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For America (Day 82)

By September 27, 2017Legal, Prayer
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We come running to You, oh Lord.
Turning our eyes from the distress around us,
We focus on You alone,
The Author and Sustainer of our faith.

In You only, there is peace —
That peace that surpasses understanding.
Your peace You offer to us;
How marvelous are Your ways!

We know this is the work
Of the Helper You have given us;
Your Holy Spirit
Within us.

Let it move with power in our land.
Let it reign in our hearts and minds.
Let it transform many hearts,
Renewing the minds of our young people.

Give them ears to hear, Lord.
Turn their hearts towards You.
Give them wisdom beyond their years,
Let them keep Your commandments.

Enable them to honor their mothers and fathers;
To love their neighbors as themselves;
To keep themselves pure,
Ignoring the spirits of this age.

Above all, let them love You
With all their hearts, minds, souls, and strength.
Help them honor Your Word
And revere Your statutes.

Help us rebuild Your church in America, Holy Father.
We seem powerless, having lost our focus.
Turn us back to You;
Give us boldness and commitment to Truth.

Help us love; teach us to love.
We know not what we do.
Like sheep without a Shepherd,
We go from here to there … without end.

And the hurt …
The thirst, depression, and rage consume us.
The cancer of secularism has spread.
We are dead. Spiritually dead.

But praise Your name, we are whom You came to save!
The lost, the strayed, the sick, the dead.
In You we are found, healed, forgiven;
Yes, even resurrected, by the blood of the Lamb Who was slain.

For this Great Awakening, we continue to pray.
For Truth to spread — eyes opened, beauty displayed.
Grant us our request, if You will, Lord Jesus.
In Your Name we pray, Amen.

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