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Save Women’s Sports with Riley Gaines and YWA Clemson

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On Wednesday, April 19, the Young Women for America (YWA) Chapter at Clemson University hosted 12x NCAA All-American swimmer and Independent Women’s Forum Spokeswoman Riley Gaines to speak on the importance of keeping female sports for females only.

Riley shared her experience of national titles and achievement recognition being stolen from her by male swimmer Lia Thomas who identifies as a woman. At this event, 135 people came to hear Riley share her story of tying with Thomas at the NCAA women’s swimming championship but being told that Thomas would receive the trophy for “photo purposes.” Most importantly, Riley spoke to the reality that the ideology of transgenderism is ultimately spiritual warfare and answered many questions from the audience with encouragement to continue to deny the lie in our culture that men can become women.

YWA Southern Regional Coordinator Julia Campbell also had the opportunity to share about Concerned Women for America (CWA) and YWA. She spoke on CWA’s seven core issues and how we seek to pray for, advocate for, and educate the younger generation on Biblical principles and Constitutional values. She also shared YWA’s ongoing efforts on this issue, which includes YWA leaders testifying on fairness in women’s sports bills in six states in the last two legislative sessions, rallying outside the Georgia Tech Aquatic Center for the NCAA women’s swimming championships, and speaking at events led by U.S Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy (R-California).

We are proud of the YWA Clemson chapter’s work to bring Riley Gaines to campus. We will continue to advocate through events, media, and lobbying until every female athlete has a safe and fair playing field.

YWA Clemson members, YWA chapter president Emily Cope, and YWA regional coordinator Julia Campbell on stage before the event.
YWA Clemson members, YWA chapter president Emily Cope, YWA regional coordinator Julia Campbell, and speaker Riley Gaines.