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SB 167 passes out of Senate and now heads to the House!

By February 26, 2014Georgia
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SB 167 passed out of the Senate today 34-16. The bill now moves on to the House Education Committee, and is expected to be heard in committee on Wednesday, March 5.

Here is one paragraph from Sen. Ligon’s press release.
“Passage of this bill today represents the hard work of many people over the course of two years. This bill is the first major piece of legislation that has passed anywhere in the nation that has allowed the voice of the people to clearly say that national standards are unacceptable,” stated Sen. Ligon. “This bill draws the line in the sand that Georgia will no longer be bound by national standards or the testing of national standards or be obligated to special interests. The people of Georgia, through this legislation, finally can begin to reclaim their educational sovereignty over what their children are taught in public schools. Georgia citizens should never again be shut out of the process as they were when the Common Core was ushered into this state.”

Action item:

  • Contact Rep. Brooks Coleman (R- Duluth), Chairman of the House Education Committee at 404-656-9210 and Rep. Mike Dudgeon (R-Johns Creek), Vice Chair of the committee at 404-656-0298.
  • Contact the members of the House Education Committee. Click here for a list of the committee members.

Urge each one to vote in favor of SB 167, and to vote in favor of only the amendments approved by Sen. Ligon (bill sponsor).

“Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His love endures forever.” Psalm 107:1 

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