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CWA Calls Out Target’s “Anti-Christian, Anti-Women, and Anti-Children Policies”

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Editor’s Note: click here for original PDF version as sent to the company.

June 1, 2023

Mr. Brian Cornell
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer,
Target Corporation
1000 Nicollet Mall
Minneapolis, MN 55403 

Dear Mr. Cornell:

On behalf of the hundreds of thousands of Concerned Women for America (CWA) supporters around the country, many of whom are moms with young children, I write to express our objections to Target’s continued effort to marginalize Christian, conservative women and their families through the aggressive promotion of the radical personal values of a few. In a pluralistic society, a multi-billion-dollar corporation like Target should respect its diverse customer base.

Instead, Target has chosen to become an agent for a radical ideology that views Christian, conservative women with disdain, simply for standing against the militant agenda that Target espouses. Target showed great disdain for our concerns about privacy and safety in women’s spaces a few years ago, when we were forced to boycott your retail outlets because of your insistence on allowing men who self-identify as women in women-only spaces.

To follow that sour experience with an ever-increasing, aggressive push for the most radical elements of LGBTQ+ ideology is mindboggling. This year’s partnership with a Satanist-inspired brand pushing gender transition on young children is particularly offensive. Why would you intentionally disparage the faith of millions or your loyal customers? This move exposes the fraudulent nature of the “inclusion” you purport to promote.

Is it necessary to put down one group of people to support another? Unfortunately, the answer from the radical elements with which Target has aligned itself is “yes.” And, as so many other times in our history, the particular group that ends up losing is women.

For example, your promotion of the bizarre concept of “tuck-friendly” swimwear has not occurred in a vacuum. It comes at a time when the debate over women’s sports is at its highest pitch. At the center of that debate was a swimmer for the University of Pennsylvania who soared from a mid-500s ranking at the start of his career in men’s competition to the top of the rankings after switching to the women’s competition. Some young women who lost in that injustice have been forced to speak out. These women have been under intense pressure from the culture and the media. One brave young woman was held against her will for hours by trans activists because she was standing up for women’s sports.

Unfortunately, Target has aligned itself with radical elements that are targeting women who are simply expressing their reasonable frustration with unfair competition. These extremists, such as the designer you sought to represent your brand, label these brave women “transphobes” for taking a principled stand in support of female athletes. You sought the designer precisely because of the pro-LGBTQ+ designs that included a guillotine with the words “Homophobe Headrest,” the death skull with the words “Transphobe Collector,” and the “Cure Transphobia, Not Trans People” sweatshirt.

We understand you tried to tamp down the designs to make the message palatable for a broader audience in your quest to move the culture to your side slowly, but this action shows the more sinister side of your agenda. You intentionally target children with extremist propaganda. From the children’s mannequins used to promote “pride”, to pro-LGBTQ+ baby clothing, to books urging children to “come out” or promoting the “ABCs” of deconstructing gender, your agenda is blatantly obvious.

At a time when so many countries worldwide are showing great hesitation to the current push for the early transition of minors, Target has moved full steam ahead with the reckless promotion of this controversial practice. Once again, the issue of early transition is disproportionally affecting young women. Does Target care about the damage it helps spread? To understand how your actions hurt young women, I would recommend Abigail Shrier’s “Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters.”

So, we find ourselves, once again, calling on our hundreds of thousands of supporters to boycott Target for the month of June. Perhaps this action will encourage Target to respect all of its customers, rather than promoting extremist anti-Christian, anti-women, and anti-children policies that alienate a large segment of your corporation’s customer base. We hope you will reconsider the direction your company is taking.

Penny Nance
CEO & President
Concerned Women for America

Editor’s Note: click here for original PDF version as sent to the company.