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Great News! Kansas Statute Now Allows Choose Life License Plates! Purchase Yours Today!

By March 1, 2019Kansas
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[Click here to view/print brochure.]


In 2002 the Kansas state legislature approved the Choose Life license plate. Unfortunately, the governor at the time, Bill Graves, vetoed the bill. Years of hard work by pro-life individuals and organizations was stalled.

Fast forward to February of 2018. Rep. Trevor Jacobs (R-District 4) was asked by a constituent if the state had Choose Life license plates. Rep. Jacobs immediately researched the situation to find that Kansas did not have such plates. Without delay he introduced in the House Transportation Committee, HB 2678, that would make Choose Life license plates available for purchase in Kansas.  He then asked Sen. Richard Hilderbrand (R-District 13) to introduce a companion bill in the Senate, in which he graciously obliged.

HB 2678 was then combined with other groups wanting specialty plates, it passed both the House and Senate and was signed into law July 1, 2018 by Governor Coyer.

Looking back, we give thanks to God for inspiring Rep. Jacobs at the time in which He did. Any later and it more than likely would not have been signed into law by today’s governor.

To date 33 states have now passed pro-life license plate legislation–Kansas is  proudly included.

The Plate Challenge

The Department of Revenue requires that at least 1,000 plates be sold for $40 each by January 1, 2020, before the plates can go into production. Be one of the first 1,000 to obtain a Choose Life license plate!

Christians for Life, Inc. and Concerned Women for America of Kansas are sharing the responsibility of collecting names and payments from persons who want the plates. When at least 1,000 plates are sold, the information and payments will be turned over to the Kansas Department of Revenue (KDOR). Then KDOR will in turn issue all individuals a certificate of no charge that can be used to purchase the plates in their county. The plates will then be made permanently available along with all the other issue-specific plates Kansas has to offer.

The Brochure

Click here to view and print the Choose Life brochure.

Act on the Facts

  • Fill out the back panel of the brochure, or go to, to be one of the first 1,000 people in Kansas to obtain a Choose Life license plate!
  • Encourage others to do the same! Go our website and print off the Choose Life brochure to distribute. Or, email us to order brochures to distribute.
  • Involve your church! Approach your pastor to find out if you can distribute the brochure in church.


Pray that thousands of people will purchase these plates so that the message of life is proclaimed all over the state.  Pray these plates will deter those contemplating abortion, encourage many to minister to someone they know who is contemplating abortion, and inspire many to vote accordingly.


Barbara Saldivar
State Director
CWA of Kansas
Facebook: Concerned Women for America of Kansas