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One Step Closer to Giving Birthmothers and Adoptive Parents Faith-Based Options

By July 18, 2018Kansas
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Last week with the help of myself and fellow state directors, CWA National had a big victory in the House Appropriations Committee when U.S. Rep. Robert Aderholt’s (R-Alabama-District 4) Adoption Amendment passed 29-23.  This amendment ensures that government agencies receiving federal funds cannot discriminate against a child welfare provider on the basis of that provider’s “sincerely held religious beliefs or moral convictions.”  This amendment is similar to the Adoption Protection Act, SB 284, that Gov. Jeff Coyer signed into Kansas law on May 4, 2018.

Our own U.S. Rep. Kevin Yoder (R-District 3) was on that committee, and he voted for the amendment.

Now the essence of the amendment is capsulated in the Child Welfare Provider Inclusion Act. House version is HR 1881, and the Senate version is S 811.

This legislation includes, not excludes, faith-based adoption and foster care agencies; birth mothers and families will have the freedom to choose a provider that shares their faith and values. This legislation recognizes that these agencies are desperately needed on the playing field, especially as more and more children are being displaced from their homes by opium addiction.

This is an important step in our efforts to ensure government is not hostile to one’s sincerely held religious beliefs.  Nine in ten Americans agree that birthmothers should have the freedom to choose an agency for adoption that shares her religious values and moral convictions.

So far Rep. Yoder is the only one who has co-sponsored the House version and no one has co-sponsored the Senate version.


  1. Please thank Rep. Yoder for voting “Yes” on the Adoption Amendment. Click here to contact him.
  2. Write our other U.S. Representatives, Rodger Marshall (R-District 1), click here to do so, Lynn Jenkins (R-District 2), click here to do so, and Ron Estes(R-District 4), click here to do so. Encourage them to vote for HR1881.

As this legislation continues through the legislative process, please be praying for the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives.  Pray they will see the truth that it is not discrimination as some will try to convince them.

CWA National will continue their efforts to get the Child Welfare Provider Inclusion Act with the Aderholt Amendment passed into law. Let us do the same at CWA of Kansas.

Thank you and many blessings.

Barbara Saldivar
State Director
CWA of Kansas