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The Dark World of Abortion Part IV: Abortion is Big Business

By September 2, 2014Legal, News and Events
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This the final part of our series on the Esquire article “The Abortion Ministry of Dr. Willie Parker.” Here is Part I: “More Oversight Needed,” Part II: “Special Treatment” and Part III,“Don’t Think; Just Conceal.”

I agree with writer John H. Richardson that Dr. Willie Parker is an abortion “minister,” more than a doctor. He promotes abortion as good for women, not as something that is unfortunately necessary, as some people think of abortion. But Richardson and I seem to disagree greatly on the type of “minister” Dr. Parker is. Richardson tries to portray a lone missionary on the fields of a far away country, ministering to the needy at great cost and sacrifice. He highlights how the doctor, “decided to give up his fancy career to become an abortion provider.” But the facts don’t bear that out at all.

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