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On Little Alfie

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For three days now, I’ve sat down to write this column. Words are hard to find when faced with an injustice so egregious. But this knot on my throat just will not go away, so I must plow through and join the chorus rallying to his defense. Little Alfie Evans deserves that each and every one of us raises our voice for his life.

Little Alfie’s case is worthy of a revolution. I will give my very life to see that this inhumane malfeasance is never imported to the United States. We are so close to this; my heart aches just thinking about it.

And yet, somehow, not having it here is not enough.  This child, little Alfie, deserves the same commitment. At least I feel that urgency to stand and be counted on his behalf.  Do you?

The pictures and videos of his poor mother, Kate James, caressing and singing to him are devastating. Hearing his father plead for his son’s life, I couldn’t help but tear up as I thought of my family being subjected to this barbarism. I think I would end up in jail.

Every report gets worse than the previous. If you haven’t kept up with everything, Little Alfie has a degenerative neurological condition that has kept him in the hospital since December of 2016 kept alive by artificial ventilation. Due to the UK’s inhumane socialized medicine system, Alfie’s life has been deemed not worth the money, and therefore, they removed him from the ventilator on Monday, speculating he would shortly die.

He is still fighting as I write! And we’re praying to God for a miracle.

The most unjust thing about it all is that the UK, just like in the case of Charlie Gard, will not allow this family to take their son to get treatment anywhere else. They insist he must die. The Pope has intervened and offered to help.  The Italian government granted Italian citizenship to Little Alfie.  They even applied to the foreign secretary for permission to intervene and save the life of an Italian citizen. No. He can’t even go home to die with his family. They want to keep him captive in the UK’s government-run hospital until they are sure he won’t be a burden to their “free healthcare” system anymore.

To add insult to injury, the UK is celebrating with much fanfare the birth of another “Kate’s” son: the Duchess of Cambridge’s. As many have expressed in social media, one has to wonder what would happen to the UK’s socialized medicine if this Kate’s son was in the same condition.

Truth is it doesn’t matter. No parents should be prevented from doing everything in their power to seek treatment for their child. This government imposition is as evil as the slave trade. It should be condemned by the world community wherever it is found, in the UK or elsewhere.

The evils of communism and socialism have been well documented. Let this be another chapter and a clarifying reminder to all of us to fight for our freedoms at every turn.

To bring home the heinous nature of this mentality, check out the statement by the Merseyside Police in the UK: “We’ve issued a statement this evening to make people aware that social media posts which are being posted in relation to Alder Hey and the Alfie Evans situation are being monitored and may be acted upon.”

Yes, they are now threatening anyone who dares to speak out about Little Alfie’s case. With all that the police have to deal with, their priority is to spend resources to monitor their citizens’ social media posts.  Sean Davis from The Federalist put it plainly: “The British state will kill your baby and then throw you in prison if you’re insufficiently grateful for it on social media.”

The warnings from the UK keep getting louder for us. The question is how many of us will listen and stand up for our freedoms while we still can.

Mario Diaz, Esq. is CWA’s general counsel. You can follow him on Twitter @mariodiazesq.