As Election Day Approaches – See What Each Party Platform Stands For

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Dear CWA of Kansas Friend,

 As Election Day approaches, do you have questions?  How will you decide?

Did you know that the 2016 Republican National Party platform says this on Page 24: “We respect the states’ authority and flexibility to exclude abortion providers from federal programs such as Medicaid and other health care and family planning programs so long as they continue to perform or refer for elective abortions or sell the body parts of aborted children.

Did you know that the 2016 Democratic National Party platform says this on Page 34: “We will fight Republican efforts to roll back the clock on women’s health and reproductive rights, and stand up for Planned Parenthood.”

Did you know that the 2016 Democratic National Party platform says this on Page 46: “Democrats believe that LBGT rights are human rights and that American foreign policy should advance the ability of all persons to live with dignity, security, and respect, regardless of who they are or who they love.

Did you know that the 2016 Republican National Party platform says this on Page 31: “Our laws and our government’s regulations should recognize marriage as the union of one man and one woman and actively promote married family life as the basis of a stable and prosperous society.

No?  Then you need to read CWA’s 2016 Party Platform Comparison.  Fourteen issues are compared: Sanctity of Life; Gender; Education; Freedom of Religion; National Sovereignty; Israel; Military; Immigration; Gun Control; Health Care; Fiscal Responsibility; Environment; Criminal Justice and Anti-Trafficking; and Election and Campaign Laws.  You and your friends should see first-hand the differences in the beliefs of each party before you vote.  Excerpts from 58 pages of Republican beliefs and 51 pages of Democratic beliefs have been condensed to seven to give you a glimpse of the heart of the two parties.

You can access this today on our website under “2016 Party Platform Comparison is Now Available!”

Please first and foremost pray.  Pray for our great state and country.  May the Christians earnestly seek the Lord before November 8.

Please take action today.

  1. Ask your church if you can hand them out as people exit the sanctuary. Or, put them on an information table.  Yes, it is legal for churches to distribute this.  It will not affect their tax status because it presents information from both parties in a nonpartisan way.  After getting approval, contact us to let us know how many you would like.
  1. Donate to Concerned Women for America of Kansas. Your gift will help put this comparison in the hands of hundreds of voters before November 8.  Your gift in any amount will educate the electorate.  Please send your tax-deductible donations to the address below, or, donate online through our website now!  Simply click on “DONATE TO YOUR STATE.”

Thank you in advance for considering this opportunity.


Barbara Saldivar

State Director
Concerned Women for America of Kansas
P.O. Box 8331
Topeka, Kansas 66608
[email protected]

Kansas Conservatives Not Being Heard

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Last week’s election resulted in long time U.S. Rep. Tim Huelskamp losing the Congressional District #1 seat.  Many conservative Kansas State Legislators who were incumbents LOST their races, also!

The 2017 legislative session may present some challenges for Concerned Women for America of Kansas.  We may not see many bills passed in favor of our issues.  We will be busy defending the great legislation that has already been passed and written into law.  We owe a great deal of thanks to these wonderful lawmakers who were voted out during this past primary.  In some cases they lost by very few votes and that gives us hope that we are still making ourselves heard.  Please keep your focus.

The big reason why the election was not favorable to them is the disagreement with the judicial branch’s decision to legislate school finance by mandating the state dollars to be spent on education.

The attacks concerning school finance and the rightful place of the legislature in control of our state budget have been causing a lot of confusion.  The media along with the National Education Association (NEA) and the Kansas NEA have misrepresented the condition of school finance.  The fact is that the Governor’s office has sent information countless times showing that the State Budget includes Education Funding at 51%.  That is right; over half of our state budget goes to education. 

 Please Pray for the upcoming General Election.  Pray for favor that there will be a large number of constituents understanding what actually is true and what is only smoke.

Take Action: Learn as much as you can about the candidates in your area. Share what you know with others.  Be prepared to vote in November and help others to understand how important it is to make all of our voices be heard. Watch for our general election voter guide.

Now more than ever is the time to be involved in defending your values in your community, our great state and America!  God bless you.  I am praying for you; you are the one who makes a difference in Kansas.


