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Millions of Dollars Against Grassley Going to Waste

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grassleyth21Concerned Women for America of Iowa showed up in full force at Sen. Grassley’s (R-Iowa) recent town hall meetings in Taylor County, Ringgold County, and Decatur County, Iowa.  We are happy to report that, despite the millions of dollars spent against Sen. Grassley, he continues to enjoy strong support by the grassroots in his home state on his stance on the Supreme Court vacancy.

At the first meeting, we spoke with one CWA supporter who says he made the effort to come out to support the senator after becoming aware of the left’s attack against him.  He summed up the sentiment of many supporters when he spoke of how proud he was of Sen. Grassley’s sacrifice for the future of our country.

The senator’s support comes from both sides of the aisle.  One woman spoke up and said she had recently discussed current issues with several parents at a local sporting event.  She recalled speaking to both Democrats and Republicans, and they all agreed on this issue.  None were happy with the direction our country was headed and hoped Sen. Grassley would hold firm on his position.

The senator is standing on principle, and that is recognized in his home state, even by those who disagree with him.  One man spoke and said he didn’t know if he agreed with the stance of “no hearings,” but thanked Sen. Grassley for standing firm on his word. He commended him for taking a stance and not wavering. That reason alone was enough for him to come and support Sen. Grassley.

The opposition was there as well, but it was, once again, noticeably smaller.  As an aside, you can tell that outside leftist groups are wasting a lot of money in advertising and marketing efforts against the senator.  They parked a giant (yet very sad and lonely) billboard on a truck saying “we need nine” – as in we need nine justices at the Supreme Court.

No one disputes that idea, so I’m not really sure what the point of their message is.  Sen. Grassley wants nine justices at the court, and this vacancy will be filled at the appropriate time.

What we’re debating is the type of justice we should have.  Should it be someone like Scalia who showed respect and deference to the text of the Constitution, or should it be another liberal justice who believes in a “living, breathing” Constitution that they can manipulate to fit their personal policy preferences?

That’s the question.  What type of nine?

As a native Iowan, I was proud to be there and see Sen. Grassley handle every constituent with respect and great concern for their opinions.  Everyone understood him, and most supported him.

He stands for Iowa values, and I can tell you that is huge in our state.  He has accomplished much through bi-partisan work since he was first elected, and if we had more like him in our government, I believe America would be in a better state.

It was especially nice to have CWA of Iowa State Director Tamara Scott present thousands of petitions signed in support of Sen. Grassley’s effort to give people a vote on the type of justice they want at the Supreme Court as they elect the next president.

I know it is hard for the mainstream media to be truly impartial on this issue that has such a political flair to it, so I’m glad I was able to be there to report back to you.  The truth is Sen. Grassley is not making a “political move” as a PR stunt.  It would be easier to follow another path.  Radical leftist groups are spending millions of dollars to go against him on this issue.  Yet he is standing firm for the people who elected him and for a deep conviction about the state of our country and our Constitution.

And he is not alone.

He is speaking for the citizens with a lifetime of experience and wisdom, who get out of bed and join town hall meetings to express their concern for the country. He is speaking for moms (on both sides of the aisle) talking about their children’s future at a track-and-field meet. He is speaking for millennials, such as me, who want to make this world a better place by saving infant life. He is speaking for CWA’s hundreds-of-thousand members from across the United States.

He is hard at work representing us, and we are thankful for him.