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Target’s Anti-Christian Bias Exposed in Letter to Corporate Executive

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For Immediate Release
June 1, 2023


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Target’s Anti-Christian Bias Exposed
in Letter to Corporate Executive

CWA #TossTarget Campaign Continues in June to Counter Gender Agenda

Washington, D.C. – Today, Concerned Women for America (CWA), the country’s largest public policy women’s organization, sent a letter to Target Chairman and CEO Brian Cornell urging the corporation to stop its continued efforts to marginalize Christian, conservative women and their families through the aggressive promotion of the radical personal values of a few.

“Target has chosen to become an agent for a radical ideology that views Christian, conservative women with disdain, simply for standing against the militant agenda that Target espouses,” stated the letter, signed by CWA CEO and President CEO, Penny Nance. “Target showed great disdain for our concerns about privacy and safety in women’s spaces a few years ago when we were forced to boycott your retail outlets because of your insistence on allowing men who self-identify as women in women-only spaces. To follow that sour experience with an ever-increasing, aggressive push for the most radical elements of LGBTQ+ ideology is mindboggling. This year’s partnership with a Satanist-inspired brand pushing gender transition on young children is particularly offensive.

“Why would you intentionally disparage the faith of millions of your loyal customers? This move exposes the fraudulent nature of the ‘inclusion’ you purport to promote. Is it necessary to put down one group of people to support another? Unfortunately, the answer from the radical elements with which Target has aligned itself is ‘yes.’”

CWA is rallying its supporters, state leaders and activists, its Young Women for America chapters, and others to join this effort to #TossTarget, especially during the month of June when the “pride” paraphernalia will be on display everywhere. Posted on its website is a list of alternatives to many of the companies that push the radical gender agenda on their customers.

“Target has been on the wrong side of family issues for many years, and it’s time we take our business elsewhere for good and let their executives and managers know why,” said Nance. “Their incredibly offensive decision to side with a minority of Americans (7.2%) who identify as LGBTQ over women and children of faith is simply something we can no longer tolerate.” 

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