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For America (Day 75)

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Good Lord and Master,
May Your name and the sacrifice of Your Son Jesus Christ
Be forever praised on Earth
As it is in Heaven.

Give us light in the dark,
Hope instead of despair,
Joy, even in suffering,
And peace instead of war.

You are gracious and full of compassion;
By Your righteousness, we are saved.
Give us a heart that moves as Yours,
And guide us in our blindness.

We are not afraid of the future;
We do not fear evil men.
Our hearts are steadfast,
Trusting You above our limited vision.

We praise You,
For only You are worthy.
We thank You,
For every good gift comes from You.

You are high above all nations,
Your glory is from everlasting to everlasting.
Who is like You, among the sons of men?
Who dares question You, Who created the heavens and the earth?

Not I! Not us. Not in our land.
“In God We Trust,” we proclaim still today,
If only by the will of those who are asleep.
May we take up their mantle and exalt Your ways.

Do not permit us to be wise in our own eyes.
Do not leave us to our own understanding.
In Your mercy, forgive us,
And give us a vision of our tomorrow.

Bring revival in our hearts and land;
Give us a new song,
That the song of the justified may be heard
In every corner of every state.

Until the day of Your return,

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