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Hatewave Headed for Florida AG Pam Bondi – Let us Iowans Send Her Some Warm and Welcome Thoughts Instead

By June 9, 2014Iowa
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Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi is a rare gem in the judicial arena. She continues to uphold the Constitution when others have been intimidated right out of their oath to protect it, but she’s taking heat for it. Apparently being pro-LGBTQ-minded can make one anti-Constitution, as Bondi’s received a “hatewave” of angry and vulgar posts on her Facebook page for her Constitutional stance. In a news release Bondi explains she is simply upholding Florida’s Marriage Amendment and protecting the peoples’ voice in the process to change law.

Send her a brief e-mail and brighten her day at

Tweet Pam a little relief from the heat @AGPamBondi.

Refresh a sister and post some sunshine on Bondi’s Facebook page.

You can read Bondi’s statement HERE.

Retweet @TamaraScott16
@AGPamBondi cool&Constitutional in face of Florida Hatewave from @Equality.

Thank her for not melting on marriage.