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For America 131— A Prayer for God’s Light of Truth to Shine in the Darkness (Psalm 43:3)

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Lord, we ask that you send forth Your light and Your truth
Into the dark places of our society.
When we hear of the many atrocities that take place
Such as child sex trafficking, aborting of babies, corruption, lies and deceit…
At times we don’t know what to do.
But we purpose to place our eyes on You, O God.

Your Word says that the prayers of Your people
Are powerful and effective! James 5:16 tells us that
     “The heartfelt and persistent prayer of a righteous man (believer)
     can accomplish much [when put into action and made effective by God—
    it is dynamic and can have tremendous power].”

We also believe the truth found in Jeremiah 33:3 –
     “Call to Me, and I will answer you,
     and show you great and mighty things,
    which you do not know.”

Today we posture ourselves to call
Upon Your great and mighty Name with all our hearts!

You are the all-powerful, all-knowing God.
We ask that You “Summon your power, God;
Show us your strength, our God, as you have done before.”
(Psalm 68:28 NIV)
We pray that You shine Your light into the dark places
Where wicked people are trafficking children.
Apprehend them, Lord!

“Let justice run down like water,
And righteousness like a mighty stream
.” (Amos 5:24 NKJV)
May these evil doers not be able
To get away with their vile deeds any longer.
Break up their rings and set the little ones free,
In Jesus’ name!

Show us how we can be Your hands and feet in this time.
Give us Your wisdom and strategies, Lord!
You are moving in this hour,
And we purpose in our hearts to move with You!
We pray all these things in the mighty and all-powerful name of Jesus,
Trusting and believing that You hear us and will answer us.