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Republican Debate Underscores Uncertain Times

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A Google search for how many people watched the August 23 Fox debate revealed that “An impressive 23.9 million viewers turned their attention to Fox News to watch the debate, breaking previous records and making it the highest-rated Republican presidential primary debate to date.” But if “impressive” is the right term to describe that number of viewers (and it is), what do you say about former President Donald Trump’s rivaling interview with Tucker Carlson on “X” drawing 195 million views and counting, as of the writing of this account?

We can, at the very least, say we are witnessing a shift in the media’s power structure. We don’t quite know the effect these new power dynamics will have in the election, but we cannot deny they are indeed having an impact. The same can be said of many other aspects of our polity today. This week President Trump was indicted for the fourth time in little over four months in the state of Georgia. I have documented the unprecedented abuse of power at the U.S. Department of Justice and beyond, warning about the potential disastrous consequences going forward, but the ripple effects are truly unknown.

We are living in uncertain times. If you are also feeling the effects of our times in your life and, perhaps even more importantly, in your thinking of the issues we face as a nation, let me offer some useful words. In Jesus’ Parable of the Wise and Foolish Builders, the difference between building on the rock or on shifting sand is the application of the Word of God…

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