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Vulnerable Child Protection Act Fails in Senate Committee

By February 12, 2020South Dakota
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Dear CWA Friends,

A good bill, the Vulnerable Child Protection Act (HB1057), failed in the Senate Health and Human Services Committee February 10, with a vote of 2-5. Check the votes here.  If your senator voted Yes to support the bill, please contact him and thank him.  If your senator voted No, you may respectfully express your disappointment.

Read Concerned Women for America’s complete talking points with documentation here.

Contact Information
Click here to view the list of state senators, and then click on his/her e-mail address. Click here if you do not know who your state senator is; you can also call your county auditor to obtain your senator’s name.

Please pray: Father, we thank you that in Your grand design You created us male and female. We ask that those who struggle with their God-given sex would be happy and healthy in the sex that You created them to be.

God bless you for your prayer and action.
Linda Schauer
State Director