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Week of Prayer for Kavanaugh – Day 4

By August 31, 2018LBB
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Our Father in heaven,
we lift up Judge Brett Kavanaugh and his family to You.
Only You can prepare a man for a humanly impossible task,
and that is precisely what Judge Kavanaugh faces.

Protect him and his family. Give them patience
and grace as they face unkindness and outright slander.
Let the vicious attacks of the enemy not touch their hearts and minds.
Let them not grow weary through it all.

We thank You for preparing him for this moment.
We thank You for this merciful opportunity
to see a man committed to justice and truth
appointed to the nation’s highest court.

Give him words of wisdom, clarity of mind,
humility and grace as he gets ready for the hearings.


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Click here to access an easy-to-print version of the prayer guide for this week.  Click here to add your name to the hundreds praying for Judge Kavanaugh.