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PRESS RELEASE: Concerned Women for America of Wisconsin Responds to Wisconsin Marriage Ruling

By June 9, 2014Wisconsin
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June 9, 2014
CONTACT: Kim Simac

Concerned Women for America of Wisconsin Responds to Wisconsin Marriage Ruling

State Director, Kim Simac: What happened to the voice of the people?

Eagle River, Wisconsin – A federal judge on Friday struck down Wisconsin’s ban on same-sex marriage. U.S. District Judge Barbara Crabb struck down the ban making Wisconsin the latest state to strike down voter-approved marriage decisions. Kim Simac, State Director of Concerned Women for America of Wisconsin, responded:

“What are the people of Wisconsin to think? Statewide, the discussion this past weekend has been focused on the ability of a sitting judge, with pen in hand, and her authority to override the ’Voice of the People’.

“The ‘Voice of the People’ being the fact that in 2006 Wisconsin voters overwhelmingly cast their ballots in favor of marriage between one man and one women. This decision was amended to the Wisconsin State Constitution. The amendment to the Wisconsin Constitution was obtained through proper legislative channels and was written into law. It was not simply obtained through a lawsuit or one judge’s decision; it took a vote of the people.

“Thanks to the ACLU who filed suit in Wisconsin this past spring challenging Wisconsin citizen’s position on marriage, the “Voice of the People” is being undermined.

“What if we all conducted ourselves like the ACLU? Concerned Women for America of Wisconsin would love to see taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood withdrawn in our state, but realize such a change in policy requires proper steps. With respect to our state constitution and the rule of law, we would only work to establish such a change through the proper channels. Should we simply file a suit to outlaw Planned Parenthood in Wisconsin and find a sympathetic judge to obtain such desires? Such conduct would not be acceptable to us.

“Picture a scenario where Wisconsin youth across the state organize to claim that alcohol consumption is their ‘Constitutional Right’. Should they conduct polls and when they have a favorable result to site support, hire a group like the ACLU to file suit, find a supporting sitting judge and eliminate the age limit for alcohol? Is this the path we are now to take to change law, policy and culture in our state?

“Concerned Women for America of Wisconsin is on the opposite side of this decision on marriage. We believe the sanctity of marriage between one man and one woman is proven through centuries to be the strength of a society and the center of strong family foundations. But the subject here is not marriage.

“Judge Crab may have issued her decision within the boundaries of what she believes to be her authority, but one unelected person should not have the ability to simply override the voice of the people and erase an amendment to the state constitution.

“Since this sweeping decision and use of power late Friday afternoon, many Wisconsin citizens are asking legitimate questions about the weight of their opinions and the actual value of their vote. If all that is needed to obtain change in Wisconsin is a filed lawsuit and a judge’s pen, why not send the Governor, Attorney General and all the legislators home?

“The hard working people of Wisconsin would like an explanation of just how it is ‘their voice’, though it may be the voice of millions, is nothing next to a sitting judge with a pen in her hand.”


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