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Join CWA in Opposing Biden’s LGBTQ Title IX Rule

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The U.S. Department of Education has officially released the Biden Title IX Rule for public comment, and it is even worse than expected. Title IX was supposed to protect women and girls from discrimination on the basis of sex. Not anymore.  


Instead of upholding sex discrimination on the basis of male and female biology, Biden’s Title IX Rule imposes LGBTQ identities as the basis for sex discrimination. Under the fancy title, “Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Sex in Education Programs or Activities Receiving Federal Financial Assistance,” Biden’s Department of Education proposes to rewrite federal civil rights law turning our schools into laboratories for promoting sex and gender ideology at the expense of women and girls.

Here are some of the major changes to Title IX in the Biden LGBTQ Rule: 


“Gender Identity” is now “Sex”

  • Rejects that “sex” is defined as biologically male or female:  “on the basis of sex includes discrimination on the basis of sex stereotypes, sex characteristics, pregnancy or related conditions, sexual orientation, and gender identity.” This is a radical rewrite of the basic federal law on sex discrimination that Congress has NEVER authorized.
  • Schools must affirm and accommodate students on the basis of “gender identity” – using preferred names and pronouns and “gender support plans” without parental consent. This “gender identity” mandate extends to all programs and activities, including locker rooms, restrooms, rape crisis centers, housing, athletic programs, and more.
  • Female students lose their rights.  Protecting girls will now be in direct conflict with the “gender identity” mandate giving males self-identifying as girls the right to take their place.  As students and athletes, our daughters deserve to have the law on their side, not against them.


School Personnel can be “Parents”

  • A new definition of “Parental Status” empowers school personnel to act “in loco parentis” (in place of parents). Parental rights could be overruled by Title IX policy barring sex discrimination. Schools could withhold information from parents about their child’s “identity” at school.


Abortion = Pregnancy

  • A new definition of “Pregnancy or Related Conditions” gives abortion the same status as childbearing.  Schools would be required to provide support and services for “termination of pregnancy.” Any activity that promotes choosing life for an unborn child could be banned.

Biden’s Title IX Rule also overrules any state law protecting women and children from the harmful impact of gender ideology and requires all educational institutions to enforce an extreme LGBTQ agenda in our schools against the rights of parents, students, and teachers.


  • Any student or teacher who holds a traditional view of marriage, the scientific meaning of sex, or the value of unborn human life could be charged with sex-based harassment.

Join CWA in opposing Biden’s Title IX Rule. Now is the time to make your voice heard! Tell the U.S. Department of Education you oppose this radical rewrite of rules redefining “sex” and mandating that schools cater to the extreme LGBTQ agenda, causing harm to children and stripping parents of their rights to protect their children from sexual indoctrination.    


Visit CWA’s Title IX Action Center to send your comment directly to the U.S. Department of Education today. 

  1. Provide your views on one or more issues in the Biden Title IX Rule which radically rewrites the meaning and scope of sex discrimination in federal law.    
  2. Challenge the Dept. of Education with questions about the cost, confusion, and impact of overturning protections based on biological sex in federal law.

For more information, see CWA’s A Guide for Commenting on Biden’s Proposed Title IX Rule

Biden’s Title IX Rule Is a Frontal Attack on Women: Be Prepared to Comment!

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It’s Official: Biden’s Title IX Rule Is a Frontal Attack on
What it Means To Be a Woman – and More:
Prepare to Comment!


Day One of the Biden Administration set in motion the moment now before us. President Biden’s sweeping Executive Order, “Preventing and Combating Discrimination on the Basis of Gender Identity or Sexual Orientation,” unleashed an assault on Title IX, the federal law prohibiting discrimination in educational programs and activities, including athletics, on the basis of sex.  


Biden’s version of Title IX changes the fundamental meaning of “sex” under civil rights law. It says sex discrimination is no longer about being male or female but is based on perceived “gender identity.”  The impact is to reverse protections for women. Men can now claim our identity and our place.  


Biden’s attack started last summer in the form of a “Notice of Interpretation” followed by a “Dear Educator” letter to every school in America carrying a threat of investigations by the federal Office for Civil Rights. None of this is a legitimate way to change the rules.  


Biden knows full well that the only legitimate road to rewriting Title IX is to follow the Administrative Procedures Act which requires a laborious process of notifying the public, allowing a comment period, and fully justifying any rule changes based on the comments received. His Education Department chose the 50th Anniversary of Title IX on June 23 to announce its 700+ page proposed rule. The full text is now officially published in the Federal Register


Public outrage against allowing men identifying as women to compete in female sports has grown stronger after UPenn rostered biologically-male Lia Thomas on its women’s swim team. Team Biden is reading the polls. Biden’s Title IX Rule tries to dodge this controversy by claiming it will address the question of “criteria for participating on particular male and female athletic teams” in a subsequent rulemaking. That might be a convenient promise in an election year, but the published Title IX Rule applies fully to athletics as written, and nothing expressly exempts participation by males in women’s sports. 


