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South Dakota Legislative Session-Week 6 Update

By February 18, 2024South Dakota
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“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” Galatians 6:9

Legislative Update – Week 6

HB1257 is a bill to require age verification by websites containing material harmful to minors. Minors are able to download explicit pornography off the internet without proving their age. HB1257 would require age verification for anyone seeking access to these websites.

Pornography is a public health crisis. According to a national survey, 75% of boys and 70% of girls said they had watched online pornography, with the average age they started was twelve. They even watch at school. HB1257 passed unanimously in committee last week and we expect it to continue that positive trend. Watch for more information on this topic in our spring newsletter.

HB1244 is a bill to provide a process to withdraw a signature from a petition for an initiated measure, constitutional amendment, or a referendum on a law in certain situations. While “Dakotans for Health” has been busy gathering signatures for the abortion ballot initiative, Life Defense Fund has been standing near them urging people to Decline to Sign the abortion measure. Many times, people have been told lies about the amendment, like, “It’s a pro-life measure” or “Sign the petition to repeal the food tax.”  When they find out they have been deceived, they seek a way to get their name off the petition. HB1244 will provide that process to withdraw their signature. HB1244 passed in the House State Affairs Committee and will be heard in the House next week.

HB1224 required the creation of an informational video explaining our state’s abortion law that bans abortion in our state. HB1224 will clarify the current law as some in the medical field are questioning what is legal and what is not. HB1224 passed in the House this week. We are confident it will pass in the Senate as well.

HB1178 is a good bill that would prohibit the Board of Regents or any institution under its control from using state resources for obscene live conduct. It passed in the full House with a vote of 59-8. It will now go to the Senate.  

TAKE ACTION: Contact your senator using our Action Center HERE and ask them to SUPPORT HB 1178.  

HCR6008, is a  resolution that expresses that the legislature is opposing an initiated measure to place the right to an abortion in the Constitution of South Dakota.

I urge you to download and print HCR6008 as it has good information concerning the abortion measure which could be on the ballot in November. Share it with your friends and church family urging them to vote No on this measure. We are pleased that it has passed both the House and the Senate. Check the votes here.

Pray that this ballot measure fails: Lord You are the author of life. We are created in Your image to have a relationship with You. We thank You that You know and love each one of Your creation. Help the people of South Dakota to understand the evil of the proposed abortion measure. Give us wisdom and the opportunity to share its anti-life message with others so more people are educated. Help us to respect life and keep South Dakota a pro-life state. In Jesus name, Amen

Thank you for your faithfulness in prayer and action.

Linda Schauer
State Director