Barbara Saldivar
State Director
CWA of Kansas
(785) 260-5659
[email protected]

More Candidate Forums to be Held in Kansas – Riley and Douglas County

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Last month’s Shawnee County candidate forum was a great success! We are now making plans to have one in Riley County and one in Douglas County for the General Election Cycle.  Watch for more information to come!

Would you like to have a candidate forum in your area?

It is important that Christians educate themselves on the candidates and vote for the individuals who would best represent their values.  As believers we need to evaluate candidates based on their stand on Biblical issues such as morality, their character, and their experience and history.

Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee (CWALAC) sincerely believes that candidate forums are one of the best ways to find out this kind of information about the candidates and more.

So, will you join us by considering having a candidate forum in your area?  Give me a call!   Let’s talk about it!  It does not matter where you live!  There are people everywhere who want to exercise their God given knowledge of what is right and wrong and need to know that the candidate who will be representing them will abide by those standards.  They will benefit by asking their own questions of the candidates seeking to represent them.

Please pray and ask the Lord if you should initiate a forum for your county or city.

 Take action. Contact me at [email protected] or call 785-260-5659.  We will discuss a location for your forum, who to invite, and how to get the public notified.

Now is the time to be more involved in defending family values in your community, our great state and America. We know how to do that; together we can make a difference!


Barbara Saldivar
State Director

CWALAC of Kansas’s First of Many Candidate Forums (Shawnee County) — a Great Success!

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Candidate Forum 3Monday evening, July 25, Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee (CWALAC) of Kansas held the first of several candidate forums for this election cycle.  The focus for this forum was Shawnee County.  All county candidates were invited to participate.

It was an outstanding time.  The audience of 50 was clearly engaged.  One of the attendees said afterwards, “I am pleased to be able to hear the candidates in person because signs and advertisements were not helpful. I wanted my vote to be an educated vote.”

CWALAC of Kansas State Director Barbara Saldivar was the emcee; Heritage Christian School teacher Al Riddle was the moderator; Pastor Doug Mingus of Northland Christians Church offered prayer, and the Christian Cadet Club presented the Colors.

Candidates participating were the following:

For County Commissioner – Kevin Cook (D) and Mike Sterbenz (D)
For Sheriff – Herman T. Jones (R) and Jerry Stanley (R)
For District Attorney – Mike Kagay (R) and Keen A. Umbher (R)
For Kansas Senate (District 20) – Joe Patton (R)

The questions asked were about abortion, religious freedom, sanctuary cities, the10th Amendment and the relationships between the police department and the community.

A special thank you to Phillis Setchell, Mike and Kathy Hall, Andy Saldivar, Keith and Denise Cochran who helped in various ways.

Be an effective voter!

  • Stay tuned, we will update you as more candidate forums are put on the calendar.
  • Go to our website to view the CWALAC of Kansas 2016 Primary Election Voter Guide.
  • Let us know if you would like to assist in a candidate forum in your county.
  • Pray.

CWALAC of Kansas 2016 Primary Election Voter Guide

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Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee of Kansas
August 2, 2016 Kansas Primary Election Voter Guide

Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee of Kansas sent a nine question survey to every candidate running in the August 2, 2016, Kansas primary election for the following positions: U.S. House of Representatives, Kansas Senate, Kansas House of Representatives.

Survey questions:

      1. Should life be protected from conception until natural death?
      2. Should students, teachers, business owners, state employees, or any American be restricted from exercising their First Amendment rights in the public sector?
      3. Kansas passed a constitutional amendment in 2005 defining marriage as being between one man and one woman. Will you vote to uphold this amendment to the Kansas Constitution?
      4. Will you vote for legislation to combat violence, abuse and sex trafficking of women and children?*
      5. Will you support legislation for tax credits or other programs to be used by parents to educate their children in the school of their choosing?
      6. Would you support legislation to take fewer federal education dollars for Kansas schools?
      7. Would you support a Constitutional Amendment for direct election of the judges to return to Kansas?
      8. Do you support the judicial branch’s decision to legislate school finance by mandating the state dollars?
      9. Do you support the power delegated by the U. S. Constitution to the states and to the people in the Tenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.


      • Question 4, 6 and 7 were eliminated from the final voter guide. Question 4 was eliminated because every candidate that answered the questions answered “Yes”.  Question 6 and 7 were eliminated because the candidates generally found the question unclear.
      • If a candidate is an incumbent, his/her name is italicized.
      • If the candidate made a comment on the survey, it is on the bottom of the page.