In addition to its impact on female student-athletes, Biden’s Title IX Rule should be opposed for many reasons:      

  • Rejects that “sex” is defined as biologically male or female.
  • Radically rewrites the scope of sex discrimination in a way Congress has never authorized.
  • Schools are required to affirm and accommodate students on the basis of “gender identity” in all programs and activities.
  • Women and girls lose their rights. Males self-identifying as girls have the right to take their place.
  • School personnel could be empowered to act “in loco parentis” under a new definition of “parental status.”
  • Abortion is given the same status as childbearing under a new definition of “pregnancy or related conditions.”
  • Any student or teacher who holds a traditional view of marriage, the scientific meaning of sex, or the value of unborn human life could be charged with sex-based harassment.


Concerned Women for America is kicking off a vigorous challenge to this Rule on August 1. Prepare to comment!  

CWA Stands with Female Athletes on the 50th Anniversary of Title IX

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On June 23, 2022, Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee joined fourteen organizations from across the political spectrum in Washington, D.C., to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Title IX, the federal civil rights law passed in 1972 that prohibits sex-based discrimination in education. Organizing this Our Bodies, Our Sports rally as part of an inaugural Women’s Sports Week was part of our ongoing fight to preserve the dignity of women and stand with female athletes in law and policy.


Following the Our Bodies, Our Sports rally, Penny Nance and Young Women for America athletes were featured at a roundtable on Capitol Hill hosted by Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-California) and Republican Study Committee Chairman Jim Banks (R-Indiana), followed by a press conference outside the Capitol.  


Meanwhile, U.S. Senators joined the call for protecting women’s athletics. Sen. Tommy “Coach” Tuberville (R-Alabama) led the team, standing up to preserve the purpose of Title IX for female student-athletes. Sen. Tuberville urged the Senate to pass the “Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act” in a news conference at the Capitol with several Senate colleagues. Sen. Tuberville then took to the Senate floor to ask unanimous consent that the Senate immediately consider the bill for a vote. His request was blocked by Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii).


On the same day, Biden’s Department of Education delivered on its promise to release federal regulations reinterpreting “sex” under Title IX to mean “gender identity,” among other things. The proposed rule invokes President Biden’s executive orders demanding that all federal agencies incorporate radical gender ideology, thus rejecting the biological and physiological differences between males and females as the basis for sex discrimination. The proposed rule confirms the Administration’s intent to overturn the privacy and safety of female students by mandating gender identity-based restrooms, forcing girls to compete against boys self-identifying as girls in female athletics, and requiring teachers, professors, and school officials to use so-called “preferred pronouns.”  CWA CEO and President Penny Nance reacted to news of the Biden proposed regulations:   


“On this 50thanniversary of Title IX, when we are proud to celebrate the accomplishment of millions of women across the country, the Biden Administration outrageously offers new regulations that would redefine sex, equating gender identity with biological reality. What a slap in the face to women who have achieved so much; Biden has just erased you.


“Years ago, CWA sounded the alarm over men unfairly stealing the trophies and risking the scholarships of female athletes. We have filed three civil rights complaints under Title IX against the universities and colleges that continue to treat women as third-class citizens. Our 500,000 members will continue to pressure the NCAA, governors, and legislators at the state and federal level to stop cheating women and level the playing field.”


In related news, FINA, the international federation of aquatic sports, released a policy on “gender inclusion” for international competition in the wake of male swimmer, Lia Thomas, dominating NCAA women’s swimming in the U.S.   CWA Senior Advisor, Doreen Denny, joined NTD news to comment on this development. Watch Denny’s interview here.  

Newsweek: UPenn’s Disregard for Title IX Takes Opportunities Away From Women Athletes

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Penny Nance, Concerned Women for America‘s CEO and President, responded to the recent Good Morning America interview of National Collegiate Athletic Association swimmer Lia Thomas. After competing on the men’s swim team for three seasons, Thomas competed as a female. 

Read Penny’s latest Op-ed in Newsweek here.

Female Athletes Are Being Victimized to Pander to the Personal Fantasies of a Few

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Women athletes are in danger of losing their rights to the desires of men who feel they are women.


