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Statue of Goddess Plethora to Be Erected in San Antonio

By November 22, 2017Texas
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Believe it or not, the Bexar County Commissioners Court in San Antonio, Texas, has decided to use tax dollars to fund a monument dedicated to a pagan goddess. It is to be placed by the San Pedro Creek, which is actually on property under the San Antonio River Authority. The artist commissioned to create this statue has stated his statue will represent the pagan goddess Plethora. According to The Rivard Report, Rodriguez-Gerada states in his proposal that the sculpture is an allegorical representation of an archetypal goddess, evoking an image of “a maternal, providing protector who is venerated and powerful.” The county has decided to spend $735,000 on a statue that favors a specific religion. How can a county do this?

Using public funds to erect a statue of a goddess on public property is illegal and unconstitutional. The Constitution of Texas and the United States Constitution both have a clause regarding the establishment of religion. This action by the Bexar County Commissioners Court violates this clause.

This pagan statue will offend many citizens of San Antonio as it does not represent their values and beliefs.

Interestingly, the synonyms for the word “plethora” are excess, overabundance, superabundance, surplus, glut, superfluity, surfeit, and profusion.  With a price tag of $735,000, the name is quite appropriate.

The Scriptures clearly teach about the penalty for worshipping pagan gods.  Ezekiel 6:4-7 says, “So your altars will become desolate and your incense altars will be smashed, and I will make your slain fall in front of your idols. (5) I will also lay the dead bodies of the sons of Israel in front of their idols, and I will scatter your bones around your altars. (6) In all your dwellings, cities will become waste and the high places will be desolate, that your altars may become waste and desolate, your idols may be broken and brought to an end, your incense altars may be cut down, and your works may be blotted out. (7) The slain will fall among you, and you will know that I am the LORD.”

Please Pray:  Ask the Lord to thwart the plans of the enemy.  Pray insurmountable issues arise that prevent this statue from being built and erected.

Take Action:

  1. If you live in Bexar County, please contact the judge and county commissioners of the Bexar County Commissioners Court as well as the San Antonio River Authority Board of Directors. Express your disapproval of this statue and that you would like them to do all they can to reverse the decision.
  2. Please forward this e-alert to all those you know in Bexar County and ask them to both pray and act on this situation immediately.

The Judge and County Commissioners of Bexar County Commissioners Court:

The Honorable Judge Nelson Wolff
Bexar County Commissioners Court
(210) 335-2626

Commissioner Sergio “Chico” Rodriguez
Bexar County, Precinct 1
(210) 335-2611

Commissioner Paul Elizondo
Bexar County, Precinct 2
(210) 335-2612

Commissioner Kevin Wolff
Bexar County, Precinct 3
(210) 335-2618

Commissioner Tommy Calvert
Bexar County, Precinct 4
(210) 335-2614

The San Antonio River Authority Board of Directors:

Michael W. Lackey, P.E.
Bexar County District 3
Chairman of the Board

Hector R. Morales
Bexar County At-Large

James Fuller
Goliad County
Executive Committee Member-At-Large

Jim Campbell
Bexar County District 4

Alicia Lott Cowley
Goliad County

John J. Flieller
Wilson County

Gaylon J. Oehlke
Karnes County

Darrell T. Brownlow, Ph.D.
Wilson County

Lourdes Galvan
Bexar County District 2
Executive Committee Member-At-Large

Jerry G. Gonzales
Bexar County District 1

Deb Bolner Prost
Bexar County At-Large

H.B. “Trip” Ruckman III
Karnes County




Ann Hettinger

State Director

CWA of Texas