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Pro-Abortion Bill Vetoed by Gov. Brown!

By October 4, 2018California
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Prayer Warriors! SB 320 was vetoed by Gov. Brown!  This bill would have offered chemical abortions up to 10 weeks of pregnancy to students on campuses of California State Universities.

Praise God this bill was vetoed!  Babies were saved!  Young mothers on campuses were saved from such harmful, even fatal procedures.  Thank you to all of you for praying and taking action! Your persistent calls and letters influenced our own California governor!

“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” Galatians 6:9

There are so many miracles happening in California! First with AB 2943 withdrawn and now SB 320 vetoed!

Stopping SB 320 has prevented so much blood from being shed on California campuses, and it has prevented so much harm from happening to California students. This is a big win for LIFE!!!  Let’s keep this in mind as we head to the polls on November 6.  We should put great importance on the influence of our votes.  Make sure you, your friends and family are registered to vote. California needs leaders who value life, faith and family!

Please take action:  Contact Gov. Brown and thank him for vetoing SB 320. He needs to know we appreciate this veto. Be sure to let him know that you are a member of Concerned Women for America of California.

Pray with me, “Thank You Lord that Gov. Brown did the right thing and vetoed SB 320. This is so timely Lord, that this has happened during the 40 Days for Life campaign, where CWA has joined in commitment in prayer with heavy hearts for mothers, fathers and precious babies.  CWA joins 40 Dayan for Life to stand in front of abortion clinics to pray for life!  Thank You Lord for mobilizing our thousands of members across our state to unite with a strong voice to save babies!  Senate Bill 320 is no more. This is a great encouragement.” In Jesus’ name, amen!

Thank you al, for staying the course in prayer for faith and public policy!

Joyfully in Christ,

Marlo Tucker
State Director
CWA of California
Facebook: Concerned Women for America of California
Instagram: CWA_ofCA
Twitter: @CWAofCA