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“Concerned Women for American Legislative Action Committee calls on Congress to Hold the Line on Life. We must Save Hyde as a continuing promise to American workers that our federal tax dollars will not be used to pay for annihilating unborn children. No humane society should promote the destruction of human life with its tax dollars.”


The Hyde Amendment was introduced in 1976 to combat the repercussions of the Roe v. Wade decision and halt the flood of taxpayer money towards abortion. Appropriators have included the life-saving provision in every spending bill over the last four decades and have established additional amendments to apply restrictions to other federal programming at home and abroad.

President Biden unveiled his $6 trillion FY 2022 budget request to Congress on May 28, jumpstarting the appropriations process and extensive debate on our nation’s priorities. The proposal’s price tag alone is alarming but not nearly as egregious as its pro-abortion contents. The Hyde Amendment is under attack. This Administration will stop at nothing to abolish this longstanding safeguard and federally finance the destruction of human life. The unbridled hostility towards the most vulnerable among us should render this budget dead on arrival.


The Biden Administration has clearly stated its desire to remove the Hyde Amendment and other longstanding pro-life safeguards from our national budget. Contact your U.S. Senators today and tell them to restore the Hyde Amendment in the federal budget!


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More than 3/4ths support protecting children who survive abortion

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