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What Happened to the Voice of the People in Wisconsin?

By June 12, 2014Wisconsin
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Dear CWA of Wisconsin Supporter,

Federal Judge Barbara Crabb struck down Wisconsin’s ban on same-sex marriage. With a stroke of her pen, she overrode the “voice of the people” in this state.

With the assistance of the ever so busy ACLU, the will of the people of the state has been discarded by one appointed person’s opinion.

Take Action:

  1. Please read the attached press release and pass on my message to others.
  2. Call Gov. Scott Walker at 608-266-2509 and let his office know you do not support the undermining of our state constitution by one sitting judge, Barbara Crabb, who recently struck down our ban on same sex-marriage. Always be sure to be kind and courteous.
  3. Please consider a donation to CWA of Wisconsin to support the work we do standing up for religious freedoms that are under assault daily. Click HERE to donate online or send a check to the address below.

Pray: Ask the Lord to thwart the plans of those who aim to advance same-sex marriage in our great state. May He give those of us with the passion to oppose it the strategy for success.

Remember God is sovereign; His authority will triumph every time.