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Day 27 – A Call for Help

By April 27, 2020Blog, Covid-19
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With one voice we cry out for our country Lord.
To You who created the world and everything in it,
Who sustains it by Your very Word,
Who sent Your only begotten Son to die for our sins.

We need Your wisdom, Father.
We need discernment, through Your Holy Spirit.
Help us find the cure for Covid-19
And help us to rebuild our lives and the economy.

So many have lost their lives’ savings,
Their jobs, their schooling, their plans.
We stand in solidarity with them,
Asking for a special blessing over their lives.

Help us to be better people.
Help us to learn from this experience and
Turn to You with renewed fervor.
In You there is hope for the hopeless.

We continue to pray for our leaders,
Our public servants, working daily to lead
Our towns, cities, states and country,
Out of the stagnation, into productiveness.

Help us move with compassion and understanding,
But help us to move. Help us!
We pray for energy and restoration.
We pray for new discoveries and inspiration.

May our prayers be a delight to Your ears—may they never cease.
Set a guard over our mouths, help us control our tongue.
Do not let our hearts incline to idleness and evil desires.
Help us embrace Your rebuke.

Our eyes turn towards the heavens, from
Where were our help comes from.
In You we seek refuge, do not leave us defenseless.
Let the wicked fall in their own traps.

Give us new revelation,
Show Yourself with power.
We thirst for revival;
We thirst for You.


This prayer was written by CWA General Counsel Mario Diaz. Click here for more prayers from our “30 Days of Prayer in the Midst of Covid-19” effort. Here for more coronavirus-related resources.