How to use the voter guides:

      1. Find out the following districts for where you live:

U.S. Representative ______
Kansas Senate ______
Kansas Representative ______

To do so click HERE, select your county in the “UPCOMING ELECTIONS” box, click “POLLING PLACE” and fill in your address, click the “Search” button and scroll down to “Districts”.

      1. You are now ready select the voter guide for your area. Based on the U.S. congressional district, click on one of the of the following:

1st Congressional District
2nd Congressional District
3rd Congressional District
4th Congressional District

      1. View those running in the primary for senate by using your Kansas Senate district number and Representative by using your Kansas Representative district number. There may or may not be primary elections in your area for these three offices.
      2. Now, as you see, only some of the candidates filled out and returned the survey. If you would like to know where any of the candidates stand on these issues who did not answer, then go to his/her campaign website and/or call their campaign headquarters to find out.
      3. Once you have educated yourself on the candidates, pray. Pray for the candidates in your districts by name.   “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.” (Proverbs 29:2)
      4. Share this survey with friends and family.
      5. Vote on August 2.



Help Make Informative Voter’s Guides Available to Kansas Christians

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You are Needed!

According to a study done by Barna Group, 40 to 50 million self-proclaimed Christians failed to vote in the last elections. There are 82 million self-proclaimed Christians in the country, meaning almost half did not exercise their right to vote.

There are many reasons Christians don’t vote.  One of those reasons is a lack of knowledge.

Join with us as we educate Kansas Christians on the different candidates running this election.   Christians need to know where the candidates stand on issues important to them.  The Body of Christ can make a wholesome change in Kansas politics; we already have, but we can do better.

Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee (CWALAC) of Kansas has taken on a big job . . . providing voters’ guides for Christians across Kansas.  We have sent out candidate surveys to 370 candidates.  We sent them out to all candidates for the U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives, State Senate and State House.  They are now pouring in!

There is work to be done!  Will you join the CWALAC of Kansas Steering Committee in completing the project?  We need people to make phone calls, to do research via voting records, websites, Google searches and more.

Please pray and ask the Lord if one of these jobs is something He would have you do.

Take action by contacting me at [email protected] and say, “Yes, I want to be part of getting the voters’ guides out to Kansas Christians!”

Thank you in advance for considering this opportunity to affect the outcome of the 2016 elections.


Barbara Saldivar
State Director
CWALAC of Kansas
[email protected]
(785) 260-5659

Contact me any time in the future to find out how you can get more involved in defending family values in your community, our great state and America.  We have positions open for the steering committee, Chapter leaders and Home Team Captains.  We always need donations to Kansas CWA.

Pray and Take Action Concerning Obama’s Current Nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court

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Hello dear CWA friends,

The recent nomination made by our President for Judge Merrick Garland to the U.S. Supreme Court calls for urgent prayer and action.  I cannot stress strongly enough just how important this is, and it may very well be the most important thing we have prayed about for some time, even over and above who we want our next president to be. Prayer is our number one weapon; let’s use it!  Taking action is our second; let’s do it!

Judge Garland’s record on the D.C. Circuit proves that he would be a reliable fifth vote (or sixth, if you count Kennedy) for many extreme liberal priorities, like gutting the First and Second Amendment, unleashing the abortion industry (think legalizing partial-birth abortion), and helping to maintain unaccountable bureaucratic agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

“This is the most important battle of our lives.” – CEO and President of CWA Penny Nance

Pray that any selection or nomination President Obama makes to fill the vacancy in the Supreme Court of the United States will not be acted upon by the Senate.  Pray for the senators meeting with Judge Garland to be compassionate but forceful in expressing the deep concerns for our Constitutional Republic beyond the candidate himself (who has been caught in the middle of all this). Let us pray for truth and justice in accordance with God’s will. Amen!

I personally am going to be praying for Christians all over this country to be praying with us for the same goal.  We must remember that we are a majority not a minority and that those who believe in Almighty God have the power to move mountains if they believe they can.  Thanks be to the Lord, we are more than conquerors and we are also overcomers.

