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For America (Day 77)

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When words are hard to come by,
And our prayers never pass our throats;
When we continue to sink
Beneath an ocean of distress,

You have provided for us
The Holy Spirit’s intercessions.
You have miraculously sustained us,
So that we’re never completely drowned.

When our country feels the pain
Of violence in our streets;
When enemies, emboldened,
Flex their muscles to intimidate,

Lord, we trust in You
Beyond all laws.
Lord, You are our refuge
Our dwelling place, secure.

And now that division seems to be
The enemy’s weapon of choice,
Once again, we seek Thee,
In Whom we find our identity.

We cry out for revival
In our hearts and in our land.
We cry out for repentance
And the restoration of every heart.

And though we ask for the impossible,
The underserved, even the unwanted,
We know in You all things are possible,
And we trust You more than ourselves.

Still today, as yesterday,
Here a few freemen still stand
In the home of the brave, that great free land,
Singing, “God Bless America,” as in Your name we pray.