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Legislative Update & Action Item: Stop Funding Drag Shows

By February 18, 2023South Dakota
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HB1116 is a good bill that ” prohibits the use of state resources in hosting lewd or lascivious content.” HB1116 passed in the House with a vote of 60-10. These “drag shows” are billed as “kid-friendly,” but it is an outright assault on our children. It is an egregious attack on our culture and values. The lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, etc. radicals are bent on poisoning our children with gender radicalism as a normal and necessary experience for all children.

We must come against the corrupting of the minds of children and protect childhood innocence from the all-too-real evil of gender radicalism.

HB1116 will next be heard in a Senate committee and then by the full Senate.

ACTION: Contact your senator through our Action Center here and ask them to support HB1116 to protect our children’s innocence and from the evil of gender radicalism.

Recent Victories
We are pleased to report that Gov. Kristi Noem signed the “Help Not Harm” bill on February 13. Read Concerned Women for America’s press release on this victory here.
The resolutions to tinker with our U.S. Constitution (HJR5005 and HJR5002) were finally defeated on February 14 when the effort to “smoke it out” of committee failed in the full House.
Foreign Ownership of South Dakota Land
SB185 is Gov. Noem’s effort to revise provisions related to the foreign ownership or control of agricultural land. SB185 passed unanimously in the Senate Agricultural and Natural Resources Committee February 14. 
China and other foreign states with interests opposed to South Dakota and the U.S. have ramped up their purchase of agricultural land throughout the country. The proposed legislation seeks to stop this practice by creating the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States – South Dakota (CRIUIS-SD), a board with authority to investigate purchases, leases, and other land transfers by a foreign entity.
We expect this bill to gain support in the full Senate and the House.
Sports Gambling
HJR5006 was an effort to submit to the voters in the 2024 election an amendment to the South Dakota Constitution to provide sports wagering (gambling) via personal smartphones. We are pleased to report that HJR5006 was defeated in the House this week with a vote of 28-48-1.
Paid Family Leave Act
HB1151 is a good bill to promote stronger families in South Dakota introduced by Gov. Noem. It will provide voluntary enhanced paid family leave to state employees for childbirth, adoption of a child, care for ailing family member, or military exigency. No state funds will be used for this benefit; rather, an insurance group will be created that private employers may join. HB1151 was debated in the House State Affairs committee and was voted to send to the Appropriations Committee, where it was defeated.
Internet Pornography
SB192 failed in the Senate Judiciary Committee by sending it to the 41st day, thus killing the bill. Internet pornography sites must vet their users to authorize they are not minors. We know that pornography is a public health crisis and SB192 would have prevented minors from accessing internet pornography.
“Father, as we go into the final weeks of the legislative session, grant us wisdom and grace as legislators make decisions that affect our state. In Jesus’ name, we pray, amen.”

Linda Schauer
State Director