

So what we must look for in a judge is someone committed to the law and the Constitution as written — committed to our country’s founding principle that we are “endowed by [our] Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” Those principles will guard life in all areas. Read More

Planned Parenthood Ad Proves Waiting Periods Save Lives

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Planned Parenthood recently released an advertisement in favor of waiting periods. The ad, perhaps inadvertently, proves that waiting period laws save lives.

Waiting periods ensure women consider all their options and the risks involved in having an abortion, not to mention the life of the baby inside them. Twenty-seven states have made waiting periods laws, often 24 hours, and as Planned Parenthood now admits, those laws are beneficial to women.

After Tennessee became the 27th state to pass a law requiring a waiting period, OB-GYN Dr. Brent Boles was quoted as saying:

“The waiting period is designed to protect women from unscrupulous providers who might prey on women when they are vulnerable.

“A provider could take advantage of a woman in that situation and talk her into a quick procedure — for which the provider would be compensated.

“Women who have an unintended pregnancy are just as vulnerable as women who have just finished a difficult delivery. If a 30-day waiting period is appropriate for women who wish to end their fertility, then a 48-hour waiting period before ending a pregnancy cannot be legitimately said to be overly burdensome.” (Emphasis mine)

I’m sure Planned Parenthood did not intend to support waiting period laws, since they oppose them whenever they are introduced in state legislation, but there is no question their new ad is a great tool for those advocating for them.  Here’s a direct quote from their website, referring to waiting periods as “a dangerous requirement” and an “attack on women’s health”:

“Attempts to restrict and even ban abortion at the state level are part of an ongoing effort to deny women their right to make their own personal medical decisions. … Already state legislatures have passed or proposed many dangerous requirements. Some of the unprecedented attacks on women’s access to abortion include: Mandatory ultrasounds and waiting periods, and requirements to attend biased counseling before a woman can get an abortion.” (Emphasis mine)

But just look at how happy the mother in the ad is after she reconsidered the life within her.

In the ad, the heartfelt mother says she “was a wreck” when she entered a Planned Parenthood clinic with her unplanned and unborn child. The nurse tending to her noticed, had compassion, and encouraged her to go home, “sleep on it and reschedule.” While the nurse assumed she would have the abortion another day, the waiting period changed the mother’s mind. She went home and decided to keep her baby.

Planned Parenthood describes waiting periods as harmful, yet by their own ad’s admission, waiting periods save lives.  Women shouldn’t be dependent on a good-natured nurse to advise them to take time to carefully consider this life-changing choice.

Even before the American people elected a pro-life president last November, Planned Parenthood was already feeling the pressure after they were exposed for selling baby body parts in 2015. This led to Congress investigating them, resulting in 15 criminal and regulatory referrals to the Department of Justice.

Now we’re seeing them stoop to new levels as they attempt to pander to the American people by deceiving them with a “positive spin” ad that not only isn’t a standard in their clinics, but is actually something they oppose.

Their ad seems to make the pitiful plea, “Come on guys, we don’t kill ALL the babies …” or as @FBillMcMorris puts it, “See, we let one live.”


Not only that, but they’re being exposed for continually suggesting that Planned Parenthood provides services that not all Planned Parenthood clinics provide.

Below the list of state restrictions on Planned Parenthood’s website, it says, “And for women facing unintended pregnancies, prompt access to safe, legal abortion is imperative.” (Emphasis mine)

Having an abortion promptly would ensure their patients don’t have time to change their minds after emotionally and mentally processing the decision they are about to make.  Had the woman in the ad not been visibly distressed, Planned Parenthood would have happily ended the life of her baby, robbing her forever of the joy she is now experiencing.

The mother in the ad is thanking Planned Parenthood. But she’s not thanking them for their “great health care” or for helping her “get her life back” by terminating her pregnancy. Instead, she’s thanking them for not doing what they do best, taking the life of babies.

Janae Stracke serves as Communications Coordinator at Concerned Women for America, the nation’s largest public policy women’s organization. A version of this article was published by CNS News. Read it there. 

Capitol Hill Brief — Sex, Lies, and Planned Parenthood

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Sex, lies, and Planned Parenthood.  Here is what Planned Parenthood says in speeches wherever they go:

[Audio clip] Planned Parenthood representative:  And a president who will fight for prenatal care. … Prenatal care. And that is what we want to focus on.

Here is what they actually tell the women who call their clinics.

[Audio clip] Live Action Caller: Hi. I was hoping to make an appointment for prenatal care.

[Audio clip] Three Planned Parenthood representatives: We don’t have prenatal care here. … No Planned Parenthood does prenatal care, hon. … We don’t offer prenatal care at Planned Parenthood. We specialize in abortion.

Live Action recorded those calls, exposing, once again the many lies Planned Parenthood engages in to protect its number one product: abortion.

It’s time to end their reign of deceit.  Not one more penny of taxpayer dollars to Planned Parenthood.

It’s time to move taxpayer funding away from Planned Parenthood and support local Federally Qualified Health Centers. Tell Mitch McConnell that you’ll fight by his side to defend the unborn. Visit to sign this urgent statement today. If you’d like to hear these commentaries on the radio, find me on your local radio station.


Capitol Hill Brief — House Passes Hyde

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Tired of your taxes paying for abortions? Well, I have good news for you!

Just last week, the House of Representatives passed a bill that ends taxpayer funding for abortion.

H.R. 7 passed with bipartisan support. We are one step closer to ending taxpayer funding of abortion and making what we know as the “Hyde Amendment” permanent.

