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The People v. Obama’s Transgender Mandate

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Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 12.38.35 PMUsing government force to bring about liberal policies at any cost seems to be one of President Obama’s favorite past times.  One of his latest moves has been to try to force schools, under the threat of losing vital government funding, to open their restrooms so that transgender students and school workers can use the bathroom, locker room, shower, or overnight facility of their choice. Read More

Supreme Court Stays Ruling Forcing Schools to Allow Transgender Students to Use the Bathroom of Their Choice

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CWALAC_MediaStatementWashington, D.C. – The Supreme Court has put on hold a Fourth Circuit Court ruling requiring a Virginia school district to accommodate a transgender high school student’s request to use the boys’ bathroom. The justices split 5-3 on the issue to temporarily lift the obligation of the Gloucester County school system to allow one of their students to use the bathroom of her choice in accordance with Obama Administration guidance. CWA CEO and President Penny Nance has this to say:

“We commend the Supreme Court for voting to stay this case and encourage them to do the right thing when the time comes to rule on the merits.

“This case is a result of yet another Obama Administration overreach. To require schools to allow students into any bathroom of their choice is an overstep on legal boundaries by redefining the scope and reach of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and slapping the heavy hand of government on local schools.

“This would also impact the use of showers, locker rooms, school travel and more. This unwise and rash policy would favor the desires of a small group over young women with religious, cultural, and modesty concerns. The Court should not shove this unwise policy on the states.

“Schools all over this nation have rightly worked on a case-by-case basis to accommodate kids struggling with gender dysphoria. They should not be forced by big government to violate the privacy of other students and perhaps even create trauma for the very kids Obama pretends to protect. Local school districts, with the input of parents and health professionals, should be setting school policy on such a sensitive and controversial issue, not Washington.

“Finally, the left always uses children to accomplish its goals of social reengineering. The adults closest to these children should decide what’s best for all the children in the school. Safety and kindness should be the guiding principles, not threats from the bullies in Washington. We hope the Supreme Court agrees.”

Valuing Life in the Special Needs Community

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Chandler's friend, Jason Dohrman, is a senior at Sparkman High School in Harvest, Alabama.

Chandler’s friend, Jason Dohrman, is a senior at Sparkman High School in Harvest, Alabama.

Every life is a gift. Each of us is fearfully and wonderfully made. If our society advocates for equality and opportunity for all, we must ensure the right to life, especially for those who cannot speak up for themselves. Nearly 90 percent of babies in the womb diagnosed with a disability like Down syndrome are aborted. This statistic is absolutely unfathomable.

The claim of atheist apologist Richard Dawkins that “it is immoral not to abort a baby with Down syndrome,” breaks my heart in more ways than one. My heart is broken because the very individuals who take this horrific stance are likely to have missed out on the opportunity to form the beautiful relationships that I have developed which have positively affected me. Some of my most cherished friendships are those that I share with my Down syndrome friends, who are extra-special to me.

With this in mind, Congress MUST pass H.R. 36, the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, into law. The passage of this 20-week abortion ban would prevent the termination of an innocent child’s life past 20 weeks for any non-fatal reason — including those with diagnosed disabilities. The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act is important to all lives, but today I’m advocating for the passage of this legislation for our special needs community.

Let me share a personal anecdote:

Before my birth, my soon-to-be mother took a number of standard prenatal tests, and one indicated she was at high risk for having a child born with Down syndrome. My mother was encouraged by her nurse to undergo the prenatal testing procedure known as “amniocentesis.” According to my mother, our family medical records were not, and have not been, as readily available due to my family’s origin, which is one of the reasons they proceeded with the testing. As my parents were sitting in the waiting room, many of the couples surrounding them had a history of Down syndrome in their families. During the procedure, with the assistance of an ultrasound, a needle punctured my mother’s abdominal wall into her uterus to retrieve amniotic fluid for testing. This fluid contained fetal cells that were examined for chromosome testing to determine whether or not I, her baby, had Down syndrome.

By no means were my young and expecting parents considering an abortion, but they were desperately seeking answers to a question that they assumed a test would correctly answer.

The test led the doctors to believe I would be born with an extra chromosome. I would have Down syndrome.

The test was inaccurate. The test was also later labeled by my mother’s doctor, not her nurse who originally suggested the test, as an invalid and unreliable test.

Based on this personal anecdote, my concern is heightened for mothers like mine who achingly receive these (potentially inaccurate) results and, unlike my mother, regretfully choose to end their child’s life. The majority of abortions done to children diagnosed with disabilities occur after the 20-week period, and since the most informative testing procedures take place between 18-20 weeks gestation, there may be a correlation between the two.

This must stop. Congress must pass the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act.

