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March 26 Action Alert – Staying True to Family Values and the Value of Life

By March 26, 2015Washington
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Dear CWA of Washington Members and Friends,

This has been a challenging few months for me as I deal with a close relative’s failing health. This time has reinforced for me the importance of two of CWA’s seven core issues — family and the sanctity of human life — and the continuing need for people like us to rally like-minded citizens in defense of those two issues. Family is what makes this world work; marriage between one man and one woman with the resulting children who care for one another and form enduring bonds is vital to maintaining any culture. Educating others about the sanctity of human life from conception to natural death and honoring life, whether the pre-born or end-of-life decision, needs to be a priority for each of us. Without life, neither our freedoms nor our other rights matter, do they?

Please continue to pray for people to awaken to the realities of abortion, “assisted suicide,” and the victims of terrorism. Pray for God the Father and governments to put an end to the intimidation and bullying by mankind’s enemies and for people of Biblical faith to stand for freedom here in our nation and abroad. CWA of Washington implores you to pray, educate, and take appropriate action when necessary.


40 Days for Life continues through next Sunday, March 29. The following Washington cities have prayer vigils: Bremerton, Everett, Federal Way, Olympia, Spokane, Tacoma, Tri Cities, Vancouver, and Wenatchee. For more details, check out this website.

Bellevue Prayer Vigil for Life is from February 18 – March 29 at the new location of Planned Parenthood (14730 N. E. 8th St., Bellevue, WA 98007). Pray, fast, and witness for human life with other pro-lifers! For more information, contact

National Day of Prayer is scheduled for Thursday, May 7. Check their website for an event near you. “The mission of the National Day of Prayer Task Force is to mobilize prayer in America and to encourage personal repentance and righteousness in the culture.” Plan to participate in this important day of acknowledgment of the role of Biblical principles to the foundation of these United States of America.

Barronelle Stutzman, owner of Arlene’s Flowers

From “Arlene’s Flowers Owner Rejects AG’s Settlement Offer” by Sara Schilling, Tri-City Herald, February 20, 2015:

In her letter Friday, Stutzman said it’s been “mentally and emotionally exhausting to be at the center of this controversy for nearly two years.”

“Since 2012, same-sex couples all over the state have been free to act on their beliefs about marriage, but because I follow the Bible’s teaching that marriage is the union of one man and one woman, I am no longer free to act on my beliefs,” she wrote, adding that she prays Ferguson will reconsider his position.

Stutzman said she “kindly served (Ingersoll) for nearly a decade and would gladly continue to do so. I truly want the best for my friend. I’ve also employed and served many members of the LGBT community, and I will continue to do so regardless of what happens with this case. You chose to attack my faith and pursue this not simply as a matter of law, but to threaten my very means of working, eating and having a home. If you are serious about clarifying the law, then I urge you to drop your claims against my home, business and other assets and pursue the legal claims through the appeal process.”

Stutzman has counter-sued the state. That case is on hold in federal court.

Remember to lift up Mrs. Stutzman in your prayers. Her case has both individual and national significance in the battle for religious liberty as enshrined in the First Amendment to the U. S. Constitution.


Wednesday, March 11, was the last day for policy bills to be heard in their house of origin, except for those required to implement the new state budget.


SB 5289 related to abortion notification of parents/guardians for underage girls is dead for this session. Once again, the powerful state lobby for abortion in any and all situations has stopped this bill which would have made our state laws more consistent regarding our minor children.

Pray that next year some common sense will prevail about this parental-rights and children’s-health family issue.

Take Action: Talk to your district representatives and senator about this nonsensical situation. Click here to find out who your representatives and senator are and how to contact them.

HB 1647 relating to the abortion insurance mandate that would require every citizen to carry abortion coverage if maternity care is included in a policy passed out of the House 51-46 on March 12. It currently sits in the Senate Health Care Committee.

Pray that it will not be passed by that committee and will not proceed to a floor vote.

Take Action : Please contact each member of the Senate Health Care Committee and request a NO vote on 1647. Click here then scroll down to the Health Care Committee and click on each name at a time to contact them.

Internet Crimes Against Children

HB 5215 relating to establishing the Washington Internet crimes against children account has passed in the Senate 48-0 and is now in the House Committee on Appropriations. Given that Internet crimes and recruitment of our children are increasing and that this bill will not raise taxes (it is funded by unclaimed prize money from the state lottery account), it deserves our support.

Pray that the House passes this pro-family bill.

Take Action: Please contact each member of the House Appropriations Committee. Ask them to vote YES on 5215. Click here, then click on each name to contact them.

Contact your legislators and politely speak your mind on these issues! Our families and our elected officials need our involvement! Contact them the way previously stated or call them through the Legislative Hotline at 1-800-562-6000.

As Edmund Burke said, “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing” (January 9, 1795). That statement is as true today as it was 220 years ago, is it not? My prayer for our nation and the Body of Christ is that God’s people will awaken to the evil confronting us and DO SOMETHING: Pray, educate and take action CWA’s way and, hopefully, your way, too.

Please click here to renew your CWA membership for 2015 and/or here to apply for a CWA leadership position.