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Pray for Ohio Mothers and Babies

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Mothers and children in the Buckeye State desperately need our prayers. This week Ohioans began voting on a state constitutional amendment that would allow abortions through all nine months of pregnancy for any reason. The amendment also seeks to keep parents away from any young mothers in distress and considering abortion by allowing abortions without parental notification.

The amendment, known as Issue 1, would also allow for the radical expansion of chemical abortion drugs. The deceptively worded amendment is as radical as they come, but proponents are seeking to capitalize on the media-created, pro-abortion narrative that it is somehow needed following the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision. As you know, in Dobbs the Court finally admitted what we all could clearly see in the text, that abortion is not mentioned in the United States Constitution, and the Court obviously stepped outside of its authority in Roe when it invented the right to abortion out of thin air.

The sky has not fallen since Roe’s demise. The parade of horrors the supporters of Roe promised would happen simply went away with the media’s complicit silence, while they now paint a picture of “women’s rights” being under attack. It is an effective strategy. Some politicians lack the courage to stand for life and do not articulate well their honorable convictions in support of every woman and child. And given the media’s outright hostility and unjust treatment of the issue, some voters are confused by the reality of this debate.

Should the amendment pass in Ohio, the state would become one of the most extremely pro-abortion states in the country. The state already allows abortion up until 22 weeks. But that is not enough for Big Abortion. They want abortion up until birth.

This is something that clearly does not reflect the reasonable views of citizens of the great state. In a recent ad, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine alluded to this fact saying, “I know Ohioans are divided on the issue of abortion. But whether you’re pro-life or pro-choice, Issue 1 is just not right for Ohio.” First Lady Fran DeWine joins him explaining the radical nature of the legal change being sought. ““Issue 1 would allow an abortion at any time during a pregnancy, and it would deny parents the right to be involved when their daughter is making the most important decision of her life,” she says.

The issue is only at the early voting stage and will be ongoing through Election Day, November 7, so let’s commit to pray daily for Ohio.

The state will also be considering another question which seeks to legalize marijuana. Yet another issue that would be detrimental to families and children if it were to be approved in the state.