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Day 26 – A Prayer of Trust

By April 27, 2020Blog, Covid-19
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Father God, we praise You!
We trust You; we want to obey Your statutes.
In our darkest nights we look to You—
In whom there is no darkness.

Forgive our ungratefulness and
Put in us hearts that recognize
And appreciate Your grace and mercy
Towards us, poor sinners, weak and needy.

We glory in our weakness
Because we know that in our weakness
Your power is shown to all peoples (2 Cor. 12:10),
And this is the desire of our hearts: Your glory!

Bring forth Your glory through this
Covid-19 crisis. We are struggling to
Even comprehend what the crisis is about.
Help us, Gracious Comforter.

Cover us under the shadow of Your wings,
That we may be secure—keep our families safe, Lord.
And help us be brave. Help us to fight.
Help us to stand. We do not want to be complacent.

We do take this opportunity to be still,
To know that You are God. But when You want us to move,
We want to be ready and not bend with fear
Under the threat of a terrifying enemy.

They might come with meticulously devised schemes,
With lies, disruption and even biological weapons,
But they will not succeed, we come in the name of the Lord;
Through Him, our victory is secure.

What comfort to rest in His presence!
What joy to sing the songs of deliverance!
What assurance in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob!
Our Hope and our God.


This prayer was written by CWA General Counsel Mario Diaz. Click here for more prayers from our “30 Days of Prayer in the Midst of Covid-19” effort. Here for more coronavirus-related resources.