The Hyde Amendment has passed every year for 40 years. It simply prohibits Medicaid funding of abortions and is estimated to have saved over 2 million lives.

Over 60 percent of Americans oppose taxpayer funding of abortions.

So the House acted with the full support of the American people. Time for the Senate to do the same!

It’s time to move taxpayer funding away from Planned Parenthood and support local Federally Qualified Health Centers. Tell Mitch McConnell that you’ll fight by his side to defend the unborn. Visit to sign this urgent statement today. If you’d like to hear these commentaries on the radio, find me on your local radio station



Capitol Hill Brief — A Prayer for March for Life

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Today, I would like to offer a prayer as we prepare for the March for Life this week.  Would you join me?

Heavenly Father,

Thank you for the gift of life!  Thank you for the thousands of marchers that will come to D.C. or will march in their home states to raise their voices in unison for the least of these.

Give us traveling mercies. Help us endure the cold, and warm us with Your Spirit.

We pray for an end to abortion in our land.  That we may repent and ask for Your forgiveness for this horrible sin. Repair the hearts of those who have had abortions. And give us a heart to love one another as You have loved us.  Give us courage and compassion for the years ahead.

In Jesus’ Name we pray, Amen.

It’s time to move taxpayer funding away from Planned Parenthood and support local federally qualified health centers. Tell Mitch McConnell that you’ll fight by his side to defend the unborn. Visit to sign this urgent statement today. If you’d like to hear these commentaries on the radio, find me on your local radio station.


“Women’s” March: Vulgar Signs and Liberal Policies

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Editor’s Note: This article contains pictures from the Women’s March which are unsuitable for children and may not be especially safe for work. We advise reading this article away from others. In most cases, the pictures are crass, vulgar, and an embarrassment to those who value civil discourse. 

I hope the women at the “Women’s March” took a moment to realize how amazing it is that in America we have freedom of speech. In many places around the world, women and men can be jailed for expressing their beliefs.

I am deeply glad that Americans have freedom of speech.  I am deeply thankful for the First Amendment.  I am looking forward to expressing my own pro-life beliefs at the March for Life this coming Friday.

I want to say that the “Women’s March” participants had some valid concerns, but I often disagree with their perspectives on the causes and solutions of societal problems.

  • HEALTH CARE is important and necessary. Health care access is just less efficient and effective when run by the government.  Free market solutions can make health care affordable and specialized to what a particular person needs from their insurance.
  • DISRESPECTING WOMEN in our society does happen. Trump did say disgusting and shameful things in that “locker room” video, but I am also deeply disturbed that so many women seem to put up with abusive men who want casual sex and don’t care about them. I’m troubled by the rap stars that Obama invited to the White House whose songs treat women like dirt; I’m troubled by former-President Clinton and everything he did to women. Standing up against any of this should cut across partisan lines — but at this march, it did not.
  • VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN is a real problem. Concerned Women for America (CWA) has supported alternate versions of the Violence Against Women Act that would make sure aid gets directly to victims and that rape kits are actually processed, instead of getting stuck in the backlog that is common throughout our nation. But we have also worked to expose how pornography and sex trafficking are some of the most dangerous assaults on women’s dignity and causes of violence. But I saw no signs regarding these issues.  I also saw no signs about the violence against women in other countries — from honor killings to female genital mutilation to forced child marriages to acid disfigurement and beyond.
  • LOVE is so important! But does love mean sexual license? Does love always mean approving of every decision someone makes — even if it is a decision to kill their child? Shouldn’t peace and love and “coexisting” begin in the womb?!  How was screaming “F*ck Trump” and “Burn the White House” an example of love and respect and peace?  How was saying that the white women who voted for Trump must be “called out” at an inclusive, tolerant women’s march full of love?

But despite any common ground, it’s clear that this march took a lewd turn, better shown than repeated. Their signs were some of the most vulgar displays I have ever seen. I’ve collected some of them for you here — but I warn you they are not pretty.  I’ve divided them into three categories: Women’s Body Parts, Abortion, and Disrespecting the President.

PART 1: Women’s Body Parts

Is that all that women are?  How is wearing a vagina empowering women and respecting our bodies?  How is self-degradation going to end societal degradation?

PART 2: Abortion

Then there’s the overemphasis on abortion at this March — when abortion is itself one of the greatest violations of women’s rights.  Abortion disproportionately kills more unborn females than males, preying on vulnerable women for profit, and rejecting pregnancy and mothering as a unique power of the female body.  These women claim to pro-choice, but are only fighting for one choice — abortion — while banning pro-life women from this march and supporting Planned Parenthood.

PART 3: Disrespecting the President

Finally, is disrespecting the President of the United States the right way to advocate for what you believe? Surely the office of president is enough to garner some semblance of respect and peaceful disagreement, not Madonna’s cries of wishing you could blow up the white house.


Also see Media Research Center contrast of the Women’s March and the March for Life:
(Warning: Some Strong Language)


The message of the march was convoluted – but whatever it was, it was not a “woman’s march.” The fact that the marchers dared to proclaim that being a “woman” equals embracing this sort of march is offensive — it’s the very hatred, degradation, and alienation they claim to be against.

It is for the very purpose of being an alternative voice in the public square that Concerned Women for America even exists.  Beverly LaHaye started CWA because radical pro-abortion, anti-marriage feminists did not represent all American women.

We give other women a voice, women who know that profanity, crude hats, sexual license, abortion, economic liberalism, and disrespecting the president are not ways to empower the women of America.

Chaney Mullins serves as Special Projects Writer for Concerned Women for America.