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Week of Prayer for Kavanaugh – Day 5

By September 1, 2018LBB
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Oh Lord, help us to climb out of this awful pit
we are in where so many of us cannot see the truth.
Indeed, many do not want to see it.
We pray specifically today for the members of our national media.

Give them courage and curiosity.
Give them a thirst for truth and justice.
Send more of your people to shine a light
in this important area.

We thank You for Your mercy towards
our land for so many years.
We thank You for our freedoms.
We thank you for the freedom of the press.

Help us to learn from our past mistakes,
to respond to Your discipline,
and to seek after all that is good
and true and beautiful.

Help the media, as it covers this nomination,
to present truth and to reject the manipulations
from those seeking personal gain
from distorting Judge Kavanaugh’s record.


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Click here to access an easy-to-print version of the prayer guide for this week.  Click here to add your name to the hundreds praying for Judge Kavanaugh.