I believe every child is a child of the Lord and deserves the right to life to fulfill a meaningful purpose. My heart beats wildly for the special needs community, and it manifests outwardly in the relationships that I have with my extra-special friends. Two of my friends have truly epitomized what it means to exude a genuine joy. Jason and Chad are brothers; they both have special needs, and their parents willingly adopted them. I am confident there are families who are actively seeking the opportunity to serve as loving parents to those with special needs.

Statistically speaking, 79 percent of parents said their lives were more positive as a result of their child with Down syndrome. Ninety-nine percent of people with Down syndrome reported they were happy with their lives.

Let us value opportunities for others. Let us value friendships, sons, and daughters.

Let us value life itself.

“I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well,” Psalm 139:14.



Tim LaHaye, Evangelical Leader and Husband of CWA Founder, Passes at 90

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Washington, D.C. -Penny Young Nance, CEO and President of Concerned Women for America, said today regarding the death of Dr. Tim LaHaye, husband of CWA’s founder and Chairman Dr. Beverly LaHaye:

“My heart is heavy today with the news that Dr. Tim LaHaye has passed from here into his eternal home in Heaven. I have so many fond memories of him, including going running together in California and China when we were both younger. He cared about everyone, whether a prisoner or a billionaire, the same. He was a true Biblical scholar with a fascinating intellect and a deep love for his wife and children.

“He was always so kind and encouraging to me. Before I submitted the final draft of my book, Feisty and Feminine: A Rallying Cry for Conservative Women, he generously agreed to review the chapter on why Christians must support Israel and give me thoughts and feedback. It was a privilege to receive advice from one the all-time best-selling Christian writers. In the last couple of years, I would call to talk to my boss, Mrs. LaHaye, and end up having lovely conversations with Dr. LaHaye, which he would always end them with a word of encouragement. He would say, ‘Penny we love you, and we are proud of you, and we pray every day for you.’ I join his family and people around the nation in mourning our loss, but I know he is in Heaven enjoying worshiping at Jesus’ feet and refining his knowledge and views on eschatology.”

For an interview with Penny Nance contact Janae Stracke at or 712-269-1724.

CWA Response to Thursday’s RNC Speeches

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CWALAC_MediaStatementCleveland, OH -Thursday, July 21, Penny Nance CEO and President of Concerned Women for America said:

“Donald Trump made further gains with American voters by powerfully challenging the narrative that America’s best years are behind us.  He presented an inspirational vision for Americans on key issues including national security, crime, taxes, the economy and education. His reaffirmation of his promise to only appoint constitutionalists to the courts and to support Israel will resonate again with Evangelical Christians.  I believe that as Americans begin to pay closer attention to this race, Donald Trump will continue to attract new voters to the Republican party.

“Perhaps the Trump campaign had new voters in mind with two speakers in particular.  In Peter Thiel’s (PayPal Co-Founder and Venture Capitalist), address he brought up the recent controversy surrounding transgender bathroom usage in his speech. He said, ‘Now we are told that the greatest debate is about who gets to use which bathroom. This is a distraction from our real problems. Who cares?’ Concerned Women for America respectfully disagrees. Though our country faces many issues, it does not diminish the importance of other issues such as protecting the safety and privacy of women and children.

“While trying to make one minority group comfortable, open bathroom and shower policies ignore the feelings of women who have been abused or who have cultural and religious modesty concerns which make them uncomfortable with men in their bathroom or showers. Concerned Women for America cares about this policy because it creates an enormous opportunity for abuse, as other men may use it to gain access to the vulnerable. There are currently about 850,000 sexual predators on the national registry who will use any pretext to access innocent women and children.

“The Obama Administration began this conversation by working to coerce states and schools into abandoning common sense. Mr. Thiel shares some of our conservative principles, and we are happy to work with like-minded people in the areas where we can agree and specifically for his safety from Islamic fascist.  But we must respectfully disagree with his statements tonight. We take comfort in knowing that there are better solutions which consider everyone’s needs.

“In addition, despite Donald Trump’s clear promise to clean up America’s 19 trillion dollars in debt, Ivanka Trump’s speech may have hinted at new government entitlements.  She suggested in her speech that her father, Donald Trump, as President would work towards equal pay and affordable child care. She is correct in her assessment that motherhood is the dividing line in the pay gap.  For single mothers, this is particularly difficult.  We look forward to market-based approaches to this issue instead of more warmed over, bureaucratic solutions.   Seventy percent of parents with children five and under say that one parent at home is the best child care arrangement during a child’s earliest years. When parents were asked to rank nine childcare options for pre-school children, they ranked government-run childcare centers dead last. Mothers often prefer home care by a relative, even when other childcare is convenient. Rather than imposing more government, lets lower the tax burden on families as a means to achieve the affordable childcare of their choice.”


*For more information and statistics please see CWA’s A War No More: The Truth Behind the “War on Women” booklet here.