The anti-science effort to erase the physical differences between men and women is regressive and dangerous. Women are being victimized in the name of an AstroTurf diversity that discriminates against all who do not conform to the personal fantasies of a few.


The effort has consequences that go well beyond women’s athletics. In April, a male Rikers inmate claiming to be a woman was sentenced to seven years for raping a female prisoner in the women’s section of the jail. Concerned Women for America, the organization I represent — a Christian, conservative organization — is supporting a lawsuit by the liberal feminist organization Women’s Liberation Front to fight for women’s rights on this front.


We are also witnessing the pernicious promotion of transgender ideology in public schools, which ignores the sadpractical reality of the harmful long-term effects of life-altering surgical procedures on all young people, but on young women in particular.


But legally speaking, the women’s sports aspect of this battle, which has the backing of Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, should be preventing the injustices we are witnessing…


Read the rest of this op-ed as featured exclusively on The Western Journal.

Concerned Women to Biden Administration: Stop the Assault on Women’s Rights; Protect Title IX

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The Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA) of the United States Office of Management and Budget (OMB) is reviewing the Department of Education’s (ED) plans to unilaterally amend Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 (20 U.S.C. 1681 et seq.) to follow along with the Biden Administration’s radical push for an elevation of the concerns of men who identify as women, over those of women in all areas of federal law. It will effectively be the destruction of Title IX.


President Joe Biden has ignored the concerns of millions of women as he moved swiftly on an Executive Order on Preventing and Combating Discrimination on the Basis of Gender Identity or Sexual Orientation, and another one on Guaranteeing an Educational Environment Free from Discrimination on the Basis of Sex, including Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity. Women lose under the proposed extreme implementations of these orders, and that is why Concerned Women for America (CWA) is standing in strong opposition.


Recently, CWA’s Doreen Denny, one of the nation’s leading experts on the protection of women’s rights against the gender identity push that seeks to erase women’s unique makeup as women, Annabelle Rutledge, National Director of CWA’s Young Women for America program, and Mario Diaz, CWA’s General Counsel met with high-level officials from OMB and ED to express the concerns of the hundreds of thousands of concerned women members from around the country.


Denny’s statement set the tone for CWA’s clear stance for women and scientific truth in policymaking. She said in part:


Forcing a new interpretation of sex under Title IX is a direct threat to every woman and girl in America. What this proposed rule does in practice is nothing less than erase our status and protections as females. There is an inherent conflict in these policies already playing out across the country today:  female students are being assaulted in school restrooms; female athletes are losing their rightful opportunities in WOMEN’s sports. Have you quantified those costs?


Let’s be clear: “gender identity” does not equal sex. Therefore, it should not be used to undermine Title IX protections for women. “On the basis of sex” as stated in Title IX, should be based solely on the immutable genetic fact of being male or female – not on gender perceptions.


A person’s subjective claim to being the opposite sex does not, and will never, make that person the opposite sex. Gender dysphoria is a real condition, and its treatment deserves compassion – but the answer is not to affirm a lie and require everyone else to comply.


Biology is not bigotry. As women, we expect that the sex discrimination protections of Title IX passed into law 50 years ago will continue to protect our safety, privacy, and opportunities based on our objective female status – as intended.   Whatever objective you have for “inclusion” must not be accomplished on the backs of women and girls.    


Ms. Rutledge followed up with a passionate plea representing the young female athletes who feel entirely ignored and under threat because of these ill-conceived, radical policies. Her statement said in part:


Young Women for America is made up of these brave women in high school, college, and young professionals. Each group is directly impacted by a refusal to uphold Title IX.


Our Young Women for America leaders have stepped up to the plate to do their part to protect women’s sports and are begging that you respect reality and basic biology by rejecting any proposed rule which would include gender identity. Gender identity is not sex.


We are in an unfortunate situation when high school and college-age females are having to uphold reality while government entities seem bent on undermining Title IX at every turn. Our leaders have asked for excused absences, covered their work shifts, and taken tests early so they can show up and fight for their rights by testifying in committee hearings and press conferences. They understand it is not just their rights, but the rights of all women who are coming behind us.


You may not be hearing these tragic stories – but sadly I  hear them too often.


You can check out some of the testimonies below:



Finally, CWA’s General Counsel spoke about the illegality of trying to amend the clear text and protections under Title IX’s legal classification of “sex” by unilaterally changing the meaning to include “gender identity.” Diaz cautioned of the unintended consequences for women and of clear Supreme Court precedent that has ruled against such manipulation of federal law through administrative rules and procedures.


The Biden Administration officials were respectful and welcoming of CWA’s comments and expertise in this area. We can only pray that they actually take our counsel and slow down the left’s radical push in this area so that they may stop trampling on hard-fought, historical women’s rights victories in pursuit of a counterfeit diversity policy.