Please Take Action:

  • Call and/or e-mail our U.S. Senators and ask them to not accept or vote upon any nominations for the U.S. Supreme Court that are made by President Obama. The main goal is not to allow any Supreme Court nominations to be accepted or approved by our members of the U.S. Senate until after the elections and after the inauguration of the new President, whoever that may be.

Pat Roberts (R)

Jerry Moran (R)
(202) 224-6521

  • Call and/or e-mail Chairman of the Judiciary Committee Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa).  Thank him for his commitment to not allowing any nominees a hearing.  He needs our support now!

Chuck Grassley
(202) 224-3744

  • Stay informed, regularly read about this issue at
  • Pass this e-mail on to like-minded friends and family.

God bless America.

Kansas Legislative Update – Bills, Bills!

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Click here to find out who your representative and senator are and how to contact them.

Sex Opt In (HB 2199) – requires school districts to get approval from parents for sexuality education by opting in instead of out.  HB 2199 is in the House and will possibly be voted on this week.

Action: Contact your representative and ask him/her to vote YES on HB 2199.

Local Control of Kansas Education (HB 2292) gives local control over Kansas Education relating to the student data privacy act.  It is important that this bill pass with no amendments.

Action: Contact Speaker of the House Ray Merrick (R-District 27) and encourage him to bring HB 2292 to the house floor for a vote.  And then contact your representative and ask him/her to vote YES on HB 2292 with no amendments when it comes to the floor.

Tax Credit for Schools (HB 2457) – tax credit for low income scholarship program.  Will give more opportunity for low income students.

Action: Contact your representative and ask him/her to vote YES on HB 2457.

Charitable Healthcare Providers (HB 2615) – allows physicians and dentists to donate charity care to low-income Kansans.  The physicians and dentists will benefit in receiving continuing education credits.  The idea was formulated by Rep. Dan Hawkins (R-Wichita).  HB 2615 is currently in the Committee on Public Health and Welfare.

Action: Contact the members of the committee and encourage them to vote YES on HB 2615. Click here for their names and contact information.

No do not Resuscitate Order (SB 437) – requires written permission of at least one parent or legal guardian of the patient or resident under 18 years of age.

Action:  Contact your senator and encourage him/her to vote YES SB 437.

Prayer: Please pray for the Senate and the House members, their leadership and Gov. Brownback.  The pressure builds, and they and their families need His Presence to see them through the session.  Pray for unity among the like-minded conservatives. When we speak the word of God with boldness, we become one as what took place in Acts 4:31&32.

Please forward this information to family and friends to pray and take action.

You are a blessing with all you do.  I appreciate your prayers and assistance.


Kansas Education Committee Passes Common Core Bill – HB 2292

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Four years of effort by CWA of Kansas and other pro-family groups has been put into getting this bill out of committee.  Last Wednesday, February 17, it finally happened!  Kansas House Education Committee passed a bill that effectively disables the Common Core requirement and returns local control to Kansas!

Committee Chair, Rep. Ron Highland (R-District 51), Rep. Tony Barton (R-District 41) and Rep. Joseph Scapa (R-District 88) were very instrumental in getting the job done. A big thank you goes to each one of these representatives.  They kept their word under a great deal of duress.

Prayer:  Pray for unity and courage among conservative representatives.  They will have a great deal of negative opposition.  Pray that they can focus on God and do what is on their hearts and minds to do … get this bill out of the House with no amendments.

Action:  The opposition is gearing up to keep this bill from going forward.  Let us do all we can to get it passed.

  1. Please ask the following legislators to pass HB 2292 with no amendments:
  • Call Speaker Ray Merrick (R-District 27) at 785-296-2302 and/or e-mail him at [email protected].
  • Call and/or e-mail your representative.  Find their name and contact information here.  Click on “Find Your Legislator” if you don’t know them by name.
  • Thank the four representatives listed above for their effort.  Click here for their contact information.

2. Please ask Gov. Sam Brownback to sign the bill if it comes to him.  Call his office at 785-296-3232 and/or click here to e-mail him.

Thank you for all you do.  You are women and men of courage and strength to step up to this challenge and all the challenges of the past and future.  Please be involved with your local CWA Chapter.  Contact me to find out if there is one in your area and/or how to start one.