Concerned Women Applaud RSC for Supporting Legislation to Protect Female Athletes

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For Immediate Release
April 22, 2022
Contact: Katie Everett, Press Secretary   

Washington, D.C. Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee  (CWALAC) applauds the clear statement by the Republican Study Committee (RSC) that Title IX must protect women and girl athletes on the basis of biological sex not gender self-identification. Penny Nance, CEO and President of CWALAC, said:

“After 50 years of progress for women and girls, Congress must step in and save Title IX from doom. What’s happening in women’s sports today under the NCAA and Biden Administration defies science and common sense and is an affront to every female athlete in America. This radical agenda to obliterate the enduring differences between the sexes is draconian and erases women’s inherent dignity and status under the law. 

“We have seen firsthand the NCAA’s indefensible and wrongheaded policy allowing biological men to compete in women’s sports and win national titles.  Not to be outdone, the Biden Administration is weaponizing the administrative state to expand Title IX’s definition of sex to include gender identity. This must stop.  Every educational institution has an obligation to provide equal opportunities and benefits on the basis of sex, male and female, otherwise, it stands in violation of Title IX. 

“No school should be able to force female athletes to compete against biological males identifying as girls or displace female athletes from sports designated for women and girls. That’s why CWA has filed civil rights complaints against several of these institutions—including the University of Pennsylvania—and has endorsed efforts by Congress urging the NCAA and the Biden Administration to stand down from undermining women’s sports.

“This issue is nonpartisan. Our daughters deserve better. We thank the RSC for its plan to file a discharge petition and urge the House to act swiftly to pass the Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act.”


Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee is the legislation and advocacy arm of Concerned Women for America, the Nation’s largest public policy organization for women; we are dedicated to promoting Biblical values and Constitutional principles. More information is available at ConcernedWomen.org

Olympics 2021: An Unfair Playing Field

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For the first time ever, a transgender athlete has qualified for an Olympic team. Laurel Hubbard of New Zealand was selected for their national team on Monday and will compete in the “super-heavyweight” category in the weightlifting competition.

Vice President of Government Relations for Concerned Women for America, Doreen Denny, had this to say: “This is a devastating decision. It creates a mockery of women’s sports.” Denny went on to explain how changing the rules based on gender identity is a huge disadvantage to women.

Although Hubbard falls within the limit for testosterone levels to compete on the women’s team, she still has five times the amount of testosterone found within the average woman.

Watch below for the full story.


CWA Provides Live Testimony on Title IX

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This week the U.S. Department of Education held a virtual public hearing on Title IX and the Department’s role in addressing sex discrimination. Doreen Denny, CWA’s Vice President of Government Relations, provided live testimony on the issue of why subjective gender identity categories should not be added to sex discrimination under Title IX:

“Nothing in congressional statute or statutory interpretation of Title IX by the Supreme Court has changed the meaning of sex discrimination. The Department of Education has no legitimate authority to rewrite this federal civil rights law to redefine the immutable characteristic of sex to mean “gender identity” and thus force women to comply with allowing males who declare transgender status to have access to sex-separated schools, facilities, or sports programs for women.”

You can read Doreen’s full testimony here.

Watch Doreen’s live testimony below.

Voice Your Support for Fair Competition and Equality in Women’s Sports

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You can make a difference in North Dakota by praying and acting on important bills being considered during the 2021 North Dakota legislative session. HB1298, relating to participation in athletic events exclusively for males or females, is one such bill. As the Director of the state’s largest public policy woman’s organization, the testimony I will be giving next week before the House Human Services Committee addresses the issue’s impact on girls’ and women’s sports. Fair competition and equality in women’s sports are being threatened, and this legislation will combat that.

Read Concerned Women for America’s Protecting Women’s Sports CWA Fact Sheet for important information on this issue.

This Monday, January 25, I will testify in favor of the bill and urge the committee members to give HB1298 a due-pass recommendation. I covet your prayers. The Human Services Committee will vote on the bill at a later date.

Please Take Action:

#1 – Email or call the members of the House Human Services Committee listed below my signature line and ask them to vote a “Do Pass” on HB1298. If you are a member of Concerned Women for America of North Dakota, please let them know. Do not hesitate to leave a message on their voicemail.

Suggested message:
Please vote “Do Pass” on HB 1298. Individual male born athletes should not be eligible to participate on an athletic team that is exclusively for females. Protect equal opportunity and a fair playing field for girls and women given under Title IX.

Your name and town

#2 – Forward this information to family and friends! Every email message and every phone call are counted!

Please Pray: Pray for our legislators on the House Human Services Committee by name, that God would give them the wisdom and understanding to accomplish His purposes.

“Who is wise and understanding among you?  Let them show it by their good life, by deeds done in the humility that comes from wisdom.” – James 3:13

Linda Thorson
State Director

 Members of the House Human Services Committee:

  • Chairman Rep. Robin Weisz (Republican- District 14) rweisz@nd.gov or call 701-962-3799
  • Vice-Chairman Rep. Karen Rohn (Republican – District 31)  kmrohr@nd.gov or cell phone 701-202-1956
  • Rep. Mike Beltz (Republican – District 20) mbeltz@nd.gov or Cellphone 701-430-1209
  • Rep. Chuck Damschen (Republican – District 10) cdamschen@nd.gov or cell phone 701-370-1758
  • Rep. Bill Devlin (Republican – District 23) bdevlin@nd.gov or call 701-524-2303 
  • Rep. Gretchen Dobervich (Democrat – District 11) gdobervich@nd.gov or cell phone 701-361-5627
  • Rep. Clayton Fegley (Republican – District 4)  cfegley@nd.gov or cell phone 701-263-1442
  • Rep. Dwight Kiefert (Republican – District 24) dhkiefert@nd.gov or cell phone 701-490-0443
  • Rep. Todd Porter (Republican – District 34) tkporter@nd.gov or call 701-255-0812
  • Rep. Matthew Ruby (Republican – District 40) mruby@nd.gov or cell phone 701-509-8149
  • Rep. Mary Schneider (Democrat – District 21) mschneider@nd.gov or cell phone 701-306-0860
  • Rep. Kathy Skroch (Republican – District 26) kskroch@nd.gov or call 701-538-7396
  • Rep. Bill Tveit (Republican – District 33) btveit@nd.gov or cell phone 701-870-4014
  • Rep. Greg Westlind (Republican – District 15) gwestlind@nd.gov or cell phone 701-739-8275

Victory in Women’s Sports Civil Rights Case Carries Warning: Don’t Deny Female Athletes Equal Opportunity

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Washington, D.C. – Concerned Women for America (CWA) applauds the U.S. Department of Education (ED) for taking a significant step in the fight to protect the integrity of women’s sports. The ED Office for Civil Rights (OCR) has correctly ruled that the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference (CIAC) and associated schools are in violation of Title IX regulations prohibiting sex discrimination for denying female student-athletes benefits and opportunities in girls’ track by allowing the participation of male students. Among the findings: “CIAC treated students differently based on sex, by denying opportunities and benefits to female student-athletes that were available to male student-athletes.”

CWA filed a similar civil rights complaint at the college level against Franklin Pierce University for unfairly winning a national NCAA title in the 400-meter women’s hurdles with a biological male athlete.  That case is still under investigation by OCR, and we believe a similar action should follow.

Penny Nance, CEO and President of Concerned Women for America, had this to say:

“Concerned Women for America supporters from around the country have stood at the forefront of the fight to protect equal opportunity in women’s sports.  We applaud the Office for Civil Rights for finally taking action to recognize that female athletes are being denied their rights and that schools are violating the law.

“From middle school sports to the Olympics, our daughter athletes are being bullied by activists and sidelined by silence. They simply want to compete on a level playing field against athletes of their own sex. That is what Title IX achieved for female athletes over 40 years ago.

“The ruling in this case shows just how twisted and off-track women’s sports has become, and it carries a warning for all schools: don’t deny female athletes equal opportunity. CWA urges swift action on our complaint in college sports where the NCAA and member schools continue to trample the rights of female college athletes.

“This is not a left or right issue.  Women and girls, regardless of political persuasion, deserve to have the laws that protect us respected and followed, ensuring equal opportunities and benefits in sports for all female athletes.”

Is It Fair Play? How Female Athletes Are Losing in the Age of Gender Identity

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I’m the mother of two athletes, a son who currently plays college baseball and a daughter who was captain of her volleyball team and on elite club teams. Today, my daughter’s leadership, work ethic, and resiliency from sports is translating in her college endeavors, including Army ROTC.

Doors of opportunity open for female athletes through sports. But in today’s age of gender identity, this could all radically change.

Senator Birch Bayh was a Democratic Senator from Indiana who spearheaded the Title IX amendment that banned discrimination against women in college sports. Obituaries from his passing on March 14, 2019 hailed him as the “father of Title IX.”

The senator’s crowning legacy achievement will go to the grave with him if his own party has its way in passing the Equality Act…


Click here to read the rest of this column as featured in